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16 Jul 2017
16:51shmoohey, hi everyone
16:52shmooI've never contributed to open source or mozilla,
16:52shmooi would like to start, need someone to give me directions
18:36ManisHi. I&#39;m trying to build Firefox. When I run &quot;make&quot; it runs through and compiles lots of things, but fails to link (I guess): js/src/jsfun.cpp:929: error: undefined reference to &#39;js::IsAsmJSModule(JS::Handle<JSFunction*>)&#39;
18:36ManisDoes anyone have an idea what could be wrong?
23:34allonhadayaHi, I was wondering if anyone in the Portland area would be interested in getting together for a hacking session? I&#39;m interested in contributing to servo, but may actually have to start by going through the rust tutorial. Anyone interested in getting together for coffee and coding?
17 Jul 2017
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