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15 May 2017
13:16mib_2httagi need solutions. where do i go
16:28istrasciIs there a way to recover/reset IRC passwords? I haven't logged on here in forever, and I don't remember by password.
16:29mbrubeckistrasci: I think someone in #moc might be able to help
16:29istrascimbrubeck: Thanks
18:09swapneshksHi.. What would be the recommended way of including a try: block to a commit for pushing to try server? Appending the line at the end of commit message or replacing with the commit message entirely?
18:10jdmswapneshks: it should not make a difference
18:10jdmswapneshks: tradition is to put it as the first line of the commit message, though
18:12mbrubeckswapneshks: The `./mach try <options>` command is helpful
18:12mbrubeckit automatically creates an empty commit with the &quot;try:&quot; command, then removes it after pushing to try
18:14swapneshksohh.. cool.. that option looks much better! Thanks @jdm and @mbrubeck!
18:18hhhh1612hi what does Ci and Cu mean in particularly in xyz.js files like const {Cc, Ci} = require(&quot;chrome&quot;); I am familiar with require(&#39;....&#39;) and Components.utils.import
18:20mbrubeckhhhh1612: It&#39;s short for &quot;Components.utils&quot; (Cu) and &quot;Components.interfaces&quot; (Ci)
18:21hhhh1612mbrubeck:utils refer to .jsm I think what does interfaces (Cu) do !!
18:22jdmhhhh1612: Components.interfaces is an object that has all of the known XPIDL interfaces on it
18:22jdmhhhh1612: Components.interfaces.nsIObserverService, Components.interfaces.nsICookie, etc.
18:23jdm(which are often used as Ci.nsICookie)
18:23jdmComponents.utils is just a collection of useful utility APIs, like Components.utils.import
18:24hhhh1612jdm: Ah! thanks
21:35dhugheHello I get this error when building firefox on windows 2:13.41 DEBUG: | = note: the `i686-pc-windows-msvc` target may not be installed
21:36araiplease post entire log (or last 1000 lines) to pastebin
21:37dhugheHi arai
21:37dhugheIve decided to go back to windows
21:38dhugheIt said to try the command : rustup target add i686-pc-windows-msvc
21:38dhugheso I did that and just trying to build again .. we shall see if it works this time...
21:40dhugheI really didnt like Emacs editor and linux was really starting to get on my nerves
21:40dhugheso tedious to install new software!
21:40dhugheI like free
21:41dhughebut I dont know why nothing seemed to work on it
21:42dhugheseems to be building now... will propably take about 8 hours haha
16 May 2017
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