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14 Jul 2017
03:31vatsavHello! where can I find entity names so that I can update them?
12:52raisinHey. I want to contribute to front end part of firefox but only know basics of javascript. Is it fine ?
14:01jaschwederhi, i'm a newbie in ff development, anyone maybe can help me to getting start giving a souce code overview ?
14:02araihere's some overview
14:02araithere might be some outdated info tho
14:03araiif you're looking for some specific thing, feel free to ask here
14:29Cheburekovich i have error USE_LIBS contains "/c/esr45/product/VProductSDK32", but there is no "VProductSDK32" LIBRARY_NAME in c/esr45/product.
14:39jdmCheburekovich: what about OS_LIBS += ['VProductSDK32', '-l/c/esr45/product/']?
17:17jdmCheburekovich: I recommend looking up what "fatal error LNK1318" means
17:19jdmCheburekovich: oh, and I guess -L would be more correct than -l, but I think that option is being ignored anyways
17:19jdmCheburekovich: try /LIBPATH /c/esr45/product/
17:20jdmCheburekovich: or maybe "/LIBPATH ../../../product"
18:56Cheburekovich some error: log
19:06jdmCheburekovich: I meant that you need two entries for OS_LIBS - the first is the name of the library, and the second is the /LIBPATH that provides the directory where the library exists
19:07jdmCheburekovich: says it should be /LIBPATH:../../../product
20:04Cheburekovichjdm: diff log
20:04* jdm looks
20:05jdmCheburekovich: 1181 means that the file can't be found
20:06jdmCheburekovich: be sure that the LIBPATH is correct; I thought it should be ../../../ but you have ../../
20:06jdmCheburekovich: I don't think I have anything more useful to suggest. OS_LIBS is probably what you want, so you just need to play around with it and investigate what the LNK error numbers mean
15 Jul 2017
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