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13 Sep 2017
07:06Neon450Hi! I'm a beginner. I'm interested in open source development and also want to take part in Google Summer of Code. Please guide me with the procedures.
07:08arailooks like it's not yet announced
07:09araiI think the procedure is described in the wiki and also on the google's page
07:10Neon450Please tell me what are the skills that i need to know. I know basic programming in c++. and now i am learning python
07:11araiit would depend on the area/project you're going to work on tho, there would be some project for both language
07:12araiit would be nice to work on some bugs until the announcement of the projects list
07:14Neon450Okay! how do i start working on bugs
07:17Standard8Neon450: GSoC has already finished for this year
07:17Standard8 has their typical guidelines
07:17Standard8err timelines
07:17Standard8normally starts around March for students
07:18Standard8Neon450: you can still contribute though - e.g. look at for some good starter bugs.
07:18Standard8also see
07:19Neon450Will Mozilla participate in the next Gsoc? What are the chances of getting selected
08:53mib_40c3grnew here, any tips on how to get started with contributions?
08:53araifirebot: newcomer
08:53firebotarai: Tell the newcomer to click to: for some quick reading, and remind them to use #introduction for further questions :D
08:53araimib_40c3gr: that link will help
08:53DuClareCode contributions? Get the code, compile the code, keep an eye out on for bugs, fix bugs
08:54mib_40c3grchecking that out
12:23quigglehi, I'm totally new to contributing to open source. I have gone through the docs, set up my env, and have built and run mozilla from source. Any tips on how to go about finding simple bugs or even mentored bugs to fix , just to get my feet wet?
12:24araihave you tried ?
12:25quiggleyep, have a small doubt regarding the same, might be very stupid though, so are all the bugs listed open? even ones that are a couple of years old?
12:26quiggleso basically, I find out a bug that seems to be of a doable level and then comment over there, yea?
12:27quigglegreat, will try that.
12:27quigglethanks :)
16:22victorI just finished building firefox for desktop and I am looking for something to work with js
16:22victorAny help would be welcomed :D
16:23mbrubeckvictor: Welcome!
16:24mbrubeckvictor: will show "mentored" bugs that have some instructions and a person who has volunteered to help newcomers
16:24mbrubeckYou can filter the list using the checkboxes on the left
16:25victorThanks! :)
16:43flyingrubHi ! Is it possible to change the email address of a bugzilla account ?
16:48jdm#bmo would know
17:16flyingrubthanks :)
17:44Aryxflyingrub: yes, in the preferences
18:08victorI added the mozzila remote as git remote add mozilla hg:: -t bookmarks/central
18:08victorbut when I run git remote update I got this error message
18:08victorFetching mozilla
18:08victorWARNING Mercurial libraries not found. Falling back to native access.
18:08victorWARNING Native access to mercurial repositories is experimental!
18:09victorwhat is this?
18:12jdmthose look like warnings, not errors
18:14victorerror: inflate: data stream error (incorrect header check)
18:14victorand after that nothing happens
18:18jdmmaybe see if #git knows anything?
18:22victorOk, thanks
22:51nemodonHow do I build a code coverage build without crashing on asserts? I tried xpcom_debug_break env variable as warn, but that doesn't seem to work.
14 Sep 2017
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