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13 Jul 2017
05:12akshatbI'm really sorry to be bugging you guys again and again, but it still doesn't work. Whenever I click"start-shell-msvc2015.bat" in the mozilla-build folder, It shows the error "Unable to call a suitable vcvars script. Exiting."
06:06akshatbOkay, I got that resolved. Thanks anyways.
15:48CheburekovichHow to add a third-party library in Firefox. For example i have "myLib.h" and "myLib.lib" I added a line to the Navigator.h -> "#include "myLib.h" and "" -> EXPORTS.mozilla.dom += [ ...., "myLib.h", ] But I do not know where to put it "myLib.lib" and where to register the library I have error: LINK : fatal error LNK1104: "myLib.lib"
17:31Cheburekovichhow to add a third-party library in firefox?!topic/mozilla.general/-k6XV0Oybv8
17:38jdmCheburekovich: I'm checking how we have done it with bluetooth libraries in the past
17:38jdmCheburekovich: it looks like you want OS_LIBS in
17:42Cheburekovichjdm: I have "product.dll", "product.lib" and "product.h" without the source code itself dll. I could not find in the source code an example of this implementation
17:42jdmCheburekovich: OS_LIBS will allow you to add the library to the linker arguments
17:42jdmCheburekovich: and LOCAL_INCLUDES will probably allow you to add the include directory for the .h
17:43* jdm doubts we have any examples of using precompiled libraries in the tree
18:12leni1Hello. I have a curious question: I use bookmarks in my workflow. Say I updated my local copy of source code, would it affect the behaviour of my bookmarks?
18:12jdmleni1: do you mean mercurial bookmarks?
18:12leni1jdm: yes I do
18:13leni1Like a lot of files would need to have their states changed due to the update or only the files whose state changes from bookmark to bookmark be affected?
18:13leni1*Like would a lot
18:13jdmI'm not sure I understand the question
18:14jdmupdating the repository will change the contents of the working directory
18:15leni1Say I have one bookmark that is for Bug 1234. If I updated my source code, would it mean that whenever I update to the bookmark for Bug 1234, the source code in its entirety will change to what it was when I made the bookmark or only the file will change?
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18:15jdmleni1: it will change to the state of the repository at the time the bookmark was made
18:16leni1Ah... So all the files will regress, not just the file that I made the bookmark for?
18:16leni1the file being the patch I'm working on
18:18jdmbookmarks mark commits, not individual file revisions
18:34leni1jdm: So the repository's state will be as though I never updated, if I made the bookmark before updating the source code. Correct
18:35jdmleni1: yes. you can update the bookmark to point at the newer revision, but I haven't actually tried doing that.
18:37leni1Hmmm... I'll look at how to do it and see. Thanks :-)
18:48jdmCheburekovich: it would be easier to understand if you pasted the diff of your changes instead of the whole file
18:57jdmCheburekovich: where are the lib files stored?
18:59jdmCheburekovich: may help
19:00jdmand in particular
23:45Cheburekovichi have error USE_LIBS contains "/c/esr45/product/VProductSDK32", but there is no "VProductSDK32" LIBRARY_NAME in c/esr45/product.
14 Jul 2017
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