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12 Sep 2017
00:04iamXXXanyone there?
00:08mbrubeckhi, iamXXX
00:10iamXXXI found a good first bug
00:12iamXXXbug no 1139444
00:12iamXXXand I dont know how to go about it
00:12iamXXXplz help
00:12iamXXXI just want to contribute
00:12mbrubeckI'll take a look at the bug...
00:13iamXXXI just want to solve a bug
00:13iamXXXand keep on contriuting
00:13mbrubeckPeople in the IRC chanel #releng may know more about this specific bug
00:14mbrubeckiamXXX: since this bug has been sitting for 3 years with no activity, it might also be out-of-date
00:14iamXXXHow to go about good first bug?
00:14mbrubeck will let you search for "mentored" bugs that have some instructions for getting started, and someone who has volunteered to help out
00:16iamXXXwill see it
08:00Cosmwhen trying to build firefox, I am getting the error
08:01DuClareDid you run mach bootstrap?
08:08CosmNo. Do we have to do it every time we build firefox ?
08:08DuClareDoing it once, or whenever the toolchain requirements change, should be enough
08:11CosmI am getting another error for./mach bootstrap
08:12araiwhat happens if you run "brew install autoconf@2.13" ?
08:12araido you get any error message?
08:14Cosmit gives a warning that it's already installed but it is not linked
08:15araiis there any instruction shown in the message?
08:16Cosmyes, it asks to link
08:16Cosmand on running link, another error is thrown
08:17araiwhich version of homebrew are you using? I thought from certain version it switched to user priv
08:17araiand before that you need sudo
08:18araihave you used "sudo" while installing ?
08:18araiit's 1.3.1 for me, and I'm using it with user priv. so I think you don't have to tho
08:20CosmI had installed it long time back. I don't remember using sudo to install it then.
08:20araican you run "brew update" without sudo ?
08:20CosmAfter that I had upgraded it and no, I didn't use sude
08:21araiaccording to the message, I think there's some permission issue. do you have write access to /usr/local/bin ?
08:21araialso, is there autoconf213 command?
08:22CosmYes and yes.
08:22araisorry, maybe I misunderstood the message
08:23araiwhat does "brew list" say? is there autoconf213 ?
08:24araiiirc, at some point, there was some change in autoconf package. perhaps it might be the package name
08:24araifor me, there are autoconf and autoconf@2.13
08:25araiso, I guess you need to uninstall autoconf213 and then re-install autoconf@2.13
08:25CosmI have autoconf@2.13 too in brew list
08:25araithen, I think you need to uninstall autoconf213 and then link autoconf@2.13
13:11YoricHello, World, btw.
14:13eclipseo.fasinfo ilgrad
18:06mib_4rphiyam a newbie, want some suggestions for contribution
18:07mib_4rphiywhich project?
18:08mib_4rphiyi know python
18:10DuClareOr just browse the bugzilla?
18:10DuClareYou could look for problems in the bootstrap & build system I guess
18:11mib_4rphiyi did search on bugzilla, but found problems a bit tough
18:12mib_4rphiybasic kickstart bugs would be good, if you know any.
18:14DuClareI don't have such a list of bugs in my head
18:14DuClareI guess you could check out the good-first-bug keyword
18:14mib_4rphiycool will do that, thank you
18:33mib_cfkqhnhi im trying to build firefox 54.0.1 on windows, ive been following however, i got to mach bootstrap but that command is crashing
18:36mib_cfkqhnhere's the output is there anyone that can help?
18:38Standard8mib_cfkqhn: you could try asking in #build if no-one responds here.
18:38mib_cfkqhnStandard8: thanks
18:39mbrubeckHmm, this looks like something that someone else was having problems with...
18:40mib_cfkqhnany ideas what to do?
18:40firebotBug 1397279 FIXED, mach bootstrap is installing / overwriting with a super-old rustup
18:41derekzmib_cfkqhn: |./mach bootstrap| works for me
18:42mbrubeckmib_cfkqhn: Looks like it was fixed in mozilla-central, but the Firefox 54 source code will still be affected by that bug...
18:43mbrubeckmib_cfkqhn: This is the fix if you want to patch it locally
18:43mib_cfkqhnmbrubeck: thanks i'll try that
19:56mib_cfkqhnhi so ive fixed the problem from earlier by locally patching firefox 54.0.1, but now when i run mach build i get an error saying it cant find the C compiler, cl appears to be available in developer command prompt for vs 2017 but not in the terminal window opened by start-shell.bat
19:58araimib_cfkqhn: try running "./mach bootstrap"
19:59araiit's 54
19:59mib_cfkqhnive already run ./mach bootstrap
19:59araiI don't remind that the change about toolchain affects that version
20:01araiwere you using VS2017 before?
20:02mib_cfkqhnno, i just installed vs2017
20:02araiupdating MozillaBuild might help, if there's any update
20:02mib_cfkqhni downloaded that today too
20:03araithen I'd suggest asking in #build
20:03mib_cfkqhnokay thanks
13 Sep 2017
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