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12 Jul 2017
12:11akshatbHi! I was setting up mozilla to start contributing on Windows (10, x64). I installed all the prerequisites(Visual Studio 2015, with common tools for Visual Studio under Programming languages and the update 3), and installed the mozilla-build file. However, when I run start-shell-msvc2015.bat, it shows me "Unable to call suitable vcvars script".
12:11akshatbAnything I've done wrong?
12:12akshatbPS : It seems my mozilla source is building from running from start-shell.bat. Will that pose problems later?
12:12akshatbThanks, in advance.
14:12mib_md8d65how is this thing work(where am I)
14:13corneliusis anyone up?
17:00akshatbOkay, I downloaded the mozilla-build package fine, when I ran start-shell-msvc2015.bat, it showed me the vcvars script error. So I used start-shell.bat for cloning the source. However, now it fails to compile.
17:00akshatbWhat to do?
17:00akshatbAny assistance is very much appreciated.
17:03jdmakshatb: what is the error you see?
18:13akshatbUh, the error specifically is, "Unable to call a suitable vcvars script. Exiting.". This happens when I run start-shell-msvc2015.bat.\
13 Jul 2017
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