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11 Sep 2017
12:25MriduHi, is mozilla participating in Outreachy round 15?
14:28corneliushello everyone! I am a new developer with intermediate knowledge of Python. Can anyone kindly guide me to some projects?
14:29jdmcornelius:!/progornoprog/proglang/py may help
14:31corneliusThanks a lot! and one more thing, what does "Build Firefox for your OS" actually mean?
14:34jdmcornelius: where do you see that?
14:34corneliusThe initial step there
14:35jdm"Step 1 - Build Firefox for Desktop or Android." you mean?
14:35corneliusyes, SIr
14:35jdmit means compile the source code
14:36corneliusCan't I just compile the part of the source code I intend to work on?
14:36corneliusOr I do have to compile the whole of it?
14:36DuClareHow do you plan to test it?
14:36corneliusMaybe on my local system?
14:37jdmcornelius: it all needs to be compiled together, unfortunately
14:37DuClareBut yes, if you're working on something that could be worked on & tested without compiling the whole browser, then you could do that
14:37DuClareLike for example, if you find something to fix in the bootstrap scripts..
14:38corneliusAll right Sirs, that,s good enough for me for a start. Thanks a lot :-)
19:00zippityhey, a total newbie here in open source development...i want to start contributing, can anyone help?
19:02jdmfirebot: newcomer
19:02firebotjdm: Tell the newcomer to click to: for some quick reading, and remind them to use #introduction for further questions :D
19:02jdmzippity: ^
12 Sep 2017
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