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11 Oct 2017
00:01* qbit is attempting to fix NativeMessaging extensions on OpenBSD
00:56marchioreAnyone in there?
00:57mbrubeckmarchiore: hi
00:58marchioreI'm Matheus, 26, from Brazil
00:58marchioreWilling to help the open source
00:59marchioreBut didn't know witch project to choose
00:59marchiorewhich one is the best one to start?
00:59mbrubeck can help you find different Mozilla projects, with instructions to start contributing
01:00marchioreany adivice?
01:00marchioresorry for the question
01:00mbrubeckAre you interested in writing code? Any particular programming languages you know or like?
01:00marchiorebut what you do?
01:00mbrubeckI am a Mozilla employee, and I work on
01:03marchioreYes, I'm a developer wiling to help with code. I currently work with PHP and I know basics of vuej and swift (iOS)
01:09mbrubeckmarchiore: Firefox for iOS is written in Swift, so that might be a good place to start
01:10marchioreI saw on your link that you have Firefox Focus
01:10marchiorethis seems to be a nice project too
01:11marchiorethere so many projects
02:47marchioreHey man
02:47marchioreare you still there?
08:35youpiHello, I'm wondering how I should include author information in a patch
08:36youpiI didn't see on something like a u= tag, only an -u option to be passed to hg, but how should I include that into my mere patch file?
08:38araiauthor is in other field than commit message
08:39araiit's defined under [ui] in .hgrc
08:39araiusername variable
08:39youpiI know about hg, but I'm to commit with hg, I only submit a patch file to the bugzilla
08:39araihave you already exported a patch?
08:40araican you open it in text editor?
08:40youpiso we have to commit then export the patch to be put on bugzilla ?
08:40araithe patch file should contain a line starts with "# User" or something
08:40araithat's author information
08:42arailike this
08:42youpisure, I see
08:42araithere, ffxbld is the author
08:42youpiI'm just surprised that people have to create an hg commit
08:42youpithat raises the barrier to providing patches
08:48youpi(ergl, sorry, I missed adding "not" in "I'm not to commit with hg")
08:50youpianyway, thanks arai !
15:45acasacciaHello!After I found a good-first-bug I'd like to work on, how do I get it assigned to me? Also are there any time expectations for submitting a fix?
15:51Standard8acasaccia: generally you can comment in the bug that youre working on it
15:52acasacciaStandard8: OK, thanks
15:52Standard8acasaccia: I guess my normal expectations would be to expect something in a week or two, even if its just a WIP or questions. Otherwise Id be wondering if you were actually going to be working on it
15:52Standard8acasaccia: but that will vary for different mentors
15:52Standard8most good first bugs dont actually have a time limit for when they need to be done by
15:53Standard8sometimes priorities change, but not often for those types of bugs
15:53acasacciaStandard8: 1 week sounds like a fair amount of time to give feedback
15:54Standard8well, it can depend on the patch
15:54Standard8some of them might be larger ones
15:56acasacciaIs there anything I can do to speed up compile time on Windows? It's running since 1 hour and still going....
15:56acasacciaOther than buying a faster machine
15:57Standard8do you know if you are going to be patching just js/xul/html files, or are you changing c++ as well?
15:58acasacciaI am already compiling the artifacts version :(
15:59Standard8Im surprised thats so long. I dont use windows, but generally it just downloads the builds from the servers, and then unpacks them
15:59Standard8Ill dump this here just in case:
16:01acasacciaI meant to build the artifacts version but I might have selected the full one by mistake. It's not downloading anything, just compiling.
16:01Standard8yeah, that might be the full one
16:02Standard8you need to create the .mozconfig file for the aritfacts one
16:04mochiplsHi there! My name is Helen and I'm a junior dev looking to contribute to
16:04mochiplsMozilla, if there's anything available please let me know.
16:11Standard8firebot: newcomer
16:11firebotStandard8: Tell the newcomer to click to: for some quick reading, and remind them to use #introduction for further questions :D
16:12Standard8mochipls: ^^^
16:12Standard8mochipls: is a good place to start looking for bugs if you want to fix things
16:12Standard8theres checkboxes down the side to turn things on/off
16:14mochiplsLOL thank you :D @Standard8
20:55acasacciaHello! I got my environment up and running and I can see simple changes applied when I build Firefox. Now I am wondering how can I debug/log from Javascript code in the UI layer?
21:00acasacciathanks adrian17
12 Oct 2017
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