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11 Jul 2017
12:12joaniehey all. I would like to have a patch of mine run on the servers to be sure I've fixed some test failures prior to asking for re-review. It was suggested that I could set a keyword (e.g. tryserver) to accomplish this prior to applying for and getting commit level 1 access. But I don't see that keyword. And I don't see one that sounds like a match on
12:12joanie Hints please. :)
12:20Standard8joanie: hmm, I know theres one for checkin-needed, but Ive never heard of try server
12:21Standard8joanie: You can probably just ask on the bug. Whats the bug #?
12:22firebotBug 1379098 ASSIGNED, ARIA combobox should map to AXComboBox with role description of 'combo box'
12:23Standard8joanie: ok, give me a mo, I can push that to try server for you
12:23joanieI told MarcoZ that I'd apply for the committer level 1 access. But in the meantime I don't want to bug people for review, commit, and possible rollout.
12:23joanieStandard8: thanks!
12:27Standard8joanie: sure, pushing to try is a good thing :-) If you need help with that you can always ask here or needinfo someone on the bug - generally most reviewers are happy to help
12:28dhugheHello I am having the same problem I always have with the commit message
12:29dhugheI am trying to do this: hg commit --amend .......
12:29Standard8also commented on the bug
12:30dhugheI get this error: The filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect
12:31joanieStandard8: you rock. thanks again very much! :)
12:35araidhughe: can you provide the exact command?
12:35dhughe$ hg commit --amend "Bug 1352559 - Remove support for plugin-provided streams; NPN_NewStream, PPluginStream and other s upporting machinery, r?bsmedberg"
12:36araiyou need -m before commit message
12:36dhugheahhhhhh ;)
12:36araiotherwise it becomes file path
12:37dhughehere goes ...
12:42dhugheseemed to have worked ... but not updated bugzilla?
12:45dhugheI seemed to remember using 'push' last time?
12:46araicommit modifies your local repository
12:46araiyou need to push to reflect it to remote
12:47dhugheso I should do that how ?
12:47arai"hg push review"
12:53dhugheits doing something..
12:56dhugheits still just saying ..searching for changes..
12:56dhugheits taking forever?
18:21joanieSo I know how to run mochitests; how do I run the browser tests?
18:22Standard8joanie: in the browser/ sub-directories? If so, exactly the same as mochitests
18:23joanieheh. ok. thanks!!
18:27joanieStandard8: if you have another spare moment, could you please push the same bug (new patch) to try server? Locally all the previous failures are now passing.
18:27firebotBug 1379098 ASSIGNED, ARIA combobox should map to AXComboBox with role description of 'combo box'
18:27Standard8joanie: sure, Ive just switched to a clean master so good timing ;-)
18:27joanieI did complete the process to get level 1 try access, but am waiting for it to happen.
18:28joanieStandard8: thanks again for making the life of the new kid easy. :)
18:29Standard8joanie: done
12 Jul 2017
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