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11 Aug 2017
10:39petrohei, when I try to build mozilla-central I get an error regarding llvm_config, even though I installed the package and set the environment variable/ $PATH properly..I have uploaded the output here :
11:14tigerHi! I would like to contribute to open source. But I am a newbie. I know C, C++ and python. Can anyone suggest few beginner projects that I can work on.
12:19Jackneillwhere can i ask someone qualified to take a look at this:
12:19firebotBug 1386681 UNCONFIRMED, infra@infra-ops.bugs Do not define max joined irc channel limit
12:19Jackneillfiled 9 days aho, still nothing.
14:04tcampbellpetro: re-run ./mach bootstrap
14:04tcampbell(I ran into same issue and that was easiest fix)
14:15petroit seems to work, thanks tcampbell
16:17NaNhi c:
16:19jdmhi NaN!
16:20NaNany plans to open the store, again?
16:21jdmnone that I am aware of
16:21jdmit did not pay for itself, I'm pretty sure
16:21NaNthat's a shame
16:22NaNmy old Fx shirt is wearing down
17:14AasthaGuptahow do I get started with debugging firefox?
17:15AasthaGuptacan anyone provide me some direction
17:15AasthaGuptaI have setup the dev environment
17:48tcampbellAasthaGupta: Check out
17:48tcampbellthe "Debugging the Mozilla Platform" section should have details of tips
17:53AasthaGuptatcampbell thanks for the link
18:00* tcampbell should read more of those tips for their own work
18:19amphibulusHi, I am pvk.
18:19amphibulusI would like to contribute to firefox code base. To get started I downloaded the source, build it.
18:19amphibulusI thought bugs are good place to get started and found this "good-first-bug"
18:20firebotBug 1360457 NEW, Network monitor columns are shifted
18:20amphibulusThe entire mozilla source is bit overwhelming, I am not sure where to look in the code. Any help would be appreciated.
18:20jdmamphibulus: good start!
18:20amphibulusAlso should I inform someone before I get started. Any input whould be great.
18:20jdmamphibulus: you may want to check with the folks in #devtools about that one
18:21amphibulusThanks jdm.!
18:21jdmamphibulus: however, the code likely exists under devtools/client
18:22jdmamphibulus: in general, it's good to leave a comment in the bug saying that you're starting to work on it
18:22amphibulusAh I see, Thanks
18:22jdmamphibulus: devtools/client/netmonitor exists, and even contains a that looks useful
18:23jdmwow, that's way more useful than most of the documentation that exists for mozilla-central ;)
18:25amphibulusIt is indeed :)
20:00mib_if3kb2is there a way to programmatically detect if a page was redirected to about:certerror? I see that nsIWebProgressListener can detect internal error pages, but i just want about:certerror
21:24tatlacasHi everyone, is there a simple "hello world" example exercise i can do to start customizing firefox. something simple as opening a tab
12 Aug 2017
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