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10 Sep 2017
13:02dyexHi I have a question
13:03dyexI have the mercurial clone of the mozilla-central repo
13:03dyexWhen I make changes to this locally, if I am unsatisfied with my changes how do I revert back to the original copy?
13:07dyexarai: ?
13:07araihave you commit?
13:07araithe change
13:08araiif not, "hg up -C"
13:10dyexwill this effect all the files I modified?
13:10dyexNo I haven't modified
13:12araiyes, all
13:13araiif you've added new file and haven't added it under mercurial's control, it will be untouched
13:13araiso, you'll need to remove it manually, in addition to the command
13:13dyexhow do I do it for a single file?
13:14araihg revert PATH_TO_FILE maybe?
13:14araiI haven't tried tho
13:15DuClareThat should work, yes
13:15dyexokay thank you :)
11 Sep 2017
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