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10 Oct 2017
07:14skippydippythis is praveen
07:15skippydippyi want to contribute to mozilla how can i start
07:17prathikshafirebot: newcomer
07:17firebotprathiksha: Tell the newcomer to click to: for some quick reading, and remind them to use #introduction for further questions :D
08:12blinkyI don't know how to start with open source .Help please??
08:13araiwhat kind of help do you need?
09:14suvirbHi, it seems there is no in xul sdk 22. Is there any recommended flag to replace -lxpcom.
09:34araisumang-M: libxul ?
09:36araisumang-M: sorry, nvm
09:36araisuvirb: libxul
10:21ellipticaldoorI'm trying to see where this code is used
10:22ellipticaldoorI commented that code but the DOM viewer still works
10:22ellipticaldoorsorry wrong channle
13:39bletchi dont know about open source but i want to explore it .any advice
13:55araibletch: what do you want to do?
14:04mib_9o9djpi dont know how to start open source any tips
18:41suvirb_thanks arai passing libxul option worked.
22:28damarnadh____after installing mozilla build start-shell.bat file was not opening why?
22:29damarnadh____it is just showing a blinking terminal for a second
23:58mbrubeckhell, qbit
23:58mbrubeckI mean hello!
23:58mbrubeckvery sorry for that typo
11 Oct 2017
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