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10 Aug 2017
11:00suricatHi all, I want to contribute FreeAsInFreeSpeech html5 tools, where should I go ?
11:01araiwhere's the tools?
11:01suricatNamely 'Replicants' or 'Document-As-An-Application' tools like that :
11:02suricatI usually develop "self-contained" tools - which means the final document "saved to disk" DOES contain the tool - and the tool source code
11:02araiare you referring some mozilla projects?
11:03suricatThe most simple example is
11:03suricat[referring] I .. kinda wanted to contribute to mozilla : I save these tools on but maybe they are more suited as "sub-projects" given to Mozilla
11:04suricatIt's like the browser console : a "tool" that is fully written in standalone html+javascript and belongs to "interesting things to make with firefox"
11:04araido you mean you want to start a new project related to those pages?
11:05suricatMore like a donation for beta-evaluation - if anybody feels interested
11:06suricat[new project] Yes, in a first place - with the same usability (and end-user scope) as bookmarklets
11:07araiis it a part of Firefox's builtin feature?
11:07suricatMaybe you have some channel to recommend 1. discussing html5+javascript technique which would help me 2. advocate for standalone apps and finally 3. show some of my examples
11:08suricat[builtin] no, these are standalone and .. actually DO work on chrome, safari and mobile flavors too
11:09araihmm, I'm afraid I don't understand the context...
11:09suricat@arai OK, Maybe it was a bad idea to contact #introduction.
11:09araimaybe you could look into the channel list there
11:10suricatI just wanted to contribute a bunch of standalone tools "word-like", "excel-like" ... that can run in a Tab, without install
11:12suricat[IRC] Yes, I will find an interested target audience before re-thinking where my contribution is best fitted
11:13suricat@arai OK I will try on #js, and it may be an edge case for #extdev
11:14suricatthanks for the pointers
11:49Jackneillhey, would anyone take a look at this irc issue:
11:49firebotBug 1386681 UNCONFIRMED, infra@infra-ops.bugs Do not define max joined irc channel limit
11:50Jackneillalso why is it that some days when i refresh that url (bugzilla) im logged in, other days im not?
12:01petroohello everybody, I'm trying to build mozilla central on a Windows 10 64bit system but when I type './mach build' I receive an error regarding 'which: no python 2.7 in(...)', where ... = my environment variables from $PATH. But I have python 2.7 installed on my machine... Do you have any suggestions?
12:14araipetroo: can you post the log to ?
12:14araialso, if you have another python installation than one in MozillaBuild, you might need to remove it from PATH
12:21petroohere it is:
12:22petrooI did not have another python installation before the one from MozillaBuild and still had *the same* message error
12:23araiare you using mozilla-build ?
12:23araiI meant, MozillaBuild
12:31araioops, I overlooked your message :P
12:31arai(these days I frequently overlook messages...
12:31araipetroo: which version of MozillaBuild are you using?
12:32araihow do you open terminal?
12:33araiin other words, which bat file are you using?
12:33arai(it's strange that the paths in line 2 doesn't have mozilla-build or something
12:52petrooIt was not specified that I should use a bat file for this process..
12:53petrooI used the start-shell batch and I think it will work now
12:54araihmm, looks like it's not clear in current documentation
12:55araiit's only in "Details..." section :/
12:57arai> Double-clicking the shortcut youve created will open a terminal window.
12:57araiit doesn't sound like mentioning start-shell.bat file
12:59araiactually, mentioning about shortcut shouldn't be there, IMO.
20:06jdmhi Stun0n3!
20:08Stun0n3HI jdm
20:08Stun0n3how are you?
20:09jdmI am well
20:09jdmdo you have any questions we can help with?
20:15Stun0n3I am new here, and I want to learn to much about mozilla
21:22n-dknowI'm new to the Mozilla community and I want to make sure I understand the etiquette of using Chatzilla.
21:22Stun0n3Hi, I too
21:22n-dknowShould I ask questions to the wind or should I ping a specific person?
21:24n-dknowI ask because I'm trying to get an answer re: setting up my local environment for AMO, but I think my work schedule doesn't coincide with the admins over there.
21:24mbrubeckn-dknow: Questions to the wind is the norm, unless you're following up on something a particular person posted
21:25n-dknowmbrubeck: okay thanks. So I should def ask my question over there instead of here, correct?
21:25mbrubeckn-dknow: If people aren't around to answer when you're on IRC, then there might be other forums (e.g. mailing lists) that have a better chance
21:26mbrubeckn-dknow: #amo *should* be the best place, but feel free to ask questions here if you aren't getting responses there.
21:26n-dknowmbrubeck: that's good advice. Ok, I'll ask since we're all here.
21:26mbrubeckAlso, if you're able to leave your IRC program connected for a long time (even when you're not actively using it), someone may respond much later
21:29n-dknowI'm using windows 8.1 with VirtualBox running Ubuntu 16.04.2. I have started my docker containers when I go to the url, I get a 504 gateway timeout - nginx 1.13.1. I ran the log for the nginx container. Log is here
21:30n-dknowI also notice that elasticsearch container seems to exit after only a short time
21:32mbrubeckn-dknow: no idea here, sorry. Hopefully someone will come along who knows...
21:33n-dknowmbrubeck: that's okay. You'll def helped clarify things for me
22:00jakehmHey I want to contribute wat are some active areas
22:02mbrubeckjakehm: is pretty good at finding areas with bugs available for new contributors
22:02mbrubeck(and you can filter by programming language or product)
22:04jakehmin the past i went into areas that weren't active and it was hard going
22:04jakehmSo I'm kind of looking for hot development areas to help me decide what I want to do.
22:43jakehmLike somehing C++ related would be cool
11 Aug 2017
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