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29 Mar 2017
00:10waglecan i build for x86_64 for windows? I'm getting a mismatch
00:12waglei thinnk i now see where I went wrong, nm
00:15wagleno, i started up the correct shell
00:28waglehacking ./browser/config/mozconfig seems questionable, which "mozconfig" file SHOULD I modify?
00:30wagledamn, and I'm all out of chewing gum
00:33mbrubeckwagle: create a new file in the top of the mozilla-central repo called "mozconfig"
00:33waglembrubeck: ah, i was trying to find something to tell me that.. thanks
00:34mbrubeckSome more details about mozconfig at
06:31kermitHey guys, can you tell me best practice to regenerate a patch with the code review comments I have got ?
06:31kermitIm pretty new and I got code review comments on the bug I have put a fix to
06:39KWierso|afkkermit: you would just need to do another | hg commit | and give it a commit message like "Bug XXX - Address review comments"
06:39KWierso|afkthen push to the review repository again
06:40KWierso|afkif it's needed, your reviewer could then request that you squash the changes in before it lands, but this way they can see exactly what changes you made.
06:41kermitCool ok.
06:42kermitAnd also I'm having trouble with Indention.. I set Indention space to 2 as suggested in the review, but I got the comment again about Indention.
06:42kermitIm uisng sublime text for editing the js file
06:42kermitAny suggestions on how to fix that ?
06:44KWierso|afkthat I don't know :(
29 Mar 2017
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