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16 Mar 2017
01:32whatustHi ekyle, I was interested in working on the JSON sqlite project.
05:16b0ttis mentor Tom Ritter usually on chat here?
05:43globb0tt: he's tjr on irc; find him in the #security channel
05:47b0ttawesome :)
05:47b0ttthanks a lot @glob
05:49globb0tt: be aware it's just before 1am where he is
06:05b0ttglob: ._. i was too optimistic
06:05globb0tt: i suggest asking your question rather than just a "hi" ping
06:06globb0tt: if you can't hang around on irc, sending your questions over a private message would work, and provide your email address for replies
06:13b0ttglob: i did just that, after the fail of a "hi" ping
06:13b0ttglob: but no response hence, the complaint over my optimism xD
06:14b0ttthanks though!
06:14globpesky timezones
06:15b0tttrue, a pain to code for _and_ a pain to schedule with
19:03mib_bsrc4dHi can anyone explain me about this project? Addressing stability issues within Thimble
17 Mar 2017
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