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9 Sep 2017
20:54jrmuizelmstange: ping
20:55mstangejrmuizel: hrrmm ok, pong
20:56jrmuizelmstange: ha
20:56mstange(I'm only pretending to be reluctant)
20:56jrmuizelmstange: do you recall if there's a bug about getting inlined call stacks in crash reports?
20:56mstangethere's the one about exposing the information in the symbol dump format
20:57jrmuizelcan you point me at that one?
20:57firebotBug 524410 NEW, Breakpad Linux Dumper: support inlined functions
20:58jrmuizelmstange: and what is that bug blocked on?
20:58mstangejrmuizel: somebody working on it
20:59mstangeoh, there's a question I haven't replied to in comment 15
21:03jrmuizelmstange: I've filed bug 1398533
21:03firebot NEW, Rust crash reports would be benefit from supporting inlined functions
21:04jrmuizelmstange: I'm going to use that to try to escalate the priority of bug 524410
21:04mstangejrmuizel: thanks
10 Sep 2017
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