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9 Oct 2017
02:41pulsebotCheck-in: - Matt Woodrow - Only create wrap lists for non-stacking contexts
08:06jyaBas: ping
12:52jesuphey (milan, bas, etc); I have a gfx bug live I want to get info on for you (linux64, local m-c build). One content process isn't rendering (correctly) - mostly black. If I mouse over active elements that redraw, I may get a white square there. Another page in the same content process when first loaded showed a bit of white at the top then black, and one square (where the mouse was?) that...
12:52jesup...was high-rate flickering between them. Now it's all black
12:53jesupbuilt 9/27 locally
12:55jesupFedora 26 x64. From about:support: Compositing Basic WebGL 1 Driver Renderer NVIDIA Corporation -- Quadro M2000/PCIe/SSE2 WebGL 1 Driver Version 4.5.0 NVIDIA 384.90 GPU: Active: yes. HW_COMPOSITING blocked by default: Acceleration blocked by platform
13:30jesupFreaky... switch workspaces to the one with that window (URL for the tab is Trychooser). 50% of the time it shows black with a flickering box. 50% of the time it shows the newtab page with a flickering box... (double-buffering???) 50 is about the right percentage, though it's not strictly A/B/A/B/etc
13:31jesupmilan: nical: Bas: ^
14:43jnicoljesup: it might be bug 1342344. seems to be an issue building with gcc 7
14:43firebot NEW, GFX glitches when built with gcc7
14:46jesupjnicol: Yeah, but why only a single content process? (and then it started after being up almost a week and a half). Also, this looks similar to the windows driver "black screen" bug
14:46jesupAnd all drawing in that content process is hosed
14:47jnicoljesup: oh right, that does sound like a different bug. (the gcc7 one seems to be all content processes all the time)
21:53jesupjnicol: milan: whomever: anything useful I can harvest from this browser before I rebuild-and-restart? It's still in this state. I have the ability to attach a debugger to it; it's a local build.....
21:54lsalzmandid you have layers.acceleration.force-enabled flipped on?
22:15lsalzmanhmm, doesn't look like it if you were using basic compositor
22:15lsalzmanstuff going black would indicate either OOMs or GPU accel problems usually
22:16lsalzmanthough nvidia X driver can be buggy in its own particular ways
10 Oct 2017
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