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7 Sep 2017
01:06pulsebotCheck-in: - Matt Woodrow - Always merge nsDisplayLayerEventRegions into the old item, since it should be quicker that way
01:06pulsebotCheck-in: - Matt Woodrow - Add an option to use the old arena allocator in nsDisplayListBuilder
03:07pulsebotCheck-in: - Matt Woodrow - Move clip chains back into the display list builder arena
05:08gwjrmuizel: Do we have any telemetry for available GL extensions and/or D3D version? Is there any way to work out if we can rely on the presence of a certain extension?
11:07mstangejrmuizel: wow: "The color conversion routines jointly consume ~105k of stack space"
11:07firebotBug 1395708 NEW, stylo: Crash in AnyToAnyBlock
12:29aosmondJerry_IRCCloud: that is some very hopeful news on the compositor thread shutdown bug :D.
12:31aosmondI'll see about getting my patch reviewed and landed asap so we can see the results in the field..... I think regardless the content process needs more scrutiny that I had been giving it
12:31aosmondif I had to guess, the parent process trips the watchdog before the content processes, and that's why we never see any reports for the content process
14:26rhuntgw: not sure if there is telemetry for that, but you might be able to cross reference the hardware in use ( with an extension DB (
14:28jrmuizelgw: what feature are you interested in knowing about?
14:29rhuntgw: also for angle:
14:42jrmuizelrhunt: do you mind doing another webrender update? The fix for flickering on mac landed
14:42rhuntjrmuizel: does this try run include the update: ?
14:43jrmuizelrhunt: yes
14:43jrmuizelrhunt: wonderful :)
14:43rhuntjrmuizel: then I'm already on it :)
14:44rhuntjrmuizel: how do you duplicate the wr-update bug?
14:45jrmuizelrhunt: at the bottom left there's New/Clone button
14:49Gankrojrmuizel: r?
14:49firebotBug 1397361 NEW, text-layers: oblique text gets offset badly
14:49rhuntjrmuizel: huh, for some reason it's on the bottom right for me
14:51jrmuizelrhunt: yeah, I just got my right and left confused :)
14:54GankroWe all agreed this was good to go, right?
14:55Gankrokvark: jrmuizel: ^
14:55kvarkGankro: gonna get myself familiar with this debate
14:57jrmuizelGankro: regretfully
15:17mchangmilan: hmm sorry, power just cut out for a minute there
15:17mchangBas: ping
15:17Basmchang: pong
15:18mchangBas: i was looking at Skia, it looks like they only blend the surface size in DrawSurface whereas with D2D, we have to rasterize a whole layer, copy that into a bitmap, then blend. Is there a way to avoid rasterizing a whole layer to do a multiply blend?
15:18mchangthisis on arstechnica
15:20jrmuizel_mchang: can you join the skype call again?
15:20Basmchang: yeah, I understand, can you reproduce the findings of myself and David Anderson now that suggest performance on D2D with arstechnica is bad, but equally bad with and without OMTP?
15:20mchangBas: its been bad for me with and without OMTP
15:20mchangbut like twice as bad with OMTP
15:20Basmchang: OKay, so it's just the latter we can't reproduce then.
15:21Basmchang: I'm not sure I understood your question, can you elaborate?
17:15lsalzmangrrr, my windows machine decided to spontaneously brick itself
17:15lsalzmanonly took 4 hours to repair
17:18rhuntjrmuizel: ping
17:18jrmuizelrhunt: pong
17:19rhuntjrmuizel: what kind of bag of tricks can I do with rr and reftests?
17:19jrmuizelrhunt: do you want to skype?
17:19rhuntjrmuizel: sure, just give me a minute
17:24rhuntjrmuizel: ready now
17:26jrmuizelrhunt: I'll call
17:27firebotBug 1397083 NEW, Intermittent 374719-1.xul linux debug reftest failure with OMTP enabled
17:36jrmuizel_mstange: ping
17:39mstangejrmuizel_: pong
17:39jrmuizel_mstange: too late, I found out what I needed
17:40mstangerhunt: I always run with --setpref layout.display-list.dump-content=true, and then I use rr replay -M to get line numbers, and then do rr replay -M -g <thelinenumber> to start at the paint that I care about
17:40dvandermilan: what&#39;s the current protocol for triage? do we add anything other than [gfx-noted] ?
17:41mstangerhunt: I&#39;ve also successfully dumped the contents of the BasicCompositor output surface to a file, so that I could look at the paint
17:41mstangerhunt: it&#39;s nice that you can just call any functions during an rr replay
17:41milandvander: yes, just that is fine
18:30jrmuizelwatch -location (int*)0xf00db00d
18:30jrmuizelrhunt: ^
18:30jrmuizelwatch -location *(int*)0xf00db00d
18:30jrmuizelrhunt: ^
19:23jrmuizelmstange: ping
19:23mstangejrmuizel: pong
19:24jrmuizelmstange: did you migrate &#39;other files&#39; when you updated your mac?
19:25mstangejrmuizel: I don&#39;t know
19:25jrmuizelmstange: if you run /usr/local/opt/llvm/bin/clang -v /tmp/ what do you get?
19:26jrmuizelmstange: do you have any files in /usr/include?
19:27mstangejrmuizel: yes, /usr/include has lots of files
19:28jrmuizelmstange: I wonder how they got there
19:28jrmuizelmstange: I don&#39;t have /usr/include on my new mac at all
19:29mstangejrmuizel: I don&#39;t know how they got there
19:43jrmuizelmstange: xcode-select --install # this fixes it by installing the xcode command line tools
21:07BasDid we re-enable tab preview thumbnails in 57?
21:38jrmuizelgw: ping
21:38gwjrmuizel: pong
21:38jrmuizelgw: two quick questions. 1. How did you get outlines for text bounding boxes?
21:39gwjrmuizel: I have a local hack - I&#39;ll send you a patch shortly
21:39jrmuizelgw: great
21:39jrmuizelgw: re: image adding did you see my comment?
21:39gwjrmuizel: yep - haven&#39;t had a chance to follow up on that yet though
21:40jrmuizelgw: ok, I&#39;ll await your response in the issue
23:27pulsebotCheck-in: - Matt Woodrow - Don&#39;t try to merge invalidated event regions items
8 Sep 2017
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