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18 Apr 2017
06:27pulsebotCheck-in: - Ethan Lin - Bug 1349500 - Add webrender support for BulletFrame path type. r=mchang
08:00Jerry_IRCCloudsotaro: nical: ping
08:01sotaroJerry_IRCCloud, pong
08:01nicalon my way
13:09pulsebotCheck-in: - 132 changesets - Merge m-c to graphics
13:22pulsebotCheck-in: - peter chang - Bug 1345017 - pass animation data from content to WebRenderBridgeParent, r=kats
13:23pulsebotCheck-in: - peter chang - Bug 1345017 - Update WebRenderAPIs to enable OMTA, r=kats
13:23pulsebotCheck-in: - peter chang - Bug 1345017 - Add animation sampling for WR, r=kats
13:23pulsebotCheck-in: - peter chang - Bug 1345017 - Discard compositor animations on the next layer transaction, r=kats
13:23pulsebotCheck-in: - peter chang - Bug 1345017 - Disable OMTA with webrender by default, r=kats
14:06katsGankro: for some reason your WR patch broke all the things
14:06katsGankro: this is just a heads-up for now, i'm gonna investigate a bit and see if I can figure out what happened
14:08pchangkats: thanks, I will work on the try failure to enable omta with wr by default
14:08katspchang: sounds good
14:13katsGankro: i guess you said that "Firefox's headers will need to be updated" in your commit message, do you have details?
14:16Gankrokats: BuiltDisplayListDescriptor needs to be regenerated
14:16GankroTwo new fields
14:16katsGankro: ah ok. i'll rerun the generator and add a patch to the queue. thanks
14:17katsi should probably make that a part of my script
14:17Gankrokats: in the future, is there something more I should do when I make changes that need downstream updates?
14:18katsGankro: dropping a comment or a patch onto the current "future webrender upate bug" would be helpful. but don't feel bad about not having done it, this workflow is still new and i haven't asked people to do that in the past
14:19Gankrokats: ok, duly noted!
14:19Gankrokats: did you see my comment about vendor rust being broken?
14:19katsGankro: no
14:20katsGankro: was it on IRC?
14:21katsGankro: thanks, i'll look into it
14:21GankroThe update issue is the place to post that stuff, I guess?
14:25katsGankro: yeah that would be the best place
14:25katsi don't watch the WR github repo except for specific issues
14:27Gankrokats: ok cool. lmk if my patch or that patch need interesting changes -- I'm debugging an instant crasher on my local branch building off yours
14:36Gankrokats: oh crap you also need to update some code that MsgSends the contents of the descriptors
14:38Gankrogrep from display_list_items_size; needs the two new fields
14:38Gankro(Sry walking to work)
14:48Gankro(Neither side is expecting those values so it might come out in the wash? Modulo uninitialized performance counters)
15:08jrmuizelrhunt: talk to mystor
15:08katsGankro: i did a try push with the FFI header regenerated, i'll see how that goes
15:10pulsebotCheck-in: - Kartikaya Gupta - Bug 1357065 - Rename the parameters to PushScrollLayer to be more correct. r=jrmuizel
15:10pulsebotCheck-in: - Kartikaya Gupta - Bug 1357065 - Add a PushClip/PopClip API to WebRenderAPI to more easily distinguish between scrolling clips and non-scrolling clips. r=jrmuizel
15:10pulsebotCheck-in: - Kartikaya Gupta - Bug 1357065 - Update WebRenderDisplayItemLayer to use PushClip instead of PushScrollLayer because it's pushing a non-scrolling clip. r=jrmuizel
15:14mchangBas: Do you know why we need mRealizedBitmap here -
15:15Basmchang: I think it had to do with perf issues if you collect too many draws of non-realized images into other non-realized images.
15:15BasLook at the commit log.
15:16mchangBas: I did, it was the add d2d backend :)
15:17Basmchang: I think that was it, but I'm not 100% sure.
15:17mchangBas: im just confused why mRealizedBitmap is created and copied over from the old mRealizedBitmap
15:18pulsebotCheck-in: - Kartikaya Gupta - Bug 1355475 - Update webrender to 07b6c6a1f93b5d8af1dd9ae825906dcf5c310810. r=jrmuizel
15:18pulsebotCheck-in: - Kartikaya Gupta - Bug 1355475 - Update reftest fuzziness for change in webrender cset e3f6317. r=jrmuizel
15:18Basmchang: Oh wait, I'm confused, this is just because the old one is going to be changed.
15:18BasThat's what this function is for.
15:20mchangBas: what do you mean the old one is going ot be changed? It basically seems to create a new mREalizedBitmap to copy itself back to mRealizedBitmap
15:20mchangunless there is some d2d magic m not seeing
15:21Basmchang: right, because the oldBitmap is the surface the DrawTarget this is a snapshot of is going to be writing to.
15:24mchangBas: why createa new bitmap everytime instead of just writing to mImage?
15:25Basmchang: It shouldn't be 'every time' once 'DrawTargetWillChange' has been called, mSnapshot on the DT will be nulled, and it will never be called again
15:25Basmchang: that's what 'MarkIndependent()' does
15:41katsGankro: so the try push is still showing the same errors (debug build results only so far). when i run reftests on my local build (which is opt) they seem to pass. i'm gonna wait and see what the opt build produces on try. it might be a debug-only problem now
15:41Gankrokats: interesting; maybe debug catches the uninit perf counters?
15:42katsGankro: maybe. i'll kick off a local debug build anyway to see if i can repro. even if that's the problem i want to figure out why we're not getting any useful output or stacktraces
15:42mstangejrmuizel: <evilpie> we need AMD to fix this issue with their new driver
15:43katsGankro: indeed it seems to be debug-only. the opt jobs on the try push are coming back green so far
15:47mchangBas: sorry, still confused as to why in DrawTargetWillChange(), you would want to recreate mREalizedBitmap every call?
15:48Basmchang: It&#39;s only ever called once.
15:48Gankrokats-afk: this is the diff you want, I think
16:30katsGankro: thanks. when i run it locally (without your patch) i do get a backtrace and rust panic. so that&#39;s something at least
16:52jimmdo we have any stats showing what percentage of Windows users fail to get accelerated rendering?
16:56Basjimm: There&#39;s a dashboard for it.
16:56Basdvander will know the URL
16:57jimmdvander: ^?
16:57jimmI found this in my history -
16:58jimmthat doesn&#39;t really help though
16:59jimmah, the Trends option helps
17:46rhuntjrmuizel: ping
17:50dvanderjimm: the &quot;Windows Features&quot; dropdown shows it as ~27% of windows users
17:54jrmuizelrhunt: pong
17:55rhuntjrmuizel: did you say that wrench recording is broken?
17:55jrmuizelrhunt: replay is broken
17:55jrmuizelrhunt: fixes it
17:56rhuntjrmuizel: ah, okay I&#39;ll use that branch then
18:32jimmdvander: thanks!
18:46Gankrokats: you may or may not run into a fun rustc codegen bug:
18:47katsGankro: oh fun
19:30pulsebotCheck-in: - Ryan Hunt - Bug 1357335 - Use Into<T> for webrender bindings conversions r=kats
20:27Gankrokats: this &quot;fixes&quot; the bug
20:27GankroDunno if that&#39;s the one you&#39;re seeing, though
20:28katsGankro: i&#39;m not seeing any issue at the moment. the patch you provided earlier (in the IPC code) fixes the debug jobs
20:28Gankrokats: ah great!
20:34rhuntis anyone else getting shader compile errors with qr on windows?
20:37gwrhunt: there&#39;s a servo issue opened where some people are seeing shader compile errors on windows.
20:37gwrhunt: seems gpu / device specific, but I haven&#39;t looked into it yet
20:40rhuntgw: ?
20:40rhuntgw: I&#39;m getting some error from angle with vClipMaskUvBounds, which is similar to the error in there
20:41gwrhunt: yep - the WR CI runs the shaders through the ANGLE shader validator, so it&#39;s somewhat surprising...
20:46pulsebotCheck-in: - Ryan Hunt - Bug 1357543 - Add rustfmt.toml and run rustfmt on webrender_bindings r=kats
20:48rhuntgw: yeah that is odd, changing vClipMaskUvBounds to be a vec4 instead of a RectWithEndpoint fixed it for me
20:48gwrhunt: I guess that particular driver doesn&#39;t handle structs as interpolators :/
20:48gwkvark: ^
20:49kvarkoh nice (really, really, not)
20:51rhuntgw, kvark: do you want a pull request with the change?
20:51kvarksure thing
20:52kvarkgw: what about ? is there anything else to address there?
20:54gwkvark: r+&#39;ed
20:58kvarklsalzman: do you mind squashing ?
20:59lsalzmantechnically yes, but i can :/
21:02lsalzmansquashed to 2 commits
21:02lsalzmanversion change and code change
21:04kvarkbeautiful, thanks!
21:47BenWaAFAIK there&#39;s no way for CSS animation to reset/restart without forcing/waiting on a style flush before setting the animation again. Feels like something that should be fixed.
23:19birtlesBenWa: just got your mail
23:20birtlesBenWa: there are probably a couple of hacks you can use
23:20BenWabirtles: Cool, I hope I didn&#39;t just miss an obvious way to have it work :)
23:20birtlesif you have &quot;animation: abc 3s&quot;
23:21birtlesI think &quot; = &#39;abc, abc&#39;&quot; might get it to restart but I need to check
23:21birtlesOtherwise, &quot; = &#39;abc, \&quot;abc\&quot;&#39;&quot; might work
23:21birtlesLong-term the elem.getAnimations() API will help
23:22birtlessince you&#39;ll be able to get the CSSAnimation object back, hold on to it, then just call `animation.currentTime = 0`
23:22BenWaOhh great. Glad to know something is in the works
23:22birtles(currently getAnimations() is specced to flush, however, so you&#39;d want to get it once and hold onto it)
23:23birtleswe could also make the spec say it doesn&#39;t flush if that works out better.. that part of the API hasn&#39;t shipped yet but is in Nightly
23:25BenWabirtles: Yea if it flushes we&#39;re almost better off just doing doing the reset over two rAF without flushing and hope we get them for &#39;free&#39; if the page is touching DOM on those frames
23:26BenWabirtles: a generation id would solve the problem but we probably don&#39;t want to expose a generation id in CSS
23:26birtlesBenWa: yeah, fair enough. Although, if you haven&#39;t touched style already flushing won&#39;t do anything
23:27BenWaI don&#39;t know of any sites that have a way of running code when the dom isn&#39;t dirty. Having a postAnimationFrame would do it if such an API existed
23:28BenWaIt&#39;s doable with if you interpose rAF I guess
23:31birtlesyeah--if you&#39;re one of the first callbacks after style (e.g. animation event callback, rAF callback) then you&#39;ll often be ok
23:31BenWarAF runs before style flush
23:32birtlesah, sorry, yeah, it runs after animations have updated though
23:33BenWaohh? I figured we would need style flush to happen to match updated animations
23:33birtleswe do
23:33birtleswhen rAF has run the animation state has been updated, but the style hasn&#39;t yet
23:34BenWastyle.animationName = &quot;example, example, example&quot; seems to work FWIW
23:35birtlesso if you trigger a style flush inside rAF, then you&#39;re probably just triggering work that is about to happen anyway
23:35birtlesgood to hear
23:35BenWaYes but the problem is on a large site you&#39;ll have multiple rAF. So if you cause a flush there&#39;s a good chance that someone else will dirty it again
23:36birtles(probably need to check that animationName hack works in all browsers though since there was definitely some differences in behavior there at one point)
19 Apr 2017
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