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15 Jul 2017
02:21Gankromstange: so I looked at retain's code and it turns out the filter+drain thing you want is actually really easy to write with swap_remove, which I had totally forgotten about
19:47pcwaltonnical: Ive been spending time this week thinking about Loop-Blinn style curve rasterization and Im kind of coming to the conclusion that its problematic for Levien style AA
19:47pcwaltonso Im going back to tessellation for now
19:48pcwaltonbasically if you try to use Levien style AA with it you end up having to solve a gazillion quadratic equations
19:49pcwaltonit does have the advantage that you can theoretically use Greens Theorem and get exact parabolic coverage, which is kinda neat, but I really doubt its worth the massive extra shading load and complexity
16 Jul 2017
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