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15 Apr 2017
00:46mstangesnorp: currently blocked on and where I need to do more investigation
00:46firebotBug 1350500 NEW The sharedLibraries returned by nsIProfiler have empty breakpadId fields on Android
00:46firebotBug 1350501 NEW No paths for system libraries in nsIProfiler.sharedLibraries on Android
00:48snorpmstange: ok jchen may be of assistance
21:23katsrhunt: jrmuizel: do you know if wrench is currently working? i'm making a recording using the version of WR in gecko currently, and I've built wrench using the same WR cset. but when i try to replay i get this:
21:27katsnvm, i need the --play argument apparently
21:50pulsebotCheck-in: - 562 changesets - Merge m-c to graphics
16 Apr 2017
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