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23 Aug 2017
02:51daoshengmujgilbert, I am curious WebGLExtensionTextureFloatLinear has been the spec in WebGL2, is it necessary to have this extension in WebGL 2?
02:51daoshengmuReviewing Bug 1330433.
02:51firebot NEW, WebGL2 OES_texture_float_linear extension not applied to R32F internalformat.
02:52jgilbertdaoshengmu, yes. WebGL2 makes half-float textures filterable, but doesn't do the same for float32 without this extension
02:53daoshengmuR32F and RG32F texture format seem to only have in WebGL2.
02:55jgilbertnormally in webgl2 r32f isn't filterable, so you need to use NEAREST
02:55jgilbertin order to use LINEAR filters, you need this extension even in webgl2
02:56jgilbertalso Luminance32F doesn't exist in webgl2, hence the branch now
03:00daoshengmuGot it. It sounds like we use OES_texture_float_linear extension to allow r32f to be linear filterable in webgl2.
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23 Aug 2017
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