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20 Mar 2017
14:33alefortHello. Can I test a B2G OS Transition on my ZTE OpenC-FR?
14:34alefortOr with the Fxos simulator, from my Firefox on computer, or with a B2G-Droid?
14:38alefortOr, where I can find the lasts releases of B2GDroid?
14:39gerard-majaxthis is all dead
14:40alefortAll dead, you mean B2G OS Transition too?
14:41gerard-majaxOnly some people are trying something on Discourse
14:41gerard-majaxthere's a topic, latest update from vmx there was encouraging
14:43alefortCan you send the link of this last topic? Ive some difficulties to find info on that, when I search things about B2G Transition, I find 404 errors and very old topic, but nothing very new. And except that, do you know if anybody work on a fork or something?
14:48alefortThank you.
21 Mar 2017
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