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20 Apr 2017
09:11kazedear all, Ive just been told that Naoki Hirata passed away. :-(
09:11kazethere will be a small memorial service on Friday, see
09:12kaze(Menlo Church San Mateo)
09:13kazeIm afraid I cant make it (living in France), could you please spread the word within Mozilla? He worked with the FxOS team (at least when I was still part of it), so I guess many of you here have had an opportunity to share a beer with him.
12:47benfranciskaze: That's awful :( Thank you for sharing the link, I've shared it on Mozilla's internal social network (Yammer) so hopefully some of his old colleagues will see it.
12:47kazethanks benfrancis
21:24sfosterthanks Kaze, that is such sad news. He was a lovely generous guy. I worked with him on FxOS and also on my first project at mozilla.
21 Apr 2017
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