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17 Jul 2017
14:26NeXis there anyway to root the flame? Been searching a lot on the internetz can't find any information :/
15:00gerard-majaxNeX, you can flash anything, including rooted images, on the Flame
15:00gerard-majaxNeX, if you have a user build, then root is not available
15:01NeXgerard-majax: I've figured out a way :)
15:01NeXGuess now I need to figure out how to install android
15:03gerard-majaxon the flame?
15:04gerard-majaxgoing to be tricky, I guess
15:05NeXI found somebody who did it for fx0
15:06NeXtrying to repeat these steps, but yea I'm stuck at booting on his image -_-
15:06gerard-majaxI'm not saying it is not possible
15:06gerard-majaxNeX, no way the Fx0 image will boot
15:07NeXit might be for me, I have not flashed devices for 10 years x)
15:07NeXgerard-majax: yea that's pretty much the state I am at now
15:09NeXguess I'm stuck with fxos 2pre, uuurg
15:11gerard-majaxNeX, there were updated flame builds posted, a few weeks ago.
15:11gerard-majaxNeX, nothing fancy, should be ~2.5ish
15:12NeXtbh I'm not so much interested in the OS anymore, i can't run anything I would run on an iOS or Android phone, so I was hoping I could recycle it and run android on it
18 Jul 2017
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