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15 Jul 2017
13:03Caspy7The topic says "there are no dumb questions" ... but I don't know if we should give people such a challenge :) many forks of Firefox OS are there? Anyone know?
13:04Caspy7I knew of Panasonic's fork of FxOS for TVs
13:04Caspy7admittedly, that's likely to stay right where it is and not be very useful for more than what they're using it for...
13:05Caspy7now there's apparently "KAI OS"
13:05Caspy7Here's a new feature phone coming out based on it
13:06Caspy7Rs 1,499
13:06Caspy7a feature phone with all the bells and whistles that feature phones don't often have
13:07Caspy7so, basically, this is one of the things that Mozilla was aiming for with FxOS
16 Jul 2017
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