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9 Oct 2017
08:22daleharveyTaking a look at this, is pluginBlocked.png ever used?
08:22daleharveyseems not
08:23Standard8daleharvey: take a look at the browser_all_files_referenced.js reference :-)
08:24daleharveylol cool, will take that out seperately
09:35daleharveybtw has anything changed recently in that changes in browser-toolbox arent reflected until something else triggers a new paint
09:36daleharveyor reflow, basically when I make a change in the toolbox I seem to need to hover the affected area to see what changes
10:04Gijsdaleharvey: maybe the retained display lists that got announced? But that thread makes it sound like it's not enabled by default yet
12:13* nhnt11 needs help!
12:13nhnt11So I've got a CSS rule that increases the height of tree rows in the sidebar for touch mode
12:13nhnt11they activate when the uidensity attribute of the documentElement is set to "touch"
12:13nhnt11it* activates*
12:14nhnt11but for some reason, the styles don't update once the attribute is set
12:14nhnt11the rule activates if, in the inspector, I set border: 0 solid; on the top level tree element
12:15nhnt11seems like I need to set some style on the tree element itself for it to "update"
12:15nhnt11So, I was wondering if there was a way to force a style update without setting some arbitrary style
12:15* johannh slowly walks out
12:22nhnt11to amend what I said, the rule takes effect if I make any change to the border of the tree, though I'm guessing changing the background or something would do as well
12:22nhnt11yeah, changing the background works
12:22* nhnt11 wonders how to force a style flush
12:23nhnt11I feel like I've seen this somewhere
12:39prathikshanhnt11: review ping ?
12:39nhnt11prathiksha: thanks for the reminder! I was out last week, I'll get to it today.
12:40* nhnt11 should have sent that to johann or someone else
12:40prathikshanhnt11: ok :)
12:52Gijsjkt: can I open up bug 1405384?
12:52firebotBug is not accessible
12:53jktGijs: the other mentioned bug isn't accessible
12:53jktI think it might be a dupe of that
13:58Gijserr, am I mad or did we use to do something to opening links in a pinned tab that forced them into new tabs instead of "losing" your pinned site?
13:58Gijsdoes that only apply to bookmarks and not page links, or something?
14:08zombieGijs: it was always for external links
14:08Gijszombie: if I just stick in a pinned tab, search for something, click links, it just opens them in the pinned tab...
14:08zombie(or when the page does something wonky using js/redirects)
14:08Gijsmaybe that's it... hard to know what google is doing :s
14:09zombieit's not hard, hold the middle mouse button on the search results
14:10Gijszombie: not sure I follow... I don't care about middle click, I want to know what we're *supposed* to be doing when you click non-same-site links in pinned tabs.
14:10Gijsand/or how to test that we are/aren't doing that.
14:10zombiei meant it shows you that google rewrites all links to redirects through
14:11GijsI see. And this breaks our pinned tabs stuff, I guess.
14:18zombieGijs: how would i (easily) bisect photon changes before 57?
14:24zombieGijs: nvm, it happened during 57 nightly
14:25Gijszombie: mozregression gets you nightly, which was using photon most of the time (the structure pref wasn't always flipped, but it didn't take long)
14:25Gijszombie: you could pass the pref on the commandline anyway
14:38zombieyeah, done
14:38zombieyour hunch seems correct
14:46Gijszombie: which hunch?
14:53zombieabout bug 450915
14:53firebot FIXED, Dragging a tab (slightly) outside of the tab bar should still just reorder the tabs
14:53* jaws perks up
14:55jawsGijs / zombie: bug 450915 affected opening links from pinned tabs?
14:55zombiehm, or i guess it could be bug 1397236 as well
14:55firebot FIXED, Bookmarks folder in Bookmarks Toolbar unexpectedly closes after adding bookmark from Star button
14:55Gijsno, this is about dragging tabs to the bookmarks toolbar items
14:56Gijswhen the bookmarks toolbar items are in the navbar
14:56jawsi can see that being a problem
14:56zombiejaws: since both candidates seem your bugs, you got ni? ;)
14:57jawsok :)
15:30jawshave people found a good replacement for bugzillaJS?
15:52globjaws: what feature from it are you missing?
15:52jawsglob: open a new bug blocking the current one
15:53globjaws: you can do that with bmo without an addon
15:53jawsglob: how so? now i have to create a "new" bug and then fill in the form fields
15:53globjaws: bottom right --> "new/clone bug" --> ...
15:53jawsglob: that copies the whole CC list
15:53globjaws: select ".. that blocks this bug"
15:53jawsthough you're right that it would set up the blocking field correctly and keep the same product if i want
15:54jawsglob: i don't see an option for ".. that blocks this bug"
15:54jawsi only see "current product" or "to a new product"
15:54globjaws: wait, are you using the legacy ui?
15:55jawsi guess i should change
15:56jawsthanks :)
15:56jawsi used the difference before to know if i was logged in or logged out :P
16:05Gijsmikedeboer: can you put up your patch from bug 1402845 on bug 1403466 so I can rs it and we can autoland it and request uplift? :)
16:05firebot ASSIGNED, mdeboer When uBlock Origin button is put in the overflow menu, uBlock panel is shown with wrong size and wit
16:05firebot REOPENED Extension popups in the overflow menu are cropped from the bottom
16:06mikedeboerGijs: yeah - after my 1:1... it that ok?
16:06Gijsmikedeboer: yep yep
16:40Caspy7Are we testing Stylo on any 56 users?
16:41Caspy7(I'm assuming no)
16:43RyanVMwe did some experiments to get some stability data at one point
16:44RyanVMon beta, though
16:44Caspy7RyanVM: ok, I meant release
16:44RyanVMno, we're not enabling Stylo on 56 release at all
16:44Caspy7seeing some odd reports of extremely poor performance on 56 release
16:49johannhGijs: are you already on PTO or still doing reviews? :)
16:49johannhlike a teeny tiny review
17:03Gijsjohannh: how teeny tiny?
17:04GijsI literally just flipped the bugzilla pref because I'm out tomorrow with jkt et al on a meetup, and then only in on wed
17:06johannhGijs: that's ok, it's two lines but I'll ask dao, I need someone who can tell me if I'm doing something stupid on the tab strip
17:06Gijsjohannh: dao seems like a good bet in that case :)
17:06* Gijs is still taking ni, fwiw
17:06johannhOn my phone right now, I'll CC you later
17:09Gijs_awaynp, thanks!
18:48jawswhere does the "width" attribute on the sidebar get set?
18:50jawsi have looked all over and don't see anything in the sidebar binding, splitter binding, browser-sidebar.js or browser.js
18:50jawsi imagine it comes from the splitter
18:50MossopYeah the splitter
18:51jawsactually i think i found it
19:04nhnt11jaws: out of curiosity, are you looking into animating the sidebar opening/closing?
19:04jawsnhnt11: yes
19:05jawsnhnt11: did you start working on that already?
19:05nhnt11just looking forward to it :)
19:05nhnt11jaws: do you have a bug# for me to follow?
19:05jawsnhnt11: bug 1369397
19:05firebot NEW, Investigate adding an animation to the sidebar
19:07* nhnt11 imagines it will be tricky to implement this and looks forward to learning something from the patches
19:07* nhnt11 goes to bed
19:12johannhmconley: I forgot, is it your turn or my turn for the desktop meeting tomorrow?
19:13johannhI think it's my turn
19:14mconleyjohannh: hi! Yours. :)
19:14johannhmconley: cool, thanks, I'll send the email then
10 Oct 2017
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