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8 Aug 2017
09:19* johannh bookmarks bug 1387737
09:19firebot FIXED, Regression: Changing theme breaks default theme
11:48Gijsat what point are we going to do dramatic readings of bugreports again?
12:02Standard8Gijs: I didnt know we did in the past, but it sounds interesting...
12:04Standard8for some reason Im imagining it a bit like the google translate sings video
12:06johannhGijs: oh god I want this
12:08GijsStandard8: we did for Australis
12:09Gijsjohannh: how is bug 1388261 not a dupe of 1387273 ?
12:09firebot UNCONFIRMED, Firefox window has 3 pixles gap at upper boundary when returned to normal from maximized state
12:10* johannh checks
12:10johannhGijs: yeah, that's what I meant, I just didn't remember the bug
12:10johannhI can dupe it
13:04ntimahahah, the photon animations with gfx.webrender.layers-free and gfx.webrender.enabled set to true are amazing :p
13:06Gijsamazing good or amazing not so good?
13:08ntimGijs: try for yourself :P
13:08ntimmore seriously, I don't think I'm supposed to toggle `gfx.webrender.layers-free`
13:08Gijsntim: I don't have time and there's no guarantee I would see the same thing anyway (what platform, etc. etc.)
13:08GijsI dunno, #developers would
13:16Gijsflorian: what are the overflow handlers in the autocomplete binding for search / urlbar for?
13:16Gijsflorian: ie when are they *supposed* to be triggered ?
13:16floriando we have that in the searchbar?
13:17florianIn the urlbar it's to adjust the size of the page url vs the page title in each row
13:17Gijsflorian: it's in the autocomplete.xml binding
13:17Gijsoh ffs
13:18Gijsflorian: so I'm hitting this when adding spacers to the navbar
13:19Gijsflorian: because browser/base/content/test/performance/browser_urlbar_search_reflows.js starts failing
13:20florianhow is it failing?
13:20florianand I guess what I would really care about is... does it still fail if lands first?
13:20firebotBug 1356532 ASSIGNED, Try avoiding layout flushes in autocomplete::_handleOverflow
13:22GijsI have no idea
13:22Gijsbut that doesn't look like it's landing
13:22Gijsit's been a week since anything moved at all, not all patches have r+, and there are stated issues in the last comments with the approach causing broken looking state for longer
13:22florianI would like to know why it's not landing, it should be a dramatic improvement to the awesomebar perceived performance
13:23GijsI would like to not get blocked on this landing.
13:23florianyeah, I get that :)
13:24florianespecially if it ends up bouncing a couple times
13:24Gijsso, why is my patch causing these failures?
13:24GijsI just poked at my navbar with a clean profile with my patches applied, and it looks like the offset to the center is causing the suggestions to left-align within the window
13:25Gijsinstead of aligning with the location bar
13:25Gijsis that done with an overflow handler or something? :s
13:26florianthe suggestions are meant to align to the text field, up to the point where the user customized the toolbar with too much stuff on the left of the urlbar, at which point we stop aligning and just use all the available space
13:27floriando you have a mockup of what the awesomebar panel content is supposed to look like when there's a flexible spacer in the navbar by default?
13:28Gijsno idea
13:29Gijsthere are at least 4 mockup locations, 2 of which are now dead, 1 of which isn't in my awesomebar history, and the final one takes a gazillion mb to load
13:30Gijsflorian: I still don't understand what this has to do with the test failure
13:30GijsI assume that UX has thought through the consequences of their design and is unlikely to change it at this point
13:30Gijshow do I fix the test?
13:32florianGijs: to "fix the test" you would probably just change the 'times' values in
13:32Gijsflorian: I don't see any mockups from a quick look at either invision or the live mockup
13:33Gijsflorian: the stacks that I'm seeing aren't in that list.
13:33florianGijs: that makes me doubt the consequences have been thought through :-/. I wouldn't be surprised if we had different designers working on the toolbar and the awesomebar panel, and if they hadn't talked about it.
13:33GijsThough the fact that one of the stacks has: times: 390
13:34Gijsmakes me doubt this test is serving any purpose right now
13:34Gijsoh, and another has times: 444
13:34florianthe test has a purpose :)
13:34florianensuring these numbers go down, and never up
13:35florianbut really, we need bug 1356532 to land, and this whitelist will become tiny.
13:35firebot ASSIGNED, Try avoiding layout flushes in autocomplete::_handleOverflow
13:35mconleyeyyyyy - are we talking about reflow tests?
13:35mconleyflorian: welcome back!
13:35florianmconley: yeah, browser_urlbar_search_reflows.js failing when introducing a flexible spacer before the urlbar in the toolbar
13:36florianmconley: thanks!
13:36mconleyflorian: I wonder if this is related to failures we were seeing there when landing the "move stop/reload buttons out of URL bar container" bug
13:36mconleyGijs: ^--
13:36Gijsflorian: so this stack is different.
13:38Gijsthese ones go _appendCurrentResult > _onChanged > handleOverUnderflow > _handleOverflow
13:39GijsI see stacks that have _handleOverUnderflow
13:39Gijsand stacks that have _appendCurrentResult
13:39Gijsbut they go via _reuseAcItem
13:39Gijsnot _onChanged
13:41Gijsmconley: where can I find history of that?
13:42GijsI don't see anything in
13:42firebotBug 1364090 FIXED, Detach the reload and stop buttons from the location bar
13:42Gijswhich I think is the bug you mean
13:43mconleyGijs: looking
13:43mconleyGijs: and down
13:43firebotBug 1363485 FIXED, Move the Back, Forward, Reload and Stop buttons outside of the location bar container to the start o
13:44mconleyGijs: this patch ended up being the solution:
13:51Gijsshorlander: ^^ you think we should keep aligning it even with the spacers?
13:52Gijs(per )
13:52firebotBug 1386741 DUPLICATE, Remove or temporarily disable code that prevents aligning site icons in the awesomebar popup with th
13:54Gijsshorlander: looks like this on my mbp:
14:13firebotBug 1336230 FIXED, When a window is maximized, it should not show the window opening transition
15:30mib_someAlexHello. I'm not really sure I'm in a right place, but I want to ask: upgraded to ff 55 today, realized I cant resize columns in "Network" tab (devtools). Found this bug: The question is: when can I expect this to be fixed? Should I go back to 54.0.1 for now?
15:30firebotBug 1358414 NEW, Introduce column resizer in request list
15:31mib_someAlexTried to google iterations schedule, did not find any useful info but found a link to this irc room instead,
15:47dolskejaws / mconley / Gijs / dao: reminder for Photon updates starting in :45, also I want to start on time today. :)
15:47jawsi'll have my notes in there soon
15:47jawstrying to finish up this new pocket animation
15:51johannhthere's a new pocket animation?
15:52jawsjohannh: reimplementing the toolbar button one now that its moved to the page action area in the urlbar
15:53johannhjaws: makes sense!
16:36daojaws: can you fix the size while you're at it?
16:36jawsdao: size of which?
16:36daothe icon size, that is
16:36daoit should be 16x16
16:36jawsdao: pocket?
16:36daoit's 18x18
16:36daojaws: yes
16:37jawsdao: yeah, i can ask for a resized icon
16:37jawsthanks for pointing that out. i'll add that to my todo list
16:42MossopIs it expected that the tab audio icon moved in today's nightly?
16:42Gijsjaws: there's a bug on file for updating the icon
16:42* Gijs finds
16:43firebotBug 1388171 NEW, Replace Pocket icon in the Library Door-hanger
16:43Gijshas a 16x16 icon attached
16:44GijsI get that that bug is technically not about the bit you care about
16:44jawsGijs / dao: thanks, maybe i will not do that as part of the animation work
16:44Gijsbut AFAICT it should be the same icon
16:44Gijswell, if it's a drop-in icon replacement...
16:44jawsthey can land independently because the pocket animation doesn't touch the pocket.svg icon
16:45jawsbecause it's a drop-in icon replacement it can land sooner
16:45daojaws: alas, the animation work is the only umbrella under which this can really happen because the sprite needs to be updated. fixing the static icon is trivial
16:45jawseither way it will be easy to change
18:07jgruenanyone know how the website from which i can download non-en builds of Firefox
18:08jgruenthanks jaws!
18:32jawsMossop: ping?
20:21adwdolske: what does the high-priority tag on mean? that bug is also marked as reserve and a p3, both of which mean lower priority
20:21firebotBug 1385418 NEW, Remove pocket from the navbar toolbar once it's in the page action panel + location bar
21:16RyanVMhmm, I have a greyed-out stop button where I should have a reload button :\
21:38zombiei've seen that a few times about a week ago, but not recently
21:38felipephlsa: do you have problems triggering the contextmenu anywhere on the screen (including the web content), or just around the tabs area?
21:39felipeRyanVM, zombie: should have fixed that
21:39firebotBug 1386255 FIXED, photon animated refresh button gets confused and gets stuck on disabled stop button
21:40RyanVMfelipe: I'm on today's m-c tip
21:40RyanVMno idea how I got to that state
21:40RyanVMI opened a bunch of links in tabs and one of them just happened to be that way
22:06dolskeadw: I know, it's a little confusing. The teams are going to be splitting the reserve backlogs into "high priority" and "low priority" sections (P3 and P4, respectively), so we can better track what work is scoped for 57 and what's not.
22:07adwdolske: ah ok, thanks
22:43perrymconley: ping
23:47adware artifact builds just unsupported on linux? "Tried 59 pushheads, no built artifacts found"
9 Aug 2017
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