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7 Sep 2017
00:26Mossopmkaply: Yes, definitely
04:08globanyone know if there's a bug for content shifting up and down when tabs are closed?
04:08globthe tab being closed shifts up by a pixel, then down, then closes. the tab which gains focus also shifts up then down
05:17MattNglob: I see it too running mozregression on it
05:17MattNwith the compact mode
05:17MattNit has to do with focus on the address bar
05:18globMattN: great - thanks. mozregression takes ages for me because slow internet :(
05:20adwglob, MattN: looks like you might be seeing
05:20firebotBug 1397278 ASSIGNED, When typing in urlbar or search box, box size increases
05:21MattNadw: yep, I was coming down to this range so far:
05:21adwthe urlbar in that video is definitely changing heights, which i think is pushing the content up and down
05:22MattNyeah, my urlbar changes heights but tabbing to the searchbox decreases the toolbar height
05:23adwthis is a fairly impressive bug i must say
05:23adwhow visually disruptive it is
10:49Gijsdao: reping for ? :)
10:49firebotBug 1388514 NEW, Sidebar scrollbar is not clickable
10:51Gijsrstrong: what counts as a "shell integration" bug? My previous working definition was basically "anything about how we integrate with the host OS that isn't covered by widget", but based on you moving a lot of bugs out, my current working definition is quickly approaching "nothing" :)
12:51Gijsmikedeboer: how do I read a session store file from the commandline?
12:53* Gijs is trying to use lz4cat with no luck
12:56GijsI just get Error 44 : Unrecognized header : file cannot be decoded
13:09mikedeboerGijs: correct
13:09mikedeboerGijs: our lz4 format uses a different header
13:09mikedeboersomeone compiled a modified version of lz4
13:10Gijsso how do I open it again?
13:10GijsI want the state as it is on disk with firefox shut down, I don't want to reopen it :)
13:11* mikedeboer searches for it
13:12mikedeboerGijs: is one
13:19Gijscool, thanks!
13:39Standard8Ive got a xul:image in a xul:hbox, thats ahead of a xul:label (it currently shows horizontally as image -> label) have I got any hope for getting the image to be displayed vertically below the label just using css?
13:40Standard8I can use an image element below the hbox, and adjust the position of it, but then I have to hard-code values of margins etc from other elements
13:47GijsStandard8: use -moz-box-ordinal-group
13:47Gijsto reorder the elements :)
13:49Standard8Gijs: should this work if I apply it in the dev inspector? (for preferences)
13:49GijsI don't know.
13:50AryxStandard8: something like ?
13:55Standard8Gijs: oooh yeah, that shifted the order :-), now Ive just gotta get the image below the text
13:56GijsI'd suggest float if this wasn't XUL
13:56Gijsgiven that it is, use a vbox instead of hbox as the container?
13:56Gijsif you need both states, use a box and set the orientation with CSS
13:56Standard8unfortunately Im dealing with one of the toolkit widgets
13:57Gijs(IIRC you can&#39;t change the orientation of a <vbox> or <hbox> with just CSS)
13:57GijsWell, fixing it to <box> and having the default CSS set -moz-box-orient: horizontal should be mostly backwards compatible
13:57Gijsunless there&#39;s stuff (CSS or JS) that depends on it being an actual hbox
13:58Gijswhich there might be, but that *should* be pretty limited
13:58Gijs(hard to say more without knowing exactly where this stuff lives :) )
14:01Standard8hmm, I could try breaking the world just before 57 ;-)
14:03Gijsoof, yeah, ok
14:03Gijsto be fair, we don&#39;t use radio buttons a lot
14:03Gijsis this just for 1 radio item?
14:03Gijsmight be easiest to just create a custom binding
14:03Standard8well, 2, see the search-bar-settings image on
14:03Gijsif indeed you run into issues with the &quot;use CSS instead of hardcoded XUL&quot; approach
14:04firebotBug 1393437 ASSIGNED, [photon] Add a checkbox to control whether the separate Search Bar is present in the toolbar
14:04Gijsnot sure how much stuff *would* depend on the internals here
14:04GijsI wouldn&#39;t expect it to be a lot, but, you know...
14:04Standard8I did look a while ago, and I couldnt see much that actually set the src for the image
14:04Standard8well, couldnt see anything
14:08Standard8of course, switching to vertical screws the layout even more
15:44bdanforthIs there a channel for front-end developers of Firefox?
15:47Gijsthis is pretty much it
15:47Gijsbdanforth: why? :)
15:48bdanforthOkay thanks; just making sure. :) I found my answer elsewhere.
16:01Gijsmikedeboer: mtg?
16:32jawswhat&#39;s the status on project mortar? i haven&#39;t heard anything about it in a while
16:35RyanVMjaws: the Trello board says it&#39;s targeting 58 at the moment - not sure if that&#39;s accurate though
16:35jawsdid it get pushed back or was it always planned for 58?
16:35RyanVMactually, it got moved off 58 into the backlog
16:35jawsoh :/
16:35RyanVM7 hours ago, in fairness :P
16:36RyanVMwaiting on sec review apparenlty
16:36RyanVMeverything I&#39;m seeing indicates that nobody&#39;s sure when it&#39;ll ship at this point
16:36jawsthe last update in firefox headlines said, &quot;Given that all facts pointing out Pepper API isnt future-proof, the team is re-evaluating how to integrate PDFium without Pepper API layer. &quot;
16:37RyanVMthough tobytailer just landed bug 1299848 recently, which was one of the blockers
16:37firebot FIXED, Add the ability to test printed output
16:38jawswow! that is really cool
17:02Gijsjaws: so I don&#39;t really follow in bug 1394588
17:02firebot ASSIGNED, Library icon animation is heavily out of position when adding a bookmark
17:02Gijssorry, I&#39;m probably being dense
17:02jawsit&#39;s ok, i&#39;m probably glossing over something
17:03Gijsjaws: my understanding was that the animation is relatively positioned within gNavToolbox
17:03jawsyes it is
17:03Gijslike, the container for the animation and its image is, I mean
17:03Gijsand we measure the `left` and `top` of the button
17:03Gijsto determine how to set left/top for the animation
17:04jawswell, getBoundingRectWithoutFlushing for gNavToolbox always returns a top of 0
17:04Gijsthat&#39;s... odd.
17:04jawsi will triple-double check that now
17:04OsmoseIs it possible to write modules in an add-on that export functions that only that add-on can import? Kinda like how Java&#39;s default is &quot;usable within the module but not outside unless explicitly public&quot;
17:05GijsOsmose: webextension or oldschool?
17:05jawsGijs: oh, you have outsmarted me
17:05jawsi swear i tested this earlier
17:05jawsbut thank you for asking again
17:05OsmoseGijs: Bootstrapped oldscool
17:05Gijsjaws: well, it might depend on whether native titlebar is on or not
17:05Gijsjaws: would be good to doublecheck both scenarios
17:06OsmoseLike I can make something private to a single module
17:06jawsGijs: when i looked at this earlier i was just looking at the &#39;height&#39; property, not &#39;y&#39; or &#39;top&#39;
17:06OsmoseBut I dunno how to do it for several modules in a group
17:06jawsGijs: i&#39;ll update the patch
17:10ehsanJohn-Galt, has &quot;Ehsan, can you please review the (trivial) WebIDL changes, and Shane the WebRequest logic?&quot; in the commit message :P
17:13John-Galtehsan: Yeah, I couldn&#39;t be bothered to rewrite it before landing. Such is life with mozreview. At least now there&#39;s a record of who reviewed what :)
17:13ehsanJohn-Galt, ah you autolanded I guess?
17:13ehsanI see
17:13* ehsan is still stuck with git-bz
17:14ehsanand his own autoland:
17:14John-GaltNo, I don&#39;t use autoland, but history rewriting is still slow
17:15John-GaltI mean, not super slow, but still slow. And the eslint commit hook makes it much slower
17:16ehsananyways thought it was funny :)
19:01jawswoohoo! request queue=0
19:02jawsand yes, i know i just signed myself up for more reviews :P
19:05bwintonjaws: Oh, man, why would you say that? You&#39;re in for it now :D
19:06ewrightpatch incoming ;)
19:13adwjaws: thanks for the quick review
19:14jawsadw: no, thank you :)
19:27RyanVMMattN: ping
19:41MattNRyanVM: pong
19:43RyanVMr=you on to fix (fallout from bug 1392210 uplift)
19:43firebot FIXED, [OOP] onBeforeLinkTraversal is not called for extension frames
19:43RyanVMsorry, bug 1395519
19:43firebot FIXED, [Form Autofill] Data Loss in Saved Addresses when submitting to update from a form
19:45* MattN looks
19:46MattNRyanVM: yep, r=me
19:46RyanVMnp, thank you!
21:22gandalfdao: !!!!! dao!!!!! it works!!!!!
22:15jawsgandalf: please do share which bug you&#39;re working on, at least so we can all be excited :)
22:17gandalfjaws: sorry! So, the context is. For almost 3 weeks now I&#39;m fighting with the &quot;New Tab&quot; flickering in the tabbar when opening new window (and in a couple other cases) - that&#39;s bug 1362774. Major part of the clean solution is to not load `about:blank` automatically when opening a new window, which not only simplifies tabbrowser.xml, but also has a very nice
22:17gandalftalos win (that&#39;s bug 1397365). Unfortunately, when I tried it, it resulted in tons of orange tests which assumed that about:blank is loaded. It looked painful and looked like I&#39;ll have to fix tons of test manually... Which would likely make it miss 57 completely and require some hack for the New Tab thing.
22:17firebot ASSIGNED, When opening a new window, don&#39;t show &quot;New Tab&quot; title
22:17firebot ASSIGNED, Set nodefaultsrc on initialBrowser in tabbrowser.xml
22:17gandalfdao pointed out a one line change that seems to fix almost all of the broken tests! :)
22:19gandalfyeah, if it holds, I&#39;m going to be insanely relieved.
22:59gandalfaaand it didn&#39;t
23:39jawshow can i find the hardware specs of the machine?
23:39jawsi see now that about:support doesn&#39;t have anything like system RAM
23:42RyanVMabout:telemetry does
23:42RyanVMEnvironment Data
8 Sep 2017
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