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6 Aug 2017
16:33daleharveyanyone know of a way to keep the awesome bar visible while I am trying to use the browser toolbox?
16:41Aryxdaleharvey: does the "keep popups open" button work in that case?
16:42daleharveyAryx: where is the keep popups open button?
16:43daleharveynot seeing a pref of anything in devtools
16:43daleharveysounds useful to me though (even if it doesnt work for awesomebar)
16:44Aryxdaleharvey: on the right, second button from the left
16:44Aryx"disable popup auto hide"
16:45daleharveyAryx: in devtools? I dont have that
16:45Aryxin the browser toolbox
16:46daleharveyah I see it, cheers
16:50daleharveyah thats super handy for other things I have needed to debug, cheers, doesnt work for awesome bar though
23:21Caspy7Can anyone say if Nightly recently disabled e10s shims? Or why I'm seeing reports of many addons suddenly broken?
23:21Caspy7not all legacy addons are disable, so it's not that, yet
7 Aug 2017
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