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20 May 2017
00:30sfosterI'm getting a artifact build error: OSError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: '/Users/sfoster/moz/firefox/browser/themes/shared/identity-block/
00:33sfostersounds like it might be related to bug 1365911 but I'm not seeing it in the patch on that bug.
00:33firebot FIXED, Add-on icon is not hidden when pageproxystate=false (editing the URL bar)
00:35* sfoster tries pull and update again
00:52sfosterI cant find any references to in any manifest.
12:29johannhsfoster: more likely related to bug 1365846
12:29firebot FIXED, Use context-fill for identity, connection and tracking protection icons in the site identity block
12:29johannhsfoster: we deleted it there, might have missed a reference to it
12:30johannh(or you just needed a rebuild)
12:30daojust need to clobber
21 May 2017
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