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20 Mar 2017
15:46sfostermconley: I'm trying to write that unexpected reflow test, similar to, but I'm getting an essentially empty stack
15:47sfosterwondering if I'm doing it wrong. Just finding my patch...
15:47sfosterbug 1334642
15:47firebot NEW, Synchronous flush when activating/deactivating a window
16:17manotejmekaMattN: Hey are you available? Last night I tried to implement the datalist method you suggested for search suggestions and it does not work. No matter what I tried the suggestions do not show up as drop downs. If the options had text as .innetHTML then it just writes the options next to the search bar as a list with no spaces. In 10-15 min I can send you my
16:17manotejmekacode and pictures.
16:34sfosterdao: ^ that reflow test I'm trying to write is based on the technique used in
16:35sfosterlooks like this one just counts the reflows, maybe I could do that.
16:35sfosterseems brittle though
16:47florianGijs: thanks for the review! Addressing the comments reminded me that the whitelist included in the test isn't correct when not running with --appname dist. Is it ok to land in the tree a test that will fail when run on a local non-packaged build?
16:54floriannever mind, I'll figure out a workaround to make the test pass in both cases
17:08manotejmekamattn:^ The box highlighted on the top right is the issue I am having with the datalist method I was talking about.
18:12johannhI'm imaging Gijs furiously hand-typing every single one of that warning
18:28Gijsjohannh: I had a surprising amount of work in the top comment, actually, because I tried to use caps lock and then it messes up my vim commands :|
18:28* Gijs thinks vim should ignore caps lock when not in insert mode
18:28Gijsjohannh: the rest were copy/pasted
18:28johannhyou have vim mapping for shift + some character?
18:28Gijssorry to dash your high hopes ;)
18:29johannhhaha I'm terribly disappointed
18:29johannhoh caps lock
18:29Gijsjohannh: no, I mean, "g" and "G" or "u" and "U" do different things in vim command mode
18:29johannhoooh right
18:29Gijsso if I muscle-memory type 'j' or 'k' or 'u' and caps lock is on, random shit happens
18:29Gijs(well, not random of course, but it seems random to me!)
18:30johannhGijs: you can just type stuff in lowercase and type "U" to get it to uppercase
18:30johannh(visually select it first)
18:31johannhu/U in vim always messes me up when I hit it instead of "y" for copying
18:32Gijsjohannh: hrmpf, if only I knew that 5 minutes ago
18:32Gijsoh well!
19:00rstrongMossop: could I get you to review - not sure if the current r+ is good enough for changes to this file.
19:00firebotBug 1348609 ASSIGNED, Use the installation dir path hash for the updates directory even when the hash hasn't been written
19:01Mossop@rstrong: Sure, put it in my queue and I'll get to it after lunch
19:05MattNmanotejmeka: quick idea before I go to lunch: Make sure you're using the xhtml namespace on datalist and option
19:05MattNmanotejmeka: sharing the code would be good too
19:06manotejmekawhat about the xhtml be? xmlns="" do that you mean?
19:07MattNmanotejmeka: put &quot;xhtml:&quot; before the name e.g. <xhtml:datalist>
19:07MattNmanotejmeka: and use createElementNS with the namespace URI for <xhtml:option>
19:09manotejmekaThat is the error I get.
19:10manotejmekaIt might be a different problem. I will try it out. Thanks for the suggestion. let me know when your back from lunch
19:13sfostersquib: did you take a look at bug 1332301 and its dependencies? dolske point me at this last week and suggested we discuss dividing & conquering to get this feature enabled
19:13firebot NEW, Enable dom.forms.selectSearch by default
19:16squibsfoster: not yet. dolske said he had some more bugs for me to look at but then my power went out during our last 1:1 :/
19:17sfostersquib: ouch. You get hit by that storm?
19:17squibsfoster: no it&#39;s been clear here
19:17squibmaybe it&#39;s the construction next door
19:19squibsfoster: i assume we&#39;ll talk about it in my next 1:1, which is in about 40 minutes
19:19sfosterok, well I&#39;m just lining up my queue for this week and that was on there. I&#39;ve got a couple bugs ahead of that, but I should be able pick up one of those dependencies this week
19:21jawsmanotejmeka: you&#39;re getting that error because there is no &#39;xhtml&#39; namespace defined in the doc. the &#39;html&#39; namespace is defined and you can use that instead. so just remove the &#39;x&#39;
19:22jawsmanotejmeka: it is defined at
19:25manotejmekajaws: That fixed it and not causing that previous error, but now the entire section is greyout for some reason. I check if the element was hidden or disabled and it is not. Why might this happen?
19:25jawsmanotejmeka: that section would be greyed out in the Inspector if it&#39;s not actually displayed. i think that might be expected in the Inspector for a datalist
19:26jawsjust like <head> should be greyed out
19:26manotejmekawell the drop down is not working. it does not show any thing
19:27jawsmanotejmeka: can you try putting more <options> in there?
19:29manotejmekajaws: ^ Still nothing
19:30jawsmanotejmeka: can you find any example of datalist in searchfox? see what difference you may have with that one?
19:36manotejmekajaws: It does not like look datalist were used in the code except for text cases
19:38jawsmanotejmeka: i think you will need to change from using <textbox> to <html:input> to use a datalist, see the example at
19:38jawsthat works for me on that page
19:43manotejmekaDam it I was hoping that would not come to that haha. I just tested it with mock up code and it worked. Thanks jaws. It seems like the texbox attribute has a xul binding or so that make it so that it would auto search after 100ms and on enter event. Can you point me to code so I can replicate that functionality for the html:input
19:46jawsmanotejmeka: it looks like the timer is defined at
20:16manotejmekamattn,jaws: I just pushed my code to When I dynamically populate the datalist options then the search for dowpdown options does not work for some reason.
20:26MattNmanotejmeka: you need to use createElementNS like I said earlier
20:26MattNdocument.createElement(&quot;html:option&quot;) doesn&#39;t work like you think
20:26manotejmekaWith in about:preferences The bar where one would select default home page seems to have a dropdown with a textbox field. I tried to research and follow the path for this code. Would it be best to do this instead of changing the searchfunctionalty to html:input and try with datalists?
20:27MattNmanotejmeka: No, we&#39;re trying to move away from XUL
20:28MattNThat is even more boilerplate
20:28MattN*require even more
20:28* MattN recently created a new autocomplete search component for form autofill
20:29manotejmekaOh okay I see
20:31manotejmekamattn: document.createElementNS(&#39;;, &#39;option&#39;); That is how I should do it?
20:32MattNmanotejmeka: yes
20:34manotejmekaThanks that works
20:41waglecan i talk anyone into glancing over my patch to and just saying whether I&#39;m taking the right approach?
20:41firebotBug 418864 NEW, Bookmark contextual dialog is not resizable
20:41waglemy first major patch, an I dont want to waste time on polishing the wrong approach
20:44jawswagle: i will look
21:05jawswagle: at a high level the patch looks to be on the right track. hopefully mak can get some comments on there today or tomorrow (it&#39;s already evening for him)
21:09waglejaws: cool, thanks
21:28RyanVMmrbkap: ping
21:28mrbkapRyanVM: pong
21:29RyanVMhey, I did the uplift of bug 1346286 to some older branches and for some reason, Beta is showing failures in browser_bug882977.js along the lines of
21:29firebot FIXED, Remove CPOWs from more tests
21:29RyanVMwhich is odd because it applied without issue
21:29RyanVMany idea what the issue might before I revert the change to that test?
21:29RyanVM is the relevant diff
21:30mrbkapRyanVM: That change requires the patch to BrowserTestUtils.jsm from...
21:30* mrbkap looks.
21:31mrbkapRyanVM: bug 1335801
21:31firebot FIXED, Intermittent browser/base/content/test/referrer/browser_referrer_middle_click.js | Test timed out af
21:32RyanVMaha, thanks
21:33mrbkapRyanVM: If we wrote code in a useful language, it would have told you that the parameter we were trying to pass didn&#39;t exist, but we use JS, so here we are!
21:34RyanVMdone, thanks!
21:57AnaPaulaBarrosI&#39;m join now :)
22:45manotejmekamattn: The reason I was using a textbox for the searchInput is because of styling reasons. As you can see the search bar needs to have icons on both sides of it or one side of it depending on OS. As you can see from
22:45manotejmeka the textbox has a boxobject and with in it has a child that is a <html:input> the type that we need to show dropdown suggestions
22:45MattNmanotejmeka: I was asking for the UX spec last week :P
22:46manotejmekaI tried to link that input with setAttribute called list=&quot;searchSuggestions&quot; which is the datalist id, but the dropdown does not work. Any suggestions on how I can tackle this problem with the textbox element?
22:47MattNmanotejmeka: The icons on both sides don&#39;t require <textbox> I think
22:47MattNThe magnifying glass can be a background image
22:47MattNwith left padding on the input I think
22:47manotejmekaSorry I believe I sent you the UX specs before, if I did not sorry
22:52manotejmekaIs that the same thing I would do in order to get the search icon in the beginning of the search?
22:53MattNI explained a few lines up how to do that
22:53MattNsince it&#39;s not clickable it&#39;s easier
22:53MattNmanotejmeka: worst case we could inherit the list attribute at for textbox but I think we should try without that first
22:53manotejmekaOkay thanks I will take a look at try it out.
22:54MattNmany websites implement both these things just fine in HTML so we can too
22:54MattNboth = icon on left and button on right
22:54manotejmekaOkay let me try it out. Thank you
21 Mar 2017
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