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19 May 2017
09:14ntimApparently, VivaldiFox solves a black window issue in Firefox
09:14ntimNot sure what inside VivaldiFox could actually solve this :p
10:17DexterMh, woha that explains what I randomly saw yesterday on my other PC
10:17Dexterwith a GTX 1070, after applying the creator's update, all was seeing was a "white window" in nightly
10:17DexterI didn't have VivaldiFox thoguh
11:12Gijstfw half your bugmail on a morning is courtesy of 1 person
11:49johannhanother mass-bug filing?
11:49* johannh didn't see anything
11:51Gijsno, just a few related bugs where someone has commented and needinfo'd a bunch
11:53johannhok :)
12:58mikedeboerGijs: are you seeing the focus ring on Windows or Linux/
12:58Gijsmikedeboer: windows
12:58mikedeboerGijs: ok... how can I get rid of that?
12:58Gijsmikedeboer: I expect you need to set outline: 0 none
12:58Gijsor something like this
12:59Gijsmikedeboer: best test it... :)
12:59mikedeboerhaha of course
12:59Gijsalso, I've just realized I will have to go mess with your keyboard navigation stuff for the sync widget :(
12:59Gijsit's a toolbaritem with separate buttons, some of which may be hidden in different states
13:02mikedeboerok, that'll prolly need a change to the navigable buttons selector
13:18mikedeboerGijs: btw, I would really love to keep using flexbox in XUL... it makes our CSS so much easier to read... is it really a no-go?
13:18mikedeboerlike, really really?
13:19Gijsmikedeboer: eh, mostly I didn't think it was needed here. Like, I think you can just make the edit label -moz-box-flex: 1 and then all the other items will stay at the end
13:20Gijsmikedeboer: and there are a whole bunch of lines of flexbox css in your patch that thereby seem unnecessary
13:20Gijsmikedeboer: I'm not super against flexbox, though it *is* giving me pain in the customize mode changes...
13:20mikedeboerGijs: yeah, I'll check it out...
13:21mikedeboerGijs: just rewrite cust mode? :P
13:21Gijsmikedeboer: so if I'm missing something and that's the only way to make it work
13:21Gijs... then fine
13:21Gijsmikedeboer: well, the cust mode stuff needs to work in 2 very different layouts
13:21mikedeboerno, it's obviously not that complicated a control
13:21Gijswhich is the bit that I'm struggling with
13:21mikedeboeryou mean old vs. new?
13:21Gijsthough tbh I'm finishing up sync first
13:21mikedeboerthen skip it until the 57 cycle
13:21mikedeboerit's not worth the pain
13:22Gijswell, we need a done button
13:22mikedeboeryou'll only waste time
13:22Gijsotherwise we can't flip the pref, really
13:22Gijsand adding a button with the current styling is... painful
13:22mikedeboeryou can click the tab close button
13:22Gijsyeah, I know
13:22Gijsor hit escape
13:22Gijsor just switch tabs
13:22Gijswell, people are complaining they can't figure out how to leave :)
13:22Gijs(this was on slack)
13:23mikedeboerwe'll tell em on slack and other places in the meantime
13:23GijsI'll see what to do after I finish this patch... maybe you're right
13:23Gijsneed to get the colours for the styling of this sync banner right first, though!
13:26mikedeboeryou arrived at the most intricate part, I see...
13:38Gijswell, there's no design...
13:38Gijsonly for the non-hover case
15:32Standard8anyone know if initialProcessData is magically available for content tasks?
15:45MossopIt's no-meeting-friday \o/
15:51dolskeMossop: oh, are you free to meet? :)
15:59Gijssomething's broken ./mach build faster :(
16:12Standard8Gijs: if thats the same as artifact builds, try a clobber
16:12GijsStandard8: sure, but that's 30 minutes of my time...
16:12Standard8well it depends what the error is
16:13Standard8but I had an issue with artifact builds saying about some directory/file not existing, and a clobber worked
16:14Standard8anyway, just a suggestion
16:23bsmedbergdthayer, is surprising to you? a small set of payload/branch values which are different
16:25dthayerbsmedberg: it's small enough that it's probably people who have manually installed multiple shield studies
16:25dthayerthe filter only determines that plugin-safety is installed, not that it was responsible for the ping
16:31nalexandermconley: "a cottage industry"
16:31mconleywakka wakka
16:32Gijsmikedeboer: so my customize mode patch... I can't reproduce the issues I was seeing before (yay!)
16:32mikedeboerGijs: ok cool :)
16:33Gijsmikedeboer: dunno... not going to chase it too much
16:33* Gijs will fix up the remainder of the styling
16:35Gijsshorlander: for the footer in customize mode, I assume that changing the styling (colours/margins/padding) of the footer, and changing the titlebar control to be a 'normal' checkbox, can all be shipped unconditionally, right? :)
16:35Gijs for context
16:35firebotBug 1354126 ASSIGNED, Restyle customize mode footer
17:39bsmedbergdthayer, in the user-feedback section I'm seeing "problemFixed" be either true or missing. Is that expected?
17:39bsmedbergalso there are never "details"
17:43dthayerbsmedberg: "details" should be "detail" and "problemFixed" doesn't exist if they select "I'm not sure"
17:43dthayeri'll update the data doc
17:44bsmedbergah yes, that works
20:35Caspy7does anyone know if the reload button will be moveable?
20:42daoCaspy7: yes, indirectly, by moving movable elements around it. I don't think it's clear yet whether it will be directly movable
20:44Caspy7dao: I keep seeing the question from nervous/irritated Nightly users annoyed because the reload button has moved to the left and is immovable. Do you know if they will be able to move just the reload button to the right of the location bar?
21:15mconleydao: ping
21:53_6a68I'm having some trouble with chrome registration of a toolbar button icon. if anyone has a minute to take a look, here's the problem description:
21:59Mossop_6a68: I'm wondering if "-" is allowed in the chrome namespace
21:59_6a68Mossop: oh! thanks for the suggestion
21:59_6a68looking in build-artifacts, I don't see the skin directory at all, though I do see the chrome.manifest
21:59_6a68I'll try with a different name, thanks
22:05florianIs it fine to use Windows APIs that have Windows Vista as the minimum supported version? I thought we had dropped support for anything older than Windows 7, but I'm confused by "Windows XP" jobs on treeherder.
22:34RyanVMflorian: XP is a misnomer at this point
22:34RyanVMthe builds themselves are done on Server 2008, they've just always been put on the XP line for practical reasons
22:49KWierso|brbRyanVM: which are less and less practical as time goes by
22:49RyanVMwas hoping we could ride it out until the TC builds that are properly labeled on TH took over, but maybe we should just bite the bullet
22:50RyanVMthough I still don't think "Windows Server 2012" any much more helpful in the end
22:50RyanVMI'd rather we could just have Windows 32-bit and Windows 64-bit, but hey
22:53florianRyanVM: thanks! When clicking one of these builds, it says " Buildername: WINNT 5.2 mozilla-inbound build ". Win5.2 is "Windows Server 2003" so that got me even more confused ;).
22:53RyanVMyeah, it's awful
22:54RyanVMthey used to be server 2003
20 May 2017
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