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18 May 2017
04:30markhjaws: honeymoon pto \o/ - congrats!
04:32jawsmarkh: thanks!!!
04:33markhyeah, that's really great to hear!
08:30Standard8has anyone else seen an issue with copying text from web pages in FF?
08:31Standard8A couple of times over the last week or so, Ive been trying to copy multiple lines from pages (e.g. reviewboard)
08:31Standard8and the last line doesnt get copied
08:31AutomatedTesterStandard8: any particular OS
08:32Standard8hmm, bugzilla works
08:32freddybI saw a bug about copying images that was sort-of due to CSP. Not sure if that's related.
08:32Standard8well, bugzilla comments seem to work
08:32freddybbug 1340039
08:32AutomatedTesterI hadnt noticed that but I have thought a few times I must have mistyped for copying
08:32firebot NEW, "Copy Image" places invalid PNG into the %tmp% directory
08:32AutomatedTesterand never getting any text
08:33Standard8ok so on reviewboard
08:33Standard8if youre copying say two lines
08:33Standard8it only happens if you dont include the \n of the second line
08:34* Standard8 tries on release
08:35Standard8huh, release is the same
08:36Standard8safari works
08:36AutomatedTestersounds like you found a bug
08:36Standard8AutomatedTester: presumably you can reproduce?
08:36AutomatedTesterNo I cant
08:37AutomatedTesterhave you got an example url?
08:37Standard8look for the recommended.js"
08:37Standard8Im just selecting two lines from there
08:37Standard8i.e. one side of the diff
08:37AutomatedTesterStandard8: yup, can reproduce
08:38Standard8ok good
08:38Standard8not just me ;-)
08:38AutomatedTestercopied 3 lines and got
08:38AutomatedTesterthe last line is missing
08:38Standard8Chrome works as well
08:38Standard8ok, so now I need another website to reproduce this in ;-)
08:42firebotBug 1272214 NEW, Copy and pasting from MozReview's diff view fails to copy the last line
11:55mikedeboerGijs: thanks for the review... I saw those things as well and I think I've fixed most of those
11:56Gijsmikedeboer: going for lunch in a second
11:56mikedeboerk me2 :)
11:56Gijsmikedeboer: I can review in the afternoon? :)
13:53mconleyGijs / mikedeboer / paolo: these panelmultiview transitions look amazing on the reference device
13:53mconleyso smooth
13:54mconleyand this is even without bug 1009116
13:54firebot ASSIGNED, Redo resizing architecture of panelmultiview
14:10mikedeboermconley: you mean with the new static menu?
14:10mconleymikedeboer: yessir
14:12mikedeboermconley: okay - just checkin' :) thanks!
14:48johannhshouldn't "Find in this page" be a page action instead?
14:48johannhin the new menu
14:54Gijsoh my goodness this reference hardware thing is excruciating
14:54GijsI want to rebase and then export my patches that I wrote during the workweek
14:54Gijsthe rebasing is taking so long I do other stuff in the meantime
14:54Gijsit's all disk IO
14:55Gijsminutes to update to one rev, then minutes to rebase the patch on top of it, then I need to notice the useless kdiff3 modal dialog telling me it's autoresolved conflicts and click it, and now some more minutes to update back to the base rev
14:56* Gijs will update before doing the other rebases :|
15:08RyanVMGijs: I hate kdiff3 so mcuh
15:08RyanVMi'm not convinced it's a better UX than just dealing with hg's built-in merge handling
15:08GijsRyanVM: it is a bit, IME... mostly because it doesn't dump .rej and .orig files all over the place
15:08RyanVMthat's true I suppose
15:09Gijsand I don't have to look for the conflicts myself
15:09RyanVMi remember getting hosed by a bad auto-merge it did one time too
15:09RyanVMadded code to the completely wrong function
15:10bsmedbergfelipe, just checking, the plugin blocklists aren't active for the control group of the shield study?
15:25felipebsmedberg: correct. we have to temporarily enable the pref so that the lists are downloaded (in order for control-waiting and test-waiting to behave the same), but once it's downloaded we them turn off the pref for the blocklists
15:25bsmedbergfelipe, how does control-week1 work then?
15:26bsmedbergis it whatever week was active at the time they downloaded the list?
15:26bsmedbergBut no more updates after that?
15:26GijsRyanVM: yeah, my rebases don't look perfect, but in its defense, I basically had a sequence of patches, say a-b-c-d-e
15:26GijsRyanVM: I want A and E
15:26GijsRyanVM: and when rebasing, b-c-d have landed in altered forms
15:27Gijsso like, good luck, as the merge tool, predicting who is "right" when rebasing
15:27Gijsit did OK, it dropped c entirely and b and d mostly contained 1-2 hunks of junk where I picked the wrong thing to resolve conflicts
15:36felipebsmedberg: Yeah
15:55mconleyFolks: if you're interested in knowing more about perf.html and profiling, ehsan is doing a presentation in a few moments in the Brown Bag vidyo room. Starts at 12PM ET.
15:55mconleyI believe it's being recorded
15:59tromey"BrownBags"? the gcal thing said Toronto Commons
15:59jlinwe are in the brownbags vidyo room
15:59jlinphysical room is toronto commons
16:00tromeythank you
16:02RyanVMmconley: is this the backchannel?
16:03mconleyRyanVM: I don't think so
16:03mconleyI don't think there is one officially
16:05mconleyjlin: any way to suppress the join / drop vidyo sounds?
16:06jlinwe can make them quieter
16:06mconleyplease do. :) Thanks
16:06jlini turned them off
16:07johannhthat was my vidyo, sorry :(
16:07mconleyjlin: thanks!
16:37dolskespeaking of profilers
16:38dolskehas anyone looked at why (you may have heard of it) seems to load so slowly?
16:42SolidSnakedolske: is tracking protection on for you by any chance?
16:43SolidSnakeyou might have checked but I saw some busted behavior on [sports gear site] and there was some wacky bustedness there which resolved itself after I turned TP off. Problem was I didn't remember that until the 3rd site visit. Or just throwing that out there :)
16:43SolidSnake*So just...
16:44SolidSnakemight magically fix for you *fingers crosses*
16:45dolskedoesn't seem to matter. still slow, and sometimes just fails to load at all.
16:47SolidSnakecrap. might make a good case for a mconley's Joy of Coding episode :)
16:48mconleydolske: haven't looked at that yet, but if you grab a profile, you can add it to and we'll look at it on Friday for...
16:49* mconley drumrolls
16:49mconleythe first official episode of The Joy of Profiling!
16:49dolskewill there be funny hats?
16:56dmosedolske: there are always funny hats!
17:09SolidSnakedolske: mconley: would either of you happen to know where Firefox Engineering's P1-P5 bug level description guide is at? Checked but couldn't quite find it. Maybe buried in Mana? :P
17:10mconleydolske: always!
17:10tromeySolidSnake: I happen to have it open, will PM
17:10SolidSnakeoooh! thank you!
17:11tromeyit goes to 7 now!
17:51mconleymikedeboer / Gijs: Interestingly, Oh no! Reflow! is detecting _0_ reflows with the new app menu:
17:51mconleythe 1 that it did detect was for anchoring the arrow panel
17:52mconleyGreat job!
17:52* mconley adds a TODO to file a bug to add reflow tests for the menu
17:55Gijsmikedeboer++ :)
18:03sfosterjaws: do you want to do the standup?
18:03jawssfoster: when?
18:04jawsi didn't know we had another meeting today
18:04sfosterI have one on my calendar for now.
18:04sfosterbut I feel like we just did that.
18:04jawssfoster: oh! yeah we can do it
18:04jawssfoster: if you want
18:04sfosterlets check in quickly.
18:04jawsbut i'm not sure what new we may have to talk about. we merged it in with marco's meeting
18:09bgrinsdao: sidebarMenuClose.label?
20:34mstangeIs it worth filing bugs on the appearance of the location bar in today's nightly, or are things expended to change around some more?
20:36bwintonmstange: I expect a few more changes at the minimum.
19 May 2017
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