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17 Apr 2017
15:08kitcambridgemak: hi, you around?
16:32sfostermconley: the try run on that sync flush patch was not the wall of green I was hoping for:
16:32sfosterbut afaict none of that orange is related?
16:32* mconley reads
16:32mconleysfoster: in that patch, you're still landing the test. Known?
16:33mconleyI suspect a bunch of those tests might be busted for artifact builds
16:33sfostermconley: yes, at jaws' suggestion I excluded win8 in the test, will the plan being to use the follow-up to investigate that. Perhaps with the changes you tested.
16:34mconleysfoster: okay, cool. Maybe for belt+suspenders, do a non-artifact push
16:34sfostermconley: sounds good.
16:34mconleyif green, we should get some bugs on file for those artifact failures
17:19sfosterjaws, I may have a conflict with the animation team mtg. Do we have an etherpad or doc I can update with my status?
17:20jawssfoster: nothing formal, if you have an update you can share it here and tag myself and squib
17:20jawsthanks for the heads up
17:20sfosterok, I'll plan to join, but may need to drop.
17:26sfosterI've got a WIP patch on bug 1352075, Dao gave some feedback there already
17:26firebot ASSIGNED, Implement new animation for opening/closing the arrow panels
17:27sfostermy next steps are to look at the bug referenced by :ntim, and chase down the margin-top issue I flagged
17:31Caspy7...anyone know if Dev Edition Beta will keep the Dev Edition icon?
17:31MossopIt's meant to keep all the same branding
17:38Caspy7cool, thanks
17:38jawssfoster: you can use this to test,
18:50Caspy7Mossop: I also have someone asking if Dev Edition will still allow legacy addons as was the previous plan (apparently)
18:51aswanCaspy7: no legacy addons in dev edition with the new plans
18:52aswan(post-57 of course)
18:54Caspy7so...anyone want to tell this commenter? :)
18:58aswanCaspy7: seems like adding it to the faq as the commentor requests would be ideal, who can do that?
19:10Caspy7erm, Sylvestre?
19:11Caspy7ah, is set to away
19:12Caspy7that post links to
19:15MossopThe faq already says it doesn't it?
19:17aswanit does, but not as clearly as it could
20:55Caspy7hrm, have someone claiming they're testing an NPAPI plugin on 53 this possible?
20:57MossopIt is if they've flipped the pref
20:57Caspy7ok, thanks
21:21jryansis telemetry missing from the preferences rework?
21:22Mossopjryans: Bottom of Privacy and Security
21:23jryansMossop: ah, indeed! thanks.
21:24* Mossop dislikes how long the options pages are
21:24jryansyeah, it is quite long :(
21:25jryansat least there's a search field you can enable, i guess
22:11gandalfJohn-Galt: congrats on the lazy SDK! :)
22:12gandalfJohn-Galt: I just landed last significant patch for transitioning l10n related items to LocaleService, so I believe we can also now remove all the l10n.js/locale.js from all around our code and just use mozILocaleService directly.
22:12gandalfI don't expect that much of a win as you got, but there are ~40-80 calls to getRequestedLocale/getAppLocale during startup that now are all cached
22:13John-Galtgandalf: Do we actually use them anywhere internally? I was hoping they were only used for add-ons...
22:13gandalfthe sdk/l10n.js etc?
22:13John-GaltIncidentally, not eagerly loading the locale stuff was one of the biggest startup perf increases...
22:14gandalfI'm afraid that we do
22:14John-GaltAh :(
22:14John-GaltWell, I'm glad we can stop, then :)
18 Apr 2017
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