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15 May 2017
13:37flodjust got a flash back about hard-coded strings that were supposed to go away
13:40flodwho's the right person to talk to about e10s? In particular bug 1198920, that string is still there, and I assume we started exposing it on stable channels?
13:40firebot WONTFIX, "Open in new non-e10s window" is not localizable
13:47Standard8flod: just ran latest Beta & Release on Mac and it isnt there
13:47Standard8I dont see why it would have been enabled either
13:48flodis that e10s enabled?
13:48Standard8ifdef E10S_TESTING_ONLY
13:48flodthanks, I should have checked beta
14:26GijsMossop: where should I file bugs on the mozeslint hg extension?
14:26Gijs(it seems to run on rebases which is unexpected)
14:34Gijsmikedeboer: is bug 1354119 ready to land?
14:34firebot ASSIGNED, Add 'Find in Page...' and 'Help' buttons to static hamburger menu
14:38Standard8Gijs: Testing:Lint will do
14:39Standard8Gijs: although, Im pondering if running on a rebase might be a good idea
14:39Standard8given the rebase could have removed some variables you were relying on
14:57GijsStandard8: yeah... the other problem that's making it annoying for me is that it's just failing because I haven't run ./mach eslint on this machine since I left for the ww and now it needs a "mozilla/no-task" rule which I don't have, which means it yells at me and breaks
14:58Standard8Gijs: ah, Ive got a patch waiting review from Mossop to automatically run the setup if needbe
14:59Standard8Gijs: it should still be allowing you to rebase though...
14:59Standard8itll just be complaining
14:59Standard8on the console
15:00Gijsyes, that part is working
15:00Gijsbut I've been doing a lot of rebasing of patches I'm reviewing so it's annoying :)
15:00Standard8just run ./mach eslint --setup?
15:01Gijsyes :)
15:41MossopSorry, I've been slow on some reviews because of the work week last week
15:43Standard8Mossop: np!
15:48Gijshow do I show a bug page in 'normal' mode?
15:49MossopGijs: What is normal mode?
15:49Gijsthe opposite of the 'modal' UI we have now
15:49GijsI want to remove people from the CC list but not send 1 bugmail per removal :|
15:49Gijssee bug 1363313 and you will see why
15:49globGijs: hi!
15:49firebot UNCONFIRMED, clone of Bug #1332714: IDN Phishing using whole-script confusables on Windows and Linux
15:50Gijsglob: can you use admin magic to mark that bug as a dupe of the clone without spamming the world?
15:50globGijs: if you edit the cc list then save changes it should only send a single email
15:50Gijsglob: so the [x] things aren't instant-apply?
15:50Gijsglob: I still have to click [x] 51 times...
15:51globGijs: correct; only the follow button at the top is
15:51globGijs: fair point
15:51* glob hands Gijs
15:52Gijsoh boy, blast from the past
15:52* Gijs blinks repeatedly
15:53Gijsglob: is there a bug on file on restricting 'clone bug' to people with canconfirm/editbugs/whatever ?
15:54globGijs: not sure off the top of my head i'm sorry; it sounds like a reasonable request, especially when that bug is held up as an example
15:55globps. if you're wondering why bmo is slow today: yahoo's crawler is abusive, as is firefox 52
15:57dolskeGijs: in this case I'd suggest just closing the bug and asking to redirect any comments to the thread.
15:58Gijsdolske: I am in the process of doing exactly that.
15:58dolske^5, then.
15:58dolskeand +1 on making cloning an editbugs feature.
15:59dolskeit's so rarely the right thing to do.
15:59dolskecould also even be removed, or just changed to not clone the CC field.
15:59globi don't think it can be removed, and cloning the cc field is normally useful
16:02* Gijs files on restricting access to the clone feature
16:02firebotBug 1364947 NEW, Restrict cloning to canconfirm/editbugs users
16:03Gijsdolske: I wanted to remove the CC list because I figured the user would probably argue on the bug
16:03Gijsdolske: and then after I went through with that I realized I could just restrict comments on the dupe, too, so I did that
16:03Gijsoh well
17:32sfosterjaws: no standup?
17:34sfostercan just catch up tomorrow, np
17:35jawssfoster: delayed due to moco meeting. but since you're off today for your birthday we can delay until tomorrow
17:36sfosteryeah ok.
17:36jawssfoster: i replied to your email fwiw
17:36jawshappy birthday :)
17:37sfosteryeah I saw that, but was free so I thought I would jump in.
17:37sfosterthanks. birthday was last week but celebrations postponed obviously. Also I had had many now and it gets harder to care each year :)
17:39_6a68Is chrome stealing our browser upgrade thunder with this announcement?
17:39_6a68Or am I just dazzled by everyone having slick project codenames
18:13RyanVM_6a68: I'm always curious how v8's architecture compares to SM's with respect to all the fancy codenames (i.e. are they doing something really ground breaking or do we already have similar optimizations?)
18:14_6a68right, my question exactly
18:15RyanVM_6a68: I'm not a JS engine expert by any means, but it sorta sounds similar to what bug 1361474 proposes
18:15firebot NEW, Proposal: Improve interpreter speed in SpiderMonkey
18:50_6a68RyanVM: aha, cool
18:50_6a68I'm trying to do local artifact builds with git-cinnabar and osx, but when I add the artifact lines to .mozconfig, ./mach configure fails with " *** missing separator. Stop."
18:51_6a68What am I doing wrong?
18:52nalexander_6a68: post your mozconfig?
18:52_6a68nalexander: sure, thank you!
18:53nalexander_6a68: generally that means your Makefile incantations are wrong, but in your case it might be a bad mozconfig polluting the (usually good)
18:54_6a68I see. maybe it's the enable-debug option conflicting with the artifact build option?
18:54_6a68Hmm, nope. commented out that line and still getting the same error
18:54nalexander_6a68: no, that should be okay. I'd look at that funky @TOPSRCDIR@ mk_add_option
18:54nalexander_6a68: post your
18:54_6a68oh! you're fright, that seems to conflict with MOZ_OBJDIR further down
18:55_6a68nalexander: sure, one sec
18:55nalexander_6a68: the conflict itself isn't really a problem (the last one will win), but you might have problems with @...@ in
18:57_6a68I tried commenting out the @TOPSRCDIR@ line, and got another error:
18:57_6a68the error refers to 'obj-@CONFIG_GUESS@' at line 25 in the pastebin
18:58_6a68the build-artifacts dir does exist, fwiw
18:59nalexander_6a68: fascinating. Reading.
19:10nalexander_6a68: I suggest running |mach configure| after making the changes to your mozconfig. I see nothing other than the @@ that looks odd.
19:11_6a68nalexander: thanks for looking. mach configure fails with the same error
19:11_6a68if I disable the artifact build arguments, the error's gone
19:11nalexander_6a68: so the two --enable-... lines should be enough; try that, and then reintroduce your objdir setting.
19:11_6a68that is, the last two lines at the bottom of .mozconfig
19:11nalexander_6a68: that's ... not good. Let me try locally.
19:12nalexander_6a68: actually, try dropping the space after MOZ_OBJDIR = in the last line.
19:12nalexander_6a68: so tighten it up: MOZ_OBJDIR=./build-artifacts
19:12_6a68ha! that was it
19:12_6a68nalexander: thanks so much
19:12nalexander_6a68: heh. What an error message.
19:12_6a68talk about an inscrutable error message
19:29valentin1Gijs: do you know of any unicode changes for the urlbar recently?
19:30valentin1Gijs: is shown without the http:// prefix, but displays it
19:31Gijsvalentin1: no, but are you sure your patches aren't breaking that?
19:31valentin1Gijs: right... it could be that :)
19:31Gijsvalentin1: I think this was caused by one of the locations I flagged...
19:32Gijsthe onBeforeValueSet code or whatever that's called
19:32Gijsin urlbarBindings.xml
19:32valentin1Gijs: there are no tests for punycode URLs... so I'm trying to add some
19:33Gijsvalentin1: yeah, seems to work fine for off-shelf nightly
19:33valentin1yup, definitely something I did
19:34Gijsor utilityOverlay.js trimURL
19:34Gijsin fact, probably that one
19:36valentin1Gijs: yes, that fixed it
19:56catalinbbsmedberg: ping
19:56bsmedbergcatalinb, pong
19:57catalinbbsmedberg: could you please review 1359610 or suggest another reviewer? I've flagged liuche last week, but I think she's on PTO.
19:58bsmedbergcatalinb, will look a bit later when I go through reviews
19:58catalinbbsmedberg: thanks!
19:58bsmedbergcatalinb, are those separate patches that both need datareview?
20:00catalinbbsmedberg: yes, though I'm only interested in landing the fetch interception one as soon as possible.
20:41mconleyMossop: heyo - just wanted to make sure bug 1362364 doesn't slip off your radar. Bounced because linting
20:41firebot ASSIGNED, NSS is initialized on the main thread during startup
20:57Gijsanyone else's nightly really crashy on OS X?
21:33andymevery so often i'll open my laptop after sleep, open firefox and it just goes into beach ball spinning mode for a while, sometimes till i just get impatient and force quit it. is there anything i can do to try and provide debugging information when that happens? if i filed a bug right now it would feel kinda pointless.
21:41nalexanderandym: you might attach to your process or use Activity Monitor to sample the process to see what's blcoking.
21:42andymi can give that a try, thanks
16 May 2017
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