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15 Mar 2017
02:50pdolGijs: to you earlier question, please do file an appropriate meta bug and I'll add to it for any funnelcake details.
11:19Gijsmak: I was actually planning to do some of the followup work for the bookmarks/history changes I made (shocking, I know! :) )
11:19Gijsmak: but I noticed you set a bunch of them to good-first-bugs, so maybe I shouldn't for now?
11:20makwell, they are trivial, if you want to do them regardless feel free to, I marked like that cause I was unlikely to fix them myself
11:20Gijsmak: fair!
11:20Gijsmak: I'm likely to be moving into photon stuff 'soon' - were there any followups from the work I did that you felt were particularly urgent?
11:20makon the other side, if you want to spend time on porting import to insertTree, that time may be better spent, but depends on your availability
11:20Gijs(more than the others, I mean)
11:21Gijsright, that was another thing I was considering
11:21GijsI don't know how hard that would be
11:21GijsI have reviewed patches (thanks to Do) for the migrators already
11:21makthe most problematic thing is refactoring the code to build an in memory tree instead of inserting bookmarks one by one
11:21Gijsexcept 360se
11:21Gijswhich I ignored for now because nobody uses it (we have telemetry that says so) and because last time I touched it I broke it, and there are no automated tests
11:22* Gijs wasn't interested in wasting time there for now
11:22makthe other thing is fixing insertMany and converting consumers (including migration) to use it instead of updatePlaces
11:22Gijsmm, that makes sense
11:22mak360 is important for the chinese market, maybe worth asking them
11:22Gijsmaybe :)
11:23makwhen we introduced it they said it was critical for that market
11:23* Gijs thinks its importance may have been overestimated :)
11:23Gijsmak: like, the telemetry I've seen has more users importing from Safari than from 360se
11:24Gijs(and there's not a lot of safari users)
11:24Gijsbut I think some of this onboarding work might be handed off to Taipei-based folks
11:24Gijsthat might simplify this problem
11:24* Gijs had fun playing "guess the button" last time he tried to install 360se
11:25Gijs(it's all in Chinese)
11:25Gijsits installer also uses... questionable... techniques when you try to uninstall, trying to convince you to keep it
11:25Gijsso like, the big green button is usually not what you want
11:26Gijsbut I couldn't read any of them, so it was a bit of a minefield
11:27makit's likely things changed in the last years, I see other browsers like Sogou Explorer and QQ Browser having far larger share in statcounter
11:28makwe could even evaluate removing the 360 migrator if it's market share is falling down to nonexistent
11:28Gijsnot sure how much politics there is involved here, either
11:29makawesome, I cannot build anymore: xargs 15128 fork_copy: linked dll data/bss pass 0 failed, Win32 error 299 :(
11:32Gijsthat's a new one
11:32Gijsmak: could try an artifact build?
11:32makI'm in cpp world these days
11:33makwill just try a pull+clobber and hope for the best
11:34Gijsmak: how much RAM does that machine have? The internet also suggests rebooting...
11:35mak8GB, rebooted already
11:35Gijsthen I would suggest more RAM :)
11:36makYeah. I was actually planning to replace the whole machine later in the year for a Ryzen-based one. But contracting is changing and I'm not sure when I'll do that in practice.
11:37makand since I was planninga replacement, didn't plan to increase ram
11:37makbut I could still
11:37makand I can build on the Mac in the worst case. Just this is annoying
12:12Gijsmak: so looking at your comment on the import bug... why is deletion of history items relevant there?
12:12Gijsmak: I assumed the import of JSON/HTML files was strictly additive
12:17makdeletion of history items?
12:17makGijs: my comment was about deletion of bookmarks
12:17makrestore must remove ALL the bookmarks before starting inserting new ones
12:17makand that usually happens while the Library is open
12:18Gijsmak: does it already use the eraseEverything method? (and if not, could it?)
12:19makI think currently it uses removeFolderChildren, it's using all the old bookmarks API
12:19GijsI see
12:20makyes I think it could use eraseEverything
14:37mconleyMossop: ping
14:42shorlanderGijs: I created bug 1347543 to see about converting main toolbar icons to SVG. Would you please be able to run my patch through Talos to test how it affects perf?
14:42firebot NEW, Change Toolbar Icons from PNG to SVG
14:46Gijsshorlander: commented with 2 pushes
14:47shorlanderGijs: thank you!
14:47shorlanderI was going to try to do it myself but I had my commit access revoked for inactivity
14:47mconleyjaws: hey - I think we should pref off <select> option colour styling on 53.
14:48Gijsshorlander: lol
14:48Gijsshorlander: have you asked for that to be changed?
14:48jawsmconley: bug 910022 hasn&#39;t been uplifted to 53. right now it&#39;s only on 54
14:48firebot FIXED, [e10s] Properly style <option> elements in the parent process UI (support color and background on se
14:49shorlanderGijs: yes, it just got re-enabled! So I can try and push my own trybuild next time ;)
14:49mconleyjaws: huh. Why is bug 1346440 tracking 53 then?
14:49firebot ASSIGNED, [e10s] Background or text color of options in drop-down defined by web page are not respected (somet
14:49pastshorlander: do you feel sufficiently punished?
14:49mconleyOh, I see
14:49mconleyliz stuck that on pre-emptively
14:49mconleyjaws: sorry, nm. :)
14:50shorlanderpast: yes, I will be sure to commit some minor change every five months from now on
14:50jawsmconley: yeah, she wants to get the feature uplifted to 53
14:50mconleyI&#39;m not super confident we can do that with all of these regressions / edge cases...
14:50mconleyI just get the feeling more will shake out
14:50jawsmconley: well, we could get these fixed, then uplift and see how beta reacts since we have a pref
14:51mconleyjaws: true
15:59Mossopmconley: pong
16:00mconleyMossop: hey - are you still looking to take reviews if someone is a little overloaded?
16:00mconleyhint hint
16:00Mossopmconley: Always
16:00mconleyMossop: you&#39;re the best. :)
16:01mconleyjaws: I&#39;m going to redirect the <select> stuff to Mossop. We should probably increase our bus factor on this stuff.
16:01jawsmconley: okay cool thanks for letting me know
16:02shorlanderGijs: Is there a description somewhere of what these various Talos tests are measuring?
16:02* Gijs kicks bugzilla
16:02Gijsmconley: I replied to you but then you weren&#39;t accepting requests and now bugzilla ate my comment
16:02mconleyGijs: damn it
16:03mconleyGijs: re-opening
16:03mconleysorry about that. :/
16:03Gijsmconley: &#39;s ok, I&#39;ve already got a bug on file we need the &#39;block needinfo/review&#39; thing to be less drastic
16:03* mconley nods
16:03Gijsor at least have an option to be less drastic
16:05* Gijs mid-airs a second time
16:05GijsI think this is bugzilla&#39;s way of telling me it&#39;s 4pm and I should stop work early
16:05Gijsshorlander: yes
16:09shorlanderGijs: Thank you
16:38Gijsshorlander: you&#39;ll still need to retrigger all the ones you care about like 5 times on both try runs
16:43Mossopjaws: So if I&#39;m reading it right we detect the UA styles by creating a select and option element in the page and then reading their style values?
16:44jawsMossop: yeah that&#39;s correct, we needed to do it in the content process to pull in the user-agent stylesheet values
16:46Mossopjaws: I guess there&#39;s no way to just get the UA styles directly is there
16:46jawsMossop: not that i could find
17:19mikedeboermconley: ping
17:20mconley|livehackingmikedeboer: hey - livehacking. Is it cool if we have this conversation during the stream?
17:20mikedeboerof course
17:20mconley|livehackingor shall I wait until after?
17:20mconley|livehackingmikedeboer: Hello! :) Welcome to the stream. :) What can I do for you?
17:20mikedeboerwell, I think you wanna have it now :)
17:20mikedeboermconley|livehacking: your patch at
17:21mconley|livehackingruh roh, what&#39;d I do?
17:21mikedeboeryou might want to update the function argument to be s/{ tab }/tab
17:22mikedeboermconley|livehacking: for `_maybeUpdateBrowserRemoteness`
17:22mconley|livehackingmikedeboer: oh I see - yeah, I think that makes more sense. :)
17:23mikedeboermconley|livehacking: with that and a green try run r=me :)
17:23mconley|livehackingmikedeboer: you&#39;re the best. :) Mind making that official?
17:23mconley|livehacking(and thank you)
17:23mikedeboermconley|livehacking: aw, do I have to? :P
17:24mconley|livehackingmikedeboer: just means I don&#39;t have to ask you to make it official in the future I guess. Just tryin&#39; to save you time, yo. :)
17:24mikedeboeralrightalright, done.
17:25mconley|livehackingmikedeboer: ^5
17:26mikedeboermconley|livehacking: ^5
17:29Gijsshorlander: did some retriggers already, but looks like it&#39;s quite slow to come through, anyway :(
17:30shorlanderGijs: you mean the trybuild is slow?
17:30Gijsshorlander: I mean jobs are slow to start, I expect there&#39;s a high load on try/resources
17:31Gijsshorlander: no judgment yet on whether the svg build is a lot faster/slower than the other one
17:31shorlanderGijs: I only see Linux results so far
17:45sfostershorlander: there is no focus ring for the &quot;Match Case&quot;, &quot;Whole Words&quot; &quot;Highlight All&quot; toggles in the find bar. I can tab to these controls and spacebar to toggle them, but no visual affordance?
17:45sfosteris that a bug?
17:45shorlandersfoster: yes, if it&#39;s focused via the keyboard it should have a focus ring
17:46shorlanderthey were restyled not too long ago, maybe that case was missed
17:46sfostershorlander: ok will file it. Is that a theme bug or a findbar bug or something else?
17:46shorlandertheme bug I think?
17:46shorlanderI am bad at finding the right component though ;)
17:48sfosterI promise you I am worse :)
17:54sfosterfiled as bug 1347651
17:54firebot NEW, Missing focus ring in findbar options buttons in OSX
17:56sfosterwhat is the best/easiest way to get a notification to test a styling patch?
17:57* sfoster goes looking at tests.
17:57Gijssfoster: in the browser console
17:58Gijssfoster: nb = gBrowser.getNotificationBox()
17:58Gijsnb.appendNotification(&quot;blah&quot;, &quot;blah&quot;, &quot;&quot;, &quot;blah&quot;, [{label: &quot;blah&quot;}]);
17:58Gijsoff the top of my head
17:58Gijsmy clobber ate the things I did when I tested your patch
17:59sfosterok thanks
18:04sfosterI can also use the js api to request permission and create new Notification
18:04Gijssfoster: oh, I thought you meant a notification bar
18:04sfosterI cant see how to get to the permission prompt from the keyboard though
18:04sfosterIs that the notification bar?
18:04Gijssfoster: if you mean desktop notifications, then yes that&#39;s probably what you want - you can even just create a Notification from chrome
18:05Gijswell, what I suggested will use the notification bar
18:05Gijsthe DOM Notification API will create desktop notifications
18:05sfosterGijs: ok so that&#39;s not what I want for testing chrome CSS changes presumably.
18:06Gijssfoster: well, chrome CSS governs both desktop notifications (on platforms where we don&#39;t use the OS&#39;s notifications) and notification bars
18:06Gijssfoster: so depends what you&#39;re changing :)
18:07Gijssfoster: if this is still about the focused styling of buttons, IIRC your changes were to files used for notification bars rather than for desktop notifications, though it&#39;d be worth checking
18:07sfosteryeah, I&#39;m wanting to test
18:07Gijsspecifically, on OS X we use native (OS-provided) desktop notifications
18:08Gijssfoster: yeah, that&#39;s notification bar notifications, I think
18:08Gijssfoster: it&#39;s confusing because &#39;notification&#39; can mean 3 things - the notification bar things, popup notifications (&quot;doorhangers&quot;) and desktop notifications
18:08Gijsthe term is a bit overloaded :(
18:09sfosterok so the doorhanger is where I&#39;m having trouble getting to from the keyboard
18:10sfosteris that an #accessibility question? I&#39;m not sure we want to move focus there, but I should have a way to get to it and close it
18:11Gijssfoster: you can use F6 to focus doorhangers, I think
18:11Gijssfoster: though also if you use the keyboard to open them, focus usually gets put inside them
18:11Gijssfoster: hard to be more specific without more detail about what you&#39;re doing :)
18:13sfosterok, i should stay on task anyhow. I&#39;ll make a note to come back to this :)
18:22shorlanderGijs: does &quot;retrigger&quot; mean it failed and you had to tell it to go again?
18:23shorlandersfoster: it is an accessibility issue, but it&#39;s worth noting that our focus story for doorhangers is not entirely consistent
18:24sfosterconsistent across platforms, or across doorhangers on the same platform?
18:25Gijsthe latter
18:26Gijsshorlander: no, just that I made more of them because you need more than 1 sample to really draw conclusions about whether we&#39;re making anything better/worse
18:27sfosterok I just figured it out. F6/cmd+L puts me in the location bar, shift+tab gets me to the icon, space put focus on the first thing in the doorhanger, and from there I can tab to the allow/dont buttons
18:27shorlanderGijs: oh, ok!
18:27shorlanderThe trychooser thing said it recommended 5
18:28Gijsit doesn&#39;t look like retriggering builds that haven&#39;t run yet works, though :(
18:28shorlanderMaybe it&#39;s because I am constantly refreshing this page
18:28Gijsmak: so I&#39;ve been poking at this bookmark json import stuff and it&#39;s messy, because it also has to deal with livemarks, keywords, annotations, magical &#39;mobile&#39; folders
18:29GijsI doubt it :)
18:29Gijsmak: how important is this? Do we have data how many people use these bookmark.html/.json things?
18:29shorlanderif we remove livemarks, keywords and annotations everything will be better for everyone
18:29shorlander(maybe tags too)
18:29Gijswell, not for everyone...
18:29Gijsoh, right, I forgot tags
18:30shorlander*mostly* everyone
18:37johannhsfoster: are you testing the popup notifications on nightly?
18:37sfosterjohannh: among other things, yes.
18:38sfosterspecifically the focus styling on osx
18:38johannhsfoster: what&#39;s the a11y issue there?
18:38johannhoh that&#39;s a great topic to look into
18:38sfosterjohannh: I was trying to figure out how to get to the allow/don&#39;t allow buttons in the notification request doorhanger
18:38sfosterI figured it out eventually.
18:39johannhsfoster: alright, there&#39;s also a bug on autofocus I&#39;m working on, fyi
18:39sfosterin this case, as that popup is modal, I think focus should be placed there automatically
18:39firebotBug 1334496 ASSIGNED, PopupNotifications do not autofocus on showing
18:40sfosterright, sounds like the same bug.
18:40johannhyeah but I&#39;m thinking it should only happen when the user triggered it
18:40johannhso that&#39;s what I&#39;m working on right now, and then that can land
18:41sfostereither way, It should be inserted into the tab order I think? If there are actions I need to take, I shouldn&#39;t have to go hunting to figure out how to take them.
18:42sfosterperhaps there are existing conventions for this that I&#39;m not aware of tho&#39;
18:43Gijsautofocus has disadvantages as well though
18:43Gijse.g. auto-accepting if focus moves while you&#39;re typing
18:44Gijsand generally being confusing for assistive technology if you move focus without user initiative to that effect
18:45sfosterright. I was suggesting that the next [tab] would take me to the popup, not that focus would be moved from under me.
18:45sfosterbut I&#39;m not sure if there are existing/better guidelines for this.
18:45Gijsnext tab from anywhere?
18:46Gijsso generally, F6/shift-F6 are conventions for moving between panes
18:46Gijsso they move between content and the URL/search bars
18:46GijsIIRC they also focus no-autohide doorhangers already
18:47sfosterah I see, I can keep hitting f6 to cycle though
18:47sfosterok that&#39;s better
18:55johannhGijs: that&#39;s why only on user input :)
19:11ntimmak: ping
19:28waglehow do you get a xul container (panel, etc) to not resize/shrink smaller than its biggest (widest) element?
19:42ntimwagle: flex=&quot;1&quot;
19:43waglentim not that obvious, it appears, but I have a lead
20:06wagleoic, an arbitrary minwidth did it in the ancient xul overlay
20:08waglekinda ugly fragile
20:48Mossopjaws: From bug 1347329 can you explain why you added &quot;menupopup > &quot; to the style
20:48firebot ASSIGNED, Select menus with optgroups and disabled items put GrayText on the wrong items
20:48jawsMossop: yes, in ~10 minutes, in a meeting right now
21:09waglei have a xul <panel> overlaid by a <vbox> with a tree of children.. some children start out collapsed, and when expanded, flex doesnt get the correct width (I think), and lets you <resizer> the panel to less wide than the widest descendent.. what should I look at to fix this?
21:09jawsMossop: we need the `menupopup >`bit because the stylesheet is applied to the menulist, and we want to apply the styles to the children of the menupopup. we apply different styles to the menupopup itself. previously we used menuitem:nth-child and menucaption:nth-child but i thought this would be simpler.
21:17MossopOk, thanks
22:21MattNGijs: Are you sure that Mozilla Online builds submit to our telemetry servers? RE: 360SE. I think that assumption should be checked before removing
22:21Gijs_awayMattN: no idea.
22:21Gijs_awayMattN: but yes, we should check before removing
22:25waglei&#39;m having trouble getting a <resizer> to resize a <panel> correctly.. some of the descendent of the panel are being truncated instead of stopping the width from shrinking
22:25waglei have flex everything
23:38wagleis xul going away, or just the people who know it?
23:39MossopThe people who know it (like me!) are probably all kind of busy
23:39MossopAnd yes, we want to avoid using xul where possible
23:42MattNwagle: IIUC your question is about something we don&#39;t use in desktop Firefox (even though it may be supported in platform) so people here may not know the answer. You could try ask on some extension development forums to see if extension developers know that part of XUL.
23:43waglewell, I&#39;m trying to make the bookmark editor popdown resizable, and a lot can be done in xul.. seems like the more in xul, the better
23:43waglei have it mostly working
23:44wagleMossop: what do you use instead of xul, I&#39;m happy to do that instead?
23:45Mossophtml mostly
23:45wagleok.. I&#39;m only looking for short hints, not log extended answers, by the way
23:50wagleMossop: at what point should I convert from xul to html? (patching old stuff like browser.xul, etc) (should be my last question)
23:50MossopWhen the thing you&#39;re patching switches
23:51wagleha! ok
23:57waglein what timeframe would browser.xul be converted to html? (weeks? months? years? dog knows?)
23:58waglenot finding bugzilla entries
23:59sfosterwagle: I&#39;d guess years not months
23:59sfosterand it will be piecemeal when it happens
16 Mar 2017
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