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12 Sep 2017
00:13nhnt11myk: hello! re. the async fonts enumeration bug, I'm rather interested in the self-contained safety promise problem. what do you think of something like this?
00:13nhnt11(at this point, it's kind of an intellectual/academic interest than something I actually care about for that bug)
00:18nhnt11er, I missed a return in that pastebin, here's the correct code:
00:20nhnt11if we had access to Promise.jsm in that file, we could just do
01:00myknhnt11: we could/should have access to Promise.jsm in that file
01:01nhnt11myk: I don't want to add an import for it just for this :)
01:01myki tried something like your last example briefly today, but it failed a test, and i didn't investigate further
01:01nhnt11ah, no worries
01:01mykgenerally, i agree that it'd be better to contain the promise to that file
01:02mykand I'm happy to test your ideas!
01:02mykI'll be unavailable for a few hours, but I'll try your first idea when i get home tonight
01:02myk(first idea + return statement in the right place)
01:04* nhnt11 is excited for that patch to land
02:35gandalfJohn-Galt: I know you must be super busy, so wanted to check. Do you think there's a chance you may be able to unblock me in bug 1397365 with the two tests you wrote?
02:35firebot ASSIGNED, Set nodefaultsrc on initialBrowser in tabbrowser.xml
02:35gandalfI'm navigating blind looking for why they wouldn't work for almost a week now and can't pinpoint what's failing :(
02:36John-Galtgandalf: Oh, sorry, didn't realize I was needinfoed on that. Will look today.
02:37gandalfthank you! I'm close to ironing it out and would love to try to get it into 57
02:37gandalfI suspect it's some contentscript not waiting for something, but not sure how to identify which one
04:43gandalfmconley: I'm signing out for the night. I feel like there are two real things remaining - one is that contentscripts are somehow not injected. I think it's easiest to notice that in the PGO build because it installs Quitter extension which is not picked up from inside the build and "Quitter" is not an object. The second one is the firstPartyDomain ID which
04:43gandalfis something that is probably harder to fix.
07:34sfostermikedeboer: pushed review for bug 1387557 your way. I'm up for a short while. I'm also triggering a try build so Eric and Amy can take a look
07:34firebot ASSIGNED, Download progressbar should use fatter bar when downloading
12:58Gijsphlsa: I don't see any box-shadow anywhere, not on the back button or elsewhere, on osx nightly
12:59Gijsoh, never mind, only if the button is enabled, d'oh
14:15Gijsflod: hi, you around? :)
14:15flodGijs: yep
14:15Gijsflod: for the 3rd question here, what would you suggest: ?
14:15firebotBug 1397447 ASSIGNED, Automatically hide/show the downloads button by default, providing an option to have it permanently
14:16Gijsit seems the only other use is in the browser toolbox, and I think I prefer the version with the dash, but if you have other knowledge I would be happy to hear it.
14:16* flod reads
14:16Gijs(I mean, also the version with the dash was specced by UX)
14:20flodGijs: that sounds more like a question for Michelle than l10n :-\ I can only confirm we have one "auto hide" and zero "auto-hide"
14:21flodbut we have an "Auto-detect" in preferences
14:21flodI would trust the specs at this point
14:22makI have no preference, provided it's not seen as a problem by l10n :)
14:24flodno impact on l10n, to the point that you can fix the string, if you ever decide so, without a new ID
14:25makgot it
14:25Gijsfab, thanks flod!
14:35Gijsmak: so, try turned up two errors. One trivial, the other is that we're apparently still loading the downloads image on a standard startup.
14:35Gijsmak: to fix that, I'm adding `hidden=true` to the markup for the downloads button
14:36Gijsmak: we already hide/unhide the button on startup, so I'm pretty sure that's fine - do you want to re-review or can I land with those changes? :)
14:36makGijs: ship it!
14:42felipehi all! fx desktop meeting starting in 20min
14:42felipedon't forget to add your items to the agenda
14:55Mossopfelipe: I added a new section for this week, browser architecture
14:56felipeMossop: alright! is it you who is gonna talk about it?
15:33sfosteranyone know why automation is giving bad download links. E.g. I got this link in email from my try push:
15:34sfostertreeherder link: does work.
15:36sfosterand stuff was built and tests ran..
15:41Gijssfoster: I bet it's because everything moved to taskcluster or something
15:42Gijssfoster: maybe ask #taskcluster ?
15:42GijsI don't really know otherwise :(
15:42sfosterGijs: do I have to fish through the taskcluster logs to find each artifact? Or am I missing them in the treeherder page?
15:42sfosterI dont care where they are, I want them :)
15:42Gijssfoster: they're in the treeherder page in the giant list of output files , target.dmg , target.bz2 or whatever the linux one is
15:43Gijsit's... super not obvious
15:43Gijsin fact, it's probably worth filing a bug saying we really need a button / obvious "download builds from this rev" link
16:17gandalfmconley: I'm getting back to the nodefaultsrc tests. Did you have a chance to skim through the feedback from last night?
16:26GijsMossop: do you know if bgrins is around this week?
16:46GijsCan anyone else on non-insider win10 check if a maximized window of beta 56 has the tabs all the way at the top?
16:47RyanVMGijs: looking
16:47Gijson my insider build, they're not flush with the top so it breaks fitts law and it's hard to use
16:47Gijsbut that same insider build has lots of other dpi-related issues
16:47Gijsso I'm tempted to chalk it up to that - equally, wouldn't want to ship 56 with this
16:47Gijs(if it's indeed our fault)
16:48RyanVMGijs: 4k monitor here, creators update, 56b11
16:48rnewmanGijs: you're the kind of person who would know offhand if Bug 1399181 is a regression
16:48firebot NEW, Dragging identity box to itself or to the content area causes re-navigation to the same URL
16:48GijsRyanVM: and it works fine?
16:48RyanVMmaximized the window, can drag tabs around with my mouse all the way at the top
16:48GijsOK, good
16:48* rnewman errs on the side of more communication, not less
16:48Gijsmust be the insider build then
16:50Gijsrnewman: it behaves the same on esr45
16:50Gijsso I think that's expected?
16:50rnewmanseems surprising to me, particularly on mac if you drag something back to itself, nothing should happen
16:51GijsI see.
16:51Gijsrnewman: what about dragging to the content area or the tabstrip?
16:51Gijsrnewman: so the aim of this "feature" is so you can bookmark via dnd
16:51rnewmanyes, and I use that
16:51Gijsso you can drag to the home button to set as homepage, to the bookmarks menu button or bookmarks toolbar to bookmark, etc.
16:51MossopGijs: I've seen him this week
16:52Gijsrnewman: but then you are also supposed to be able to drag bookmarks to the content area
16:52Gijsto load said bookmarks
16:52rnewmanbut if you drag the identity box itself to itself
16:52GijsI imagine we just use 1 drag flavour to make Everything Work
16:52rnewmanthat seems like an odd thing to force a navigation (not even a reload -- it loses form fields)
16:52Gijsrnewman: so to be clear, is it just that (drag to self) that you find wrong, or also the drag-to-content behaviour?
16:52Gijsbecause the bug kinda implies the latter
16:52Gijsbut now you seem to be saying the former :)
16:53rnewmandrag to content is a little surprising, in the case of it being the exact same page ('page' being a little more specific than 'URL', which is the case with a bookmark)
16:53rnewmandragging to the identity box is zomg wtf
16:53rnewmandragging to the URL bar is surprising
16:53rnewmanto the content area is huh
16:54rnewmanI said "wat" when I dragged the 'i' back onto itself, having moved a few pixels, and the throbber started
16:55GijsMossop: need to nobble him for a review...
16:56Gijsoh, or not :|
16:56Gijswell, this is embarrassing
16:58sfostermikedeboer: am talking with Amy about the download progressbar patch. And just spotted an oops in notification-start-animation.svg. Are you planning to review today?
17:01sfosterI'll push the notificatoin-start-animation.svg change. Just forgot to reverse a fill color when debugging.
17:04mikedeboersfoster: ok, I'm planning to today, but things are a wee bit slower than usual for me today
17:06sfostermikedeboer: ok. Sounds like I have a couple things to fix in there from UX so maybe hold off for now and I'll try and get a fresh patch to you first thing tomorrow?
17:07sfosterAlso, if bug 1397447 lands, I'll need to rebase and there is animation specific to the new first-download state that introduces.
17:07firebot ASSIGNED, Automatically hide/show the downloads button by default, providing an option to have it permanently
17:07MattNGijs: bgrins is at some kind of training today (and I think tomorrow?) in MV
17:07GijsMattN: that's helpful, thanks!
17:08sfosterGijs: what is your confidence level on that one? ^. Think it
17:08sfosterThink it will stick?
17:08Gijssfoster: I think so, but the tree needs to open.
17:08GijsI already hit the autoland button
17:18ewrightI know this is vague, but has anyone worked directly with generating shortcuts that get displayed on popup menuitems? ex: "show all bookmarks.... cmd-shift-B" from the bookmarks panel?
17:18MossopI have in the past yes
17:20ewrightMossop:, so there's a width="75" (or some other number) being added on on the ".menu-accel-container" that wraps the shortcut. I'm trying to figure out where that width is coming from
17:21ewrightI've tried a few things, but all have quickly been dead ends
17:22MossopWhere are you seeing this?
17:24ewrightif you inspect the &quot;#BMB_bookmarksShowAll&quot; when the bookmarks menu is open. look at the xul hbox &quot;.menu-accel-container&quot;, directly on the element is has < ...... width=&quot;41&quot;>
17:26MossopWhat version of Firefox?
17:26ewrightI&#39;ve seen it on both windows and mac
17:26MossopOdd. I don&#39;t seem to have that element
17:27ewrightwhen you open the bookmarks dropdown, do you have the darker grey footer?
17:27MossopWhich bookmarks drop-down are you referring to?
17:28ewrightthe one labeled &quot;bookmarks menu&quot; you can find it in the customize panel if it isn&#39;t in your toolbar
17:30MossopAh I see it
17:30ewrightdo you see the width as well?
17:31MattNflod: thoughts on ? I&#39;m guessing you will disagree
17:31firebotBug 1386922 NEW, [Form Autofill] Add &quot;Learn more&quot; links to SUMO pages in preferences
17:31ewrightI have not the slightest clue when that width is being added, but it&#39;s causing a lot of trouble.
17:31MattNflod: it&#39;s about using different string IDs for two different Learn More links (both in preferences)
17:32MattNflod: the two at
17:36Mossopewright: I&#39;m not seeing what is causing that
17:36ewrightMossop: I might have just found it, toolkit/content/widgets/popup.xml line 271 `popupshowing`
17:36ewrightI&#39;ll let you know ;)
17:48mikedeboersfoster: ok, I&#39;ll gladly hold off &#39;till tomorrow
18:04flodMattN: I confess I&#39;m torn on those &quot;learn more&quot;. It&#39;s definitely safer to use separate string IDs, but I still need to see a case where languages need to use different translations for each of them. So, let&#39;s keep it like this for now, in case someone yell, we can duplicate the string ID
18:05MattNflod: thanks. I was also torn so that&#39;s why I asked :)
18:06flod(this works since Autofill is a self contained project, I would still ask to split them in a larger context, like Firefox prefs)
18:13shorlandermhowell: Hi! Do we still use BMP for the installer images?
18:13mhowellshorlander: yep
18:13shorlanderOr rather: Do we still *require* BMP?
18:13mhowellafraid so
18:13shorlanderHeh, ok, thanks :)
18:41zombieanyone else experiencing `mach build faster` not working?
13 Sep 2017
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