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12 Aug 2017
00:30adwanother: C:\Users\L's laptop\AppData\Roaming\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\zgpazsc0.default-1502306423152
00:31adwC:\Users\Jeff's Office\AppData\Roaming\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\g9muldck.default-1502226903134
07:17philipphey asuth, before it's the end of your day - there is one user who confirmed that he has no ' in the path at
07:17philippshould i try to have him take a log file with your improved try build and share the results on a private channel?
07:18asuthphilipp: It's possible the problem there is the roaming profile.
07:19asuthphilipp: running with my build and its improved logging is probably our best hope for better understanding what's going on there, though.
07:20philippok thanks!
07:20asuthHm, that's weird about how Firefox Sync seemed to be eating the bookmarks.
07:20asuthI wonder if Sync still tries to sync when places is broken.
07:21asuthAnd it's reading broken Places as "all bookmarks gone, nom nom nom eat all the bookmarks"
09:44philippMr_Morgan turned out to be a shy irishman:
13:32evilpiewhat's up with that calvin and hobbes nightly logo?
14:43Aryxevilpie: bug 1388778
14:43firebot FIXED, Nightly Icon Update - Iteration - 02
15:04evilpieI am surprised, no copyright issues?
15:05zombieat least the new icon has better outline/contrast on a gray taskbar
15:12asuthphilipp: ha! (At your clever turn of phrase, not the user's commendable choice to preserve personal data.)
22:50Caspy7dolske: guys are killing me today. So much ruckus. :) At least there will be no warnings about legal ramifications with this one
13 Aug 2017
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