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11 Oct 2017
12:34daleharveyhrm, anyone know where I would start with, basically what gives the tabs toolbar its min-width, it doesnt seem to account for pinned tabs
12:34firebotBug 1406063 NEW, 'Open a new tab' and tabbar scroller overlap
12:35daleharveythe right scrollbutton knows to stop though
12:36Gijsdaleharvey: the pinned tabs aren't in the scrollable portion of the tabstrip.
12:41daleharveyGijs: I know, but new-tab-button and alltabs-button will overlay the tabbrowser with a small enough windows, it seems like that happens by giving it a small enough min-width to cover all the elements, but doesnt take account for pinned tabs
12:41Gijsdaleharvey: doesn't the toolbar have min-width: 1px or something?
12:41daleharveythen again, what if someone pins 50 tabs
12:43daleharveyGijs: yup @ min-width:1px
12:58Gijsdaleharvey: I think in XUL layout this means the contents of the toolbar no longer force the width of the toolbar to exceed its contents' width.
13:10Gijshm, though it seems like the tabstrip itself also has min-width: 1px
13:10Gijs(ie the <tabs> element)
13:12daleharveynot seeing a min-width set on the <tabs>
13:13Gijshm, interesting, I think it&#39;s set dynamically
13:14daleharveyalthough when I said min-width I shouldnt have said specifically min-width, it just seemed something is forcing it to not go smaller than the toolbar buttons sans pinned tabs, although that could just be a coincedence
15:19Gijsmythmon: the other question I had was that someone made a change to the normandy repo and now I&#39;m auto-subscribed again (github emailed me &quot;Hey there, were just writing to let you know that youve been automatically subscribed to a repository on GitHub.&quot;)
15:19Gijsmythmon: any idea what(/who) triggered that?
15:21mythmonGijs: that was me, sorry. I changed the permission for the normandy-firefox-peers team, so now it has commit access. I guess that autosubscribes people
15:21Gijsmythmon: no worries, just wanted to check if it was an intentional thing or not
16:11jawsGijs: r+
16:12jawshope you&#39;re still around to land that, if not i can make the two tweaks and push it to inbound
16:12Gijsjaws: I should be able to manage.
16:12jawsokay cool :)
16:12* Gijs mutters about bugzilla sending half-emails
16:13Gijslike, sending me &quot;review granted&quot; with 0 of your comments, and not sending the bugmail for the bug comment that has your comment (assuming you wrote down the 2 tweaks and didn&#39;t assume telepathy :) ) is Not Helpful.
16:21zombieStandard8: hey, what&#39;s the relation between Standard8/example-webextension and mozilla/example-addon-repo/ ?
16:22Standard8zombie: web-extension was focussed purely around web-extension for people not working on Firefox. The example-addon-repo was more focussed towards system add-ons and is based around hybrid ones and focussed on Mozilla infra more than third party
16:23zombieah, ok
16:23zombiealso, &quot;was&quot;?
16:23Standard8original intents ;-)
16:23Standard8not that theyve changed much
16:25zombieStandard8: ok, so i have a few things i might PR, i guess they belong in webextension one
16:25Standard8ok sure
16:25zombielike using the selenium new installAddon directly, and perhaps adding a way to run integration tests on Chrome as well
16:26zombiewell, not &quot;selenium&#39;s new&quot; but &quot;geckodriver&#39;s new&quot; i guess
16:26Standard8yeah thatd be fine. I knew they were adding the installAddon, but I didnt realised it was actually available now
16:28zombieme neither, i was just reading the code, and clicked the bug number in the comments ;)
16:32jawsGijs: yeah that whole &quot;review granted&quot; empty bugmail is extremely annoying
16:33Gijsjaws: bug 1254244, apparently
16:33firebot NEW, &quot;Review granted&quot; and &quot;review canceled&quot; emails from Bugzilla do not contain any review comments
16:33jawsGijs: yeah, the inaction on that bug has been sad
16:33jawsto say the least
16:34* Gijs comments anyway
16:34jawsGijs: thanks for finding that bug, i was pretty sure that i had seen it before and in fact i had (updated the summary twice!) lol :)
16:37Gijsjaws: I started filing a new one, that got brought up as a dupe (the system works!)
17:32gandalfaswan: ping :)
17:33aswangandalf: hi
17:37gandalfaswan: would you have time for bug 1396467 anytime soon? :)
17:37firebot ASSIGNED, Add tests for the new langpacks consumption code
17:38aswangandalf: yeah, that&#39;s on my list for today... while we&#39;re here, is everything good with the langpack startup patch from last week?
17:40gandalfyeah! We&#39;re green to go! :)
17:40gandalfI&#39;m just waiting a couple days for things to settle and give anyone a chance to raise any issues before we flip the switch
17:41gandalfnot blocking on the tests, but would like to get the tests in soon to not let it slip into a backlog forever :)
18:04sfostersorry, remind me *again* of which way the dependency relationship goes. Looks like bug 1395674 missed something, and I&#39;ve filed a follow-up in bug 1407718. Which blocks which?
18:05firebot FIXED, sfoster [Photon] Inconsistent appearance of sliding subviews in the overflow menu
18:05firebot NEW Developer button in overflow menu is missing the &#39;>&#39; to indicate a subview
18:06sfosterIn my head, anything I do in 1407718 will be based on changes made to 1395674 , so 1395674 should block 1407718. But my intuition is typically wrong on this stuff :)
18:22MattNsfoster: 1407718 should block 1395674 because 1395674 depends on the work in 1407718 to be complete
19:46jawsewright: thanks for the quick patch on that bug! :) i filed another that is related, hopefully you can pick it up too?
19:47ewrightyou&#39;re welcome. I might - I&#39;ll take a look
19:59aswangandalf: i pushed a tweaked version of your test boilerplate to bug 1396467
19:59firebot ASSIGNED, Add tests for the new langpacks consumption code
20:00aswanand upon further examination, i guess that disabling a langpack actually doesn&#39;t do anything asynchronous so you can ignore/remove that XXX comment
21:24gandalfaswan: sweet, so I can takeover now?
21:24aswani think so, feel free to ping me if you run into any trouble
21:48sfosterjaws: gijs is still responding on bug 1407718, but presumably will actually actually be on PTO soon. Who else can I bother about this and eventually have review a patch?
21:48firebot NEW, Developer button in overflow menu is missing the &#39;>&#39; to indicate a subview
22:05gandalfaswan: works! Thank you :) I think I can take it from here, until the r? :)
22:06aswangandalf: great! sorry for the slow turnaround on that...
22:48rstrongmkaply: do you know if there are plans to remove support for general.config.filename ?
22:48mkaplyrstrong: Not until we have a suitable autoconfig replacement.
22:48rstrongmkaply: so there are plans to replace it? For all platforms?
22:49mkaplyrstrong: Some ideas are going around right now to try to figure out some better solution. Autoconfig might stay around though, just locked down to a sandbox.
22:50mkaplyrstrong: FYI, I added telemetry for that pref so we could see abuse. Haven&#39;t been checking it like I should.
22:51rstrongheh... I can say the same thing about several telemetry probes.
23:33jawssfoster: I can review it
12 Oct 2017
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