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11 Aug 2017
00:31rhelmerMattN: btw did you get jsdoc output for mozilla-central hosted somewhere? or do we need to fix up the jsdoc comments first
00:31MattNrhelmer: I never got around to landing bug 1352316 as it's lower priority for me
00:31firebot ASSIGNED, Add a jsdoc task to generate JS code documentation
00:31rhelmerMattN: yeah understood
00:31MattNfeel free to land it and follow-up with dustin to get the nice URL pointing to m-c tip
00:32MattNif you want
00:32MattN(talking about comment 12 )
00:33rhelmersure. I don't think it's urgent either, I can help out with it post-57 for sure... I'm concerned that the MDN docs are already out-of-date for a bunch of internal firefox code (so it's probably good that it's going away)
00:33MattNthanks for the quick review btw.
00:34rhelmermy worry is more that it'll (continue to) mislead folks working on firefox directly, which isn't exactly a new problem... would be nice to solve though. just thinking about how we could better document things like `AddonManager.getUpgradeListener()`, with code samples and such
00:35* rhelmer had to learn the hard way to trust nothing but the source when working on m-c :)
00:40MattNFWIW I'm still fine trying out sphinx-js as long I just prefer not having to touch other doc files to get a js file documented
01:27rhelmerMattN: I just filed bug 1389341 to separate the two things, and I responded specifically to the concerns you had (the pro/con list) - I think if sphinx-js had `automodule` it would be a super trivial amount of work, basically opting in
01:27firebot NEW, use sphinx-js to integrate jsdocs into `./mach doc` output
01:28rhelmerthere's no reason not to land the work you've already done though, and we can reuse parts of it like the t-c job probably if we do decide to do sphinx-js
01:29rhelmerwe (me and erik I suppose :)) have to show first that it works, and that it's hassle-free etc.
01:32rhelmeranyway. I just happen to be annoyed enough by lack of docs Right Now that I wrote all this up, probably won't have time to do any followup soon... but I'll land the work you've already done and get that going so we have something!
05:48aswanhuh why is Services.appinfo.version "56.0a1" in an up to date artifact build of central
08:41daleharveyhrm weird, build failing with "OSError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: '/Users/dharvey/src/gecko/browser/themes/shared/'"
08:43daleharveyclobber && git clean -dfx fixed it, strange
08:43Aryxyes, that got removed yesterday
09:31flyingrubHi ! I'm looking at the best way to add a little triangle that indicate a dropdown menu like this :
09:32flyingrubRight now I use the ::after element and css styling to create it but it uses position fixed and is not correctly placed on others firefox.
11:03daoflyingrub: why ::after rather than adding a <button> for instance?
11:04daoflyingrub: oh wait... is the arrow a separate control or just an extra icon for the &quot;current ping&quot; control?
11:04flyingrubit&#39;s just an extra icon :)
11:04daoflyingrub: are you trying to avoid background-image for some reason?
11:06flyingrubI tried it with chrome://global/skin/in-content/dropdown.svg#dropdown, but you need to use css mask to colorize the background
11:06flyingruband I didn&#39;t managed to get it working
11:09daoflyingrub: is better. you can use -moz-context-properties: fill; and fill: currentColor; to colorize that icon
11:09flyingrubok I will try this :)
11:13flyingrubHow can I use this one as a background image ?
11:16flyingrubjust found it : chrome://browser/skin/arrow-dropdown-16.svg
11:32daoflyingrub: you might have to move it to toolkit/themes/shared/icons/
11:33daosince about:telemetry lives in toolkit/ and can&#39;t depend on browser/
11:34bsilverbergIt seems to me that dump() statements added to code aren&#39;t appearing in the console with mach run, but they used to. Has something changed recently? Is there a command line option I need to use to enable them?
11:45flyingrubdao: I found that there is already some icons that looks like the same in toolkit/themes/shared/icons
11:46flyingrubshould I still copy it there or use on that already exists ?
11:46daomenubutton-dropmarker.svg? probably fine to use that here
11:46flyingrubspinner arrow down too
11:47flyingrubbut it&#39;s smaller
11:48daomenubutton-dropmarker.svg makes more sense
11:50flyingrubmm, the arrow-dropdown-16 looks sharper and is centered verticaly
11:51flyingrubIn the end I think I will copy it there
11:51flyingrubthanks for your help !
12:05flyingrubit&#39;s weird, I copied the icon and ran |./mach clobber && ./mach build
12:06flyingrubbut firefox still cannot find it
12:08gfritzscheflyingrub: have you added it to the manifest file, like
12:08flyingrubnope !
12:31Gijsdao: I could have sworn there was a bug on file for allowing users on OS X to select the &#39;touch&#39; density setting, but I can&#39;t find it. Did I imagine it and/or do you have it handy?
13:28daoGijs: there&#39;s no such bug afaik
15:25daomikedeboer: if you&#39;re still around, it would be really cool if I could land asap
15:25firebotBug 1389525 ASSIGNED, Add async version of nsISessionStartup::willOverrideHomepage
15:29daomikedeboer: it indirectly blocks the permanent solution for
15:29firebotBug 1388628 ASSIGNED, Tabs are all restored as blank frequently after restart of applying Firefox 55 update. Windows 10 (x
15:39mikedeboerdao: of course! on it
16:09mikedeboerdao: but what does that change provide? asynchronicity for the sake of it?
16:11daomikedeboer: no, this is just a stub. the interesting work will happen in bug 1054740
16:11firebot REOPENED, When restoring a session, &quot;about:home&quot; is displayed in the selected tab before the tab is restored
16:11mikedeboeroh ok haha
16:12mikedeboerI&#39;ll be looking forward to that then
16:12daomikedeboer: basically, when we know that we should resume the session, we&#39;ll need to postpone loading the homepage until the session file has been read
16:15mikedeboerdao: true, that makes sense to me
16:15daomikedeboer: I&#39;d like to hear your thoughts on
16:15firebotBug 1388628 ASSIGNED, Tabs are all restored as blank frequently after restart of applying Firefox 55 update. Windows 10 (x
16:18daomikedeboer: in particular, should we try to make reusing the selected tab work reliably or give up given this severe issue?
16:19daobug 1054740 should help but it won&#39;t resolve it completely. e.g. when resuming a crashed session, we may still have to deal with the homepage loading in parallel
16:25mikedeboeroh if only we didn&#39;t have remoteness switching in the freaking first place
16:26mikedeboerdao: but in the patch you linked there I don&#39;t see switching based on the homepage URL
16:27daomikedeboer: window.arguments[0] is the homepage
16:27daoin the startup case
16:27mikedeboerdao: right, at startup, ok.
16:29daoit&#39;s quite hairy
16:29mikedeboerdao: however, I see you point quite strongly - that it might be better to give up on reusing the tab and just close it and use a new one - or maybe even just toss out the browser element altogether to replace it with one sessionrestore controls entirely?
16:29daothere are probably more bugs involved that I&#39;m not aware of yet
16:33mikedeboerindeed, that&#39;s probably true and we should assume so
16:34daomikedeboer: I mean, it&#39;s stupid that we&#39;re loading the homepage when we shouldn&#39;t, and that we flip remoteness multiple times when we shouldn&#39;t, but in theory tabbrowser and sessionrestore should be able to deal with that. e.g. I don&#39;t see yet why there&#39;s a browser without __SS_restoreState:
16:35firebotBug 1388628 ASSIGNED, Tabs are all restored as blank frequently after restart of applying Firefox 55 update. Windows 10 (x
16:38mikedeboerdao: me neither, but perhaps when we start Fx with an argument (link clicked somewhere in different app window) other than homepage? Except that&#39;s when I don&#39;t expect remoteness flips
16:39mikedeboerI really don&#39;t have all the cases ready
16:39daoI think the most interesting case is where file:// is used as the homepage
16:40daoas that has implications for remoteness
16:46mikedeboerdao: fwiw, mconley has worked on remoteness flipping and sessionstore startup/ crash flows, so he may be able to help us get a shortlist of main pitfalls he has encountered
16:47mikedeboerand remind us of why it&#39;s so darn complicated ;)
16:50Gijsis there confirmation that this bug happens for the about:home case?
16:50Gijsor only the file: homepage case?
16:50GijsI wonder if there are cases where we make the assumption that remoteness flipping === flipping from parent to remote process tab
16:50Gijswhich is no longer true since we started using the file process
16:51Gijsin the file: case, we could also consider pref-ing off the file process
16:51Gijsbut that has sandboxing consequences, so would need to be discussed with the security team
17:14rnewmanI just updated to current Nightly. Is it expected that there are about six icons worth of space on each side of the location bar/search bar?
17:15rnewmaneven when I size the window to be pretty small, there&#39;s a ton of space around a squished bar
17:17Gijsrnewman: yes
17:17firebotBug 1389484 NEW, Tons of dead space around the location and search bars
17:18Gijsfeel free to pile on in that bug.
17:26rnewmanGijs: heh
17:27Gijsrnewman: I suggest you remove stuff from the location bar that you don&#39;t use
17:28daoGijs: the bug doesn&#39;t happen with about:home as far as I know
17:28Gijsrnewman: likewise, you can obviously remove those spacers (right click, remove from toolbar)
17:28Gijsrnewman: so the pocket icon / bookmark star might not be super useful, for instance. :)
17:29* Gijs doesn&#39;t use containers so doesn&#39;t have that problem
17:29Gijsmaybe we should increase the minimum width of the urlbar some more...
17:30Gijsdao: at least as a workaround for 55 for users affected by this, the file process is pref-offable. Don&#39;t know if that reduces urgency around that bug a bit
17:30* Gijs wouldn&#39;t have thought file: homepages were all that common anyway
17:31Gijs(plus the combination with session restore...)
17:39Caspy7Anyone know if there&#39;s an IRC channel for MITI, the fake news effort?
17:41rnewmanGijs: I guess the trick is that I use most of those things, and I imagine that a majority of users don&#39;t know that they can customize things particularly not removing spacers
17:41rnewmanI didn&#39;t know I could remove them, and I should have an advantage :)
17:42rnewmanI&#39;ll file a bug that &quot;Remove from toolbar&quot; is scary for whitespace
17:43Caspy7someone&#39;s been shopping this around saying that Mozilla&#39;s fake news effort is Soros backed or &quot;getting in bed with&quot; him
17:43Caspy7I&#39;d like to nip this in the bud, can anyone direct me to someone with more info?
17:46GijsIt doesn&#39;t technically say that
17:46Gijsit just compares the two
17:47Gijsnowhere in the article does it say the two are related, just that they were launched at similar times
17:47Gijsmuch as it&#39;s reprehensible, it&#39;s cleverly done.
17:48GijsCaspy7: per the blogpost, I expect you&#39;ll want to talk to Phillip Smith and/or Katharina Borchert.
17:49Gijs(blogpost here: )
17:49GijsI doubt they&#39;re on IRC.
17:49Caspy7ok, thanks
18:06mixedpuppyIm experiencing strange stuff with setting default browser on osx and nightly
18:07mixedpuppysomehow spotlight decided one of my builds was the firefox I wanted to run, and it ended up becomeing default. when I cleared out old builds, it was removed, osx set safari as default
18:07mixedpuppywhen I ran the correct nightly, it did not ask if I wanted it to be default even though the pref is checked
18:07mixedpuppyI click on make default in prefs, nothing happens
18:08mixedpuppyI close nightly, and notice a bunch of dialogs asking if I want to make it default *behind* the firefox window
18:08mixedpuppyI dont seem to have any way to switch to those
18:09mixedpuppyI have to minimize all my windows till I can get at one
18:09mixedpuppyand I have a bunch of them open, they will not close
18:11gandalfIs there a keybinding webextension?
18:12gandalfI&#39;m on linux and I rely on ctrl+1, ctrl+2 to switch between tabs and ctrl+t, ctrl+w to manipulate them. The latter works but none of the ui.key.* preference changes make the ctrl+1...9 work
18:12gandalfso I used an extension for that, but today it stopped working :)
18:17Gijsgandalf: odd, cmd+N works on OS X...
18:17daogandalf: you&#39;re aware of alt+1..9?
18:18gandalfso, I&#39;m on linux. ctrl+n, ctrl+t etc. works well
18:19gandalfnow, I want ctrl+1...9 to work as well, instead of alt+1...9
18:19gandalfI expected that ui.key.chromeAccess=2 will do this, but it doesn&#39;t
18:20gandalfuntil yesterday I was using &quot;Keybinder&quot; extension that allowed me to bind those keys
18:20Sylvestreadw, do you have an update on bug 1388584 ? This is still blocking the actual go live of 55
18:21firebot ASSIGNED, New Version 55, constantly freezes, not responding, bookmarks lost, all bookmark commands do not fun
18:21adwSylvestre: no, i don&#39;t know what&#39;s going on, but i&#39;m looking at the log now
18:23gandalfseems like it&#39;s hardcoded -
19:06Sylvestreadw, many thanks for this great investigation ;)
19:07adwstill don&#39;t really know what&#39;s going on though. maybe a &quot;locked&quot; db file according to the code, but i don&#39;t know what that means exactly
19:08adwand if that&#39;s the case, it&#39;s probably hard to say why
19:26MossopHuh. Today&#39;s nightly added a new spacer to my toolbar in addition to the spacers that were already there
19:27RyanVMbug 1389484
19:27firebot WONTFIX, Tons of dead space around the location and search bars
19:29MossopDifferent bug I think
19:35GijsMossop: yeah... what does CustomizableUI.getWidgetIdsInArea(&quot;nav-bar&quot;) return for you?
19:35MossopGijs: [ &quot;back-button&quot;, &quot;forward-button&quot;, &quot;stop-reload-button&quot;, &quot;customizableui-special-spring12&quot;, &quot;urlbar-container&quot;, &quot;customizableui-special-spring41&quot;, &quot;screenshots_mozilla_org-browser-act&quot;, &quot;customizableui-special-spring13&quot;, &quot;library-button&quot;, &quot;pocket-button&quot;, 3 more ]
19:36Gijshrmpf, I didn&#39;t foresee that.
19:36MossopYou mean you aren&#39;t all-knowing?
19:36GijsMossop: did you purposefully put the spacer after screenshots?
19:37MossopGijs: Yes. It matched a mockup I saw a while ago
19:37Gijsyeah, so we avoid inserting spacers if there&#39;s already one exactly before the urlbar or after the urlbar/searchbar (wherever we decide to insert)
19:37Gijswe don&#39;t really check if there are other ones in the navbar
19:38Gijstbh, on release, you couldn&#39;t add them without classic theme restorer or a similar add-on
19:38Gijsso I dunno if it&#39;s worth revisiting... we could check if there are any spacers in there at all and not insert if so?
19:38Gijsdon&#39;t know if that would really fix anything.
19:56daough, why are cache settings in &quot;Privacy & Security&quot;?
19:56daohave the people in charge just given up on trying to structure about:preferences in a meaningful way?
19:57MossopWoah, what happened to the in-content styles
20:03MossopHuh, I guess they&#39;re meant to look like this
20:12jawsGijs: hey, with the flexible spacers, shouldn&#39;t they come back with restore defaults?
20:12jawsi guess i missed that in my review?
20:12jawsright now they get removed when clicking restore defaults
20:13Gijsjaws: I don&#39;t know why that would happen.
20:13jawsoh um sor=ry
20:13* Gijs just retested
20:13jawsGijs: sorry i was on a local (older) build
20:13jawssorry to waste your time
20:13jawsyeah wfm on official nightly
20:13* Gijs brings heartrate back to normal
20:13* jaws ducks
20:14Gijsjaws: seriously, even where you are it&#39;s almost mtfb
20:14jawsthis is true
20:14Gijsmaybe it means something when you can&#39;t spell that anymore
20:14jaws4:14pm local time
20:14MossopGijs: are you sure it is fixed in today&#39;s nightly or is it tomorrow&#39;s?
20:14firebotBug 1389446 DUPLICATE, Poor contrast in the add-ons page
20:14jaws.... and i&#39;m trying to figure out why my patch causes assertions :/
20:14Gijsit&#39;s OK, I&#39;m already dealing with comments that try to answer &quot;Is there an API we can use for this&quot; with &quot;yes&quot; (with no details about what such API is)
20:15Gijsthe author clearly thinks they are being helpful
20:15jawswell, i feel bad for all the comments youre getting about the spacers
20:15Gijsjaws: fortunately this is not about the spacers
20:15GijsMossop: so on my osx nightly for today, at least, there is no background anymore
20:15GijsMossop: that is, the background is the same as the background of the rest of the page
20:16Gijsand so the contrast is once more OK
20:16MossopGijs: Yeah, which seems pretty low contrast to me
20:16jawsGijs: also, restore defaults doens&#39;t seem to clean up the page actions?
20:16GijsMossop: are you seeing something else?
20:16GijsMossop: screenshot?
20:16Gijsjaws: yeah, there&#39;s a bug on that.
20:16MossopI&#39;m trying to figure out if that is intentional
20:16jawsGijs: okay cool good to know
20:16jawsgtk=good to know
20:16GijsMossop: it sounds like you&#39;re seeing something else if you think the contrast is still poor
20:16Gijsalmost-black on almost-white for me
20:16Gijsdoesn&#39;t get much better
20:16* Mossop wishes screenshots worked
20:17Gijsassuming you&#39;re still on mac
20:17Gijson win10 insider builds, they made windows-shift-s work
20:17Gijswhich is pretty neat
20:17Gijsand a lot easier to remember
20:17MossopNice. Where does it save the shot?
20:18Gijsit doesn&#39;t, clipboard only I think
20:18GijsI think?
20:18Gijshaven&#39;t used it in a while
20:18GijsMossop: anyway, I get this:
20:18Gijswhich at least contrast-wise, seems fine
20:18MossopYes that is what I get
20:18Gijsunless you&#39;re commenting about the blue?
20:19Gijswhich seems... odd... to me.
20:19MossopIt all seems odd to me
20:19Gijshaven&#39;t tested the contrast, might be OK/
20:19GijsI remember thinking that when I saw the design
20:19Gijsbut I didn&#39;t have the energy to get involved
20:19MossopNo differentiation between the categories and the rest of the page is sort of strange
20:19Gijsnot my circus not my monkey
20:20* Mossop goes to the ultimate source of truth
20:32Gijshey, at least I figured out bug 309953 today ( )
20:32firebotBug 309953 NEW toolbarbuttons aren&#39;t in sync with their commands after customizing
20:32firebotBug 1388990 ASSIGNED, gijskruitbosch+bugs Back toolbarbutton is perma-disabled after customize toolbar
20:33Gijs*now* it&#39;s mfbt.:)
20:33Gijs(if you have opinions on how XUL broadcasters should work, you may want to weigh in on that bug)
22:17gandalfIs there a webextension API for overriding keybindings for chrome UI?
22:20philippadw: you&#39;re great :-D
22:21adwwe&#39;ll see if that&#39;s the problem
22:22philippcertainly can reproduce weirdness with &#39; in usernames - now awaiting feedback from users who have posted to the various support channels
22:24adwthanks for your help!
22:24philippadw: first result here
22:25adwasuth: ^
22:29asuthadw: That&#39;s unfortunate. I was hoping for a smoking gun.
22:32asuthoh, the AttachDatabase call does have NS_ConvertUTF16toUTF8(iconsPath) at least
22:33philippa second user doing a mozregression run independently came up with the same result implicating Bug 977177 landing in april btw.
22:35asuthWe could be looking at multiple regressions falling out from those changes, certainly.
22:35asuthIf we can get a MOZ_LOG from anyone who doesn&#39;t have an obviously dangerous profile path, that would be great.
22:35asuthBut we do need to be careful about privacy if it&#39;s not a fresh profile.
22:36asuthphilipp: also, I&#39;m going to try and fix the known problem at least and spin a try build with more logging/output
22:36asuthphilipp: That will take some number of hours, so it may also make sense to wait until I have that ready for people to try
22:40philippcombing through the reports, i have the about:support info from another one with C:\Users\GA04C~1.P&#39;S\AppData\Local\Temp\WebRTC.log
22:41philippso that&#39;s an obvious hit ^^
22:42philippand another one C:\Users\Ra&#39;akone\AppData\Local\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\wjqwkcga.default-1502385253389
22:43asuthyes, I like those. Cheers to these directories, jeers to that first one that suggests other bugs in places.
22:44philippasuth: the &quot;issue&quot; is that most of the time there is quite a lag/disinterest when you ask users to perform such advanced debugging and i&#39;m going to be on vacation starting from monday
22:45philippbut i can certainly try to enlist a few other senior contributors to participate in that endeavor
22:46asuthphilipp: Yes, I&#39;m honestly surprised how helpful people are willing and able to be about potentially massively frustrating breakages. Like running a regression bisection, wow, that is an incredible show of effort.
22:47asuthphilipp: And it&#39;s hard to overstate how much your efforts are appreciated here. You rock.
22:48adwdefinitely :-)
22:48philipp\o/ thanks
23:05philippneed to drop out for tonight now. cu & happy bug fixing
23:07adwme too, for about an hour. i&#39;ll be back after that
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