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27 Mar 2017
02:07manotejmekamattn: I tried to research about showing the entire data list no matter what input. Same as that post. Any idea on how I can accomplish?
02:09MattNmanotejmeka: That question is talking about two different things. a) Showing the popup upon focus/click b) Having the browser not filter the suggestions. Which one are you talking about?
02:10manotejmekaB option
02:12MattNok, one sec
02:13manotejmekaThe concept is to show all options available no matter if the searchPhrase has a sub string in the options. Meaning if I search for "app" I also want to show "cat" if that is an option.
02:14manotejmekaNo matter the input in searchBar want to show all options.
02:15MattNmanotejmeka: when would you want to do that? Only if you're doing your own filtering, right?
02:15MattNI believe I told you the solution to this a week or two ago
02:16manotejmekaI want to do that all the time only for my searchBar in about:preference
02:16MattNmanotejmeka: that doesn't seem ideal. I imagine you will have many dozens of suggestions. Why would you always want them showing as I type unrelated words?
02:17MattNOr do you only mean when the field is empty?
02:17MattNOr like I said above are you going to do your own filtering?
02:18Osmosephilor: I have a suspicion that it might actually be a bad test rather than https://%(server)s not working
02:19OsmoseBut I do not yet have a way to explain why it passes with but fails with %(server) (at least that's what it does locally for me
02:19OsmoseAnd by fail I mean hang forever
02:19OsmoseAnd by forever I mean about 30 seconds before I get impatient and cancel the test run
02:20manotejmekaI am doing my own filtering and computing new searchSuggestions every type an input event is triggered for SearchBar
02:21MattNok, so use the solution I gave you on March 19:
02:22MattN(that's not something websites can do currently)
02:22philorOsmose: well, we could kick the problem down the road by just having that one test set the URL to, roughly like does
02:23* philor prefers not to think about why that test can set it to an http:// URL
02:23manotejmekaI want to show all because I will be doing related words in the suggestions as well. For example if a user types " user" I want to show "user name" "password"...
02:23MattNmanotejmeka: right, you weren't explaining that part clearly today
02:24MattNso wanted to check that you were still trying to address the same problem that I previously gave you a solution for
02:24manotejmekaFrom the suggestion you gave me. That is how I built search suggestions. But the problem is when I type in an input query the datalist search automatically kicks of and does it own searching of all the options. I do not know how to divert it
02:25MattNmanotejmeka: please read the lines of chat and the one below that I linked you to
02:25MattNit has the solution there
02:26MattNI tell you how to implement a custom @listcustomfilter attribute
02:26manotejmekaLet me re read it again then I might of missed some thing. Or I am not asking u the right question.
02:31manotejmekaOkay this is what I wanted to ask in detail. So I did that I have a trigger attribute. If that is available I want to show the entire list. The thing I do not know is how to show the entire options list with a phrase in the searchBar input. The moment a phrase is in searchBar input it only shows selective options according to datalist filtering. I do not
02:31manotejmekaknow how to make the datalist list show every thing no matter what. That is what I am stuck on.
02:32MattNmanotejmeka: that's what the linked code does filtering so make the change I said to skip the filtering
02:32MattN`.includes` is what does the filtering at
02:32MattNit's really simple to check the other attribute here
02:33MattNwere you not looking at that line?
02:33MattN"21:08 MattN It would just be a matter of checking an attribute on `aField` at"
02:33MattNthat link is the same as above but truncated
02:34manotejmekaLet me follow the link and code get back to you. I think I am just confusing my self too much. Sorry
02:35MattNyeah, please read the discussion at carefully
02:35MattNI basically tell you how to write the code
03:07manotejmekaMattn: I read the chat several time and also followed the code. I get what your saying and the concept, but I think we might not be on the same page on what I am saying. Please tell me this. In order to get my own filtering to work, are you suggestions that I might have to edit the "nsFormAutoComplete.js" file? If not are you thinking that my filtering code
03:07manotejmekais same as the nsFormAutoComplete.js "autoCompleteSearchAsync" function code?
03:56MattNmanotejmeka: yes, edit nsFormAutoComplete.js in the way that I described
03:57MattNso that it will support looking for an custom attribute (e.g. "listcustomfilter") that will tell the code not to filter
03:57MattNthen you would add that attribute to your <input> in about:preferences
04:01manotejmekathis makes more sense. I was so caught up and was confused. I was trying to implement all that my self and I was super confused how to do it
04:01manotejmekaI got lost and did not know it was connected to that js file.
04:01manotejmekaMattn: Thanks that makes more sense now. I will try it now.
05:31manotejmekamattn: How can I debug the &quot;nsFormAutoComplete.js&quot;? I tried console.log and it says console is not a thing. In the code it had statements like this.log(..), but I am not sure where the log statements are outputting. From about:preferences I tried to find it in the debugger and I can not find it to place break statements.
05:32MattNmanotejmeka: I told you before to flip the about:config pref browser.formfill.debug to true
05:32MattNthen it will output in the terminal and Browser Console
05:32manotejmekaOkay thanks. My bad.
09:15lenikjohannh: ping
09:19johannhlenik: pong-ish, on my phone
09:24lenikjohannh: About the code, I just remove the old function and leave it empty?
09:25lenikBecause that&#39;s the impression your comment on Bugzilla left me with
09:25johannhWell you replace it where it&#39;s used and you can delete the declaration
09:26lenikAh yes, in the yield statements.
09:26lenikBut apart from that, there&#39;s no need for the actual code to be in the head.js file, right?
09:26lenikAs I had initially assumed.
09:27johannhNo, BrowserTestUtils gets included automatically
09:27lenikAlright then. I think I&#39;ve got it. Thanks for clearing that up for me.
15:00RyanVMmconley: regarding the aurora win7 issues we&#39;ve been looking at - I was wondering if a test of 32-bit builds on win8 would be of interest as well. Could probably be done with a little mozconfig hackery (basically making the in-tree 64bit configs actually create a 32-bit build)
15:01RyanVMjust an off the wall thought I had to see if it was something specific to win7 or 32-bit
15:23Gijsmstange: mak: if I want to use the gecko profiler to include information from the thread sqlite.jsm uses for sqlite communication, what do I put in the &quot;Threads&quot; filter box?
15:28mstangeGijs: I don&#39;t know, it&#39;s possible that this thread isn&#39;t even covered by the profiler
15:28mstangeGijs: can you get a sample of the process from Activity Monitor?
15:28mstangethat one also shows the thread names
15:31Gijsmstange: I was testing on Windows...
15:31Gijsmstange: I guess I can check on my mac and hope it&#39;s the same?
15:31makGijs: I never tried, what are you trying to measure? the overhead? the I/O? In the past I used xperf, the mozlog also prints out times for any statement taking more than 1ms
15:31mstangeGijs: let me get an activity monitor sample, one sec
15:32Gijsmak: mostly, the perf of the history visit insert
15:33Gijswhich does lots of inserts that I&#39;m sure it&#39;s doing in <1ms
15:33mstangeGijs: there&#39;s for this, btw
15:33firebotBug 1321607 NEW, Expose the list of profileable threads through nsIProfiler
15:33Gijsbut if you do thousands of them...
15:33Gijsmstange: ah, cool
15:33mstangeGijs: the answer is &quot;mozStorage&quot;
15:33makbtw the thread is defined in mozStorage, it&#39;s 1 thread per db connection
15:33Gijsmstange: thanks
15:56mconleyRyanVM: yeah, good thinking. If I don&#39;t get anywhere trying to reproduce it today in Win 7, I might go down that road
27 Mar 2017
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