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8 Oct 2017
11:26lgierthlooking at flyweb right now to see if we could use it as an offline/local-capable transport for libp2p/ipfs
11:26lgierthhave been meaning to do this for a while, it looks quite promising :):)
11:28lgierthi can tell y'all more here or at mozfest, a few of us will be coming
11:41lgierthbasically think how awesome it would be to run dweb apps like [1] offline, locally -- [1]
11:43lgierththe editor in that post is the beginning of peerpad, which my colleague pedro will present in a mozfest workshop
16:18lgierthooh sad panda, clicking on a service in the little dropdown menu crashes nightly
16:51lgierthare patches welcome? i know a guy
17:26Caspy7djvj: &
21:43djvjlgierth: absolutely
21:49djvjlgierth: I'm kind of bummed I don't have the time to work on it.
21:50djvjThe crash is probably some regression or code rot wrt Android WebView APIs
22:11lgierthdjvj: :)
22:12lgierthdjvj: we'll try to dial in though -- so that this UI is't needed, we'll see how it goes :)
22:12lgierthflyweb and ipfs could be killer apps for each other
22:13lgierthif i find some way to fix the dropdown crash or otherwise get a http://$uuid URL, do you think it's possible to dial websockets to that URL? my guess is it'd require HTTPS eh?
22:18victorbjelkholm"The crash is probably some regression or code rot wrt Android WebView APIs" the crashes happen on desktop, not sure about the android version
22:27lgierthyeah didn't try nightly on android, only linux and osx
9 Oct 2017
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