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15 Mar 2017
16:59djvjjustindarc: ping
17:06justindarcdjvj: pong
17:07djvjjustindarc: hey, did you get a chance to read those papers?
17:07djvjjustindarc: just curious
17:09justindarcdjvj: not yet :-/
17:09justindarci will try soon.. promise
17:09djvjoh, no need to jump it on it or anything, just checking up because I"m interested in talking about it with you.
17:09djvjwhenever it happens :)
17:10djvjsomehow this morning feels really early rocknrolly to me.
17:10djvjrolling through youtube playlist of The Animals, The Who, Rolling Stones, etc.
17:13djvjdunno why but I've also been listening to Mungu Juerry's Summertime on repeat like, 6-10 times a day
17:14justindarcdjvj: nice! big fan of The Who, The Kinks
17:15justindarcdjvj: i've got an awesome box set of all the Stones' 60's LPs on 180g vinyl
17:15djvjI am not surprised :)
17:55djvjwelp, somehow segued to Amy Winehouse from 60s rock
17:55djvjno complaints
16 Mar 2017
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