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14 Mar 2017
00:00djvjCaspy7: thanks for that. Yeah, "media" really is a tech buzzword
00:01djvjjustindarc: ping
00:01justindarcdjvj: pong
00:02djvjjustindarc: UCOSP standup?
00:02justindarcdjvj: ah shit.. forgot that was today.. yeah..
00:02djvjjustindarc: for some reason, I can't see that convo at all on my google hangouts
00:02justindarcdjvj: can you lead the meeting? i'm about to eat dinner..
00:03justindarci'll just camera mute
00:03justindarcdjvj: are you signed in under the wrong account?
00:04djvjcall is on
00:05djvjjustindarc: call is on, we're online.
00:07justindarcdjvj: on my way
00:17justindarcdjvj: connectivity issues?
00:20djvjjustindarc: no, the boy is messing with my laptop
00:20djvjjustindarc: is the 1:1 still going on? I can't see the convo
00:20djvjgod, hangouts sucks so bad
00:20justindarcdjvj: yes
00:21djvjjustindarc: is there some way you can get them to re-add me to the convo so I get an invite notification?
00:22justindarcdjvj: ok done
15 Mar 2017
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