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9 Oct 2017
00:00Caspy7you missed my point, forget it. I didn't say that Firefox is doing scanning
00:00azakiok. =p
00:01Caspy7but there's no good reason to be inside the browser as an addon
00:02azakii think the idea is for the addon to notify that a new file has been downloaded. maybe there is an api for that, i dunno. but without notification, the AV on the system would have to wait until the next periodic scan to catch the potential malware that may have just been downloaded
00:03Caspy7azaki: as I said, there is an API, Firefox sends files straight to the AV for scanning
00:03Caspy7no need to wait for a scan, they get scanned immediately
00:03azakiah, then i dunno. =p
00:03Caspy7that does not require an addon
00:05MardegI they they make addons as a "feel good that it's there" thing for customers used to seeing them in the browser
00:06Caspy7yes, while they're siphoning your history and slowing your browser
00:06Mardegsomething they can point to and go "I'm protected, SEE?!"
00:06Caspy7and potentially making you less secure (as seen with Norton/Symantec)
00:06ShakespeareFan00Finally I get firefox running again
00:07ShakespeareFan00It would seem that the bug is in Comodo
00:07ShakespeareFan00But I don;t hold much hope of it being fixed in a timely manner
00:07ShakespeareFan00So I am sorry but I am going to have to conclude that Firefox is simply nto compatible
00:07Caspy7ShakespeareFan00: I don't know if it exists yet, but please file a bug
00:08Caspy7ShakespeareFan00: what?
00:08ShakespeareFan00I am filing a note on the Comodo Forum
00:08azakisounds like comodo is not compatible.
00:08Caspy7Firefox isn't anything in this case. A third party app is breaking it. That's not Firefox "not being compatible"
00:08Caspy7ugh, Firefox isn't compatible with with malware :P
00:11PaulGraphoniumHi. Guys, are #qa and #fx-test live? I would to involve to Web QA and Firefox test Engineering teams to start automation testing
00:13ShakespeareFan00Caspy7 : Both Comodo and Firefox are tested extensively
00:13ShakespeareFan00Until I find anything to the contrary I will have to assume it's firefox that broke...
00:13azakitrust me, it's comodo. lol
00:13ShakespeareFan00because it's the program that's crashing
00:13azakinever trust proprietary software.
00:14azakiShakespeareFan00: do you even understand how AVs work....?
00:14ShakespeareFan00azaki: I know it's Comodo, uou know it's Comodo
00:14PaulGraphoniumHuh, my friend very like Comodo.
00:14PaulGraphoniumHe don't useantivirus, just Comodo
00:14azakithey are designed to stop programs from working in certain circumstances.
00:14Caspy7ShakespeareFan00: Firefox's job is to sure the web. Comodo's job is the interact with and interfere with other files and programs. But somehow Firefox is at fault?
00:15ShakespeareFan00Caspy7: Firefox is the program that's crashing not Comodo
00:15Caspy7ShakespeareFan00: you've never heard of a program being the *cause* of a crash to another program??
00:15ShakespeareFan00Caspy7: I have
00:15Caspy7and now you have again
00:16Caspy7not brain surgery
00:16ShakespeareFan00That';s why I said Firefox seems to be "incompatible"
00:16Caspy7aaand scene
00:16Caspy7that was a good one folks
00:16Caspy7let's do it again some time
00:16ShakespeareFan00On a previous system I ended up using Zone Alarm instead
00:17ShakespeareFan00I would have thought as that was a year ago Comodo would have reasonably fixed thwir own bugs (sound of insane laughter)
00:18ShakespeareFan00In the past, I've had conversation between the various Avast and Comodo support forums about interaction issues ( Unhelpfully they tend to blame each other than actually solving the bugs)
00:19ShakespeareFan00and as I said earlier I am tired of having to effectively attempt to debug problems with venodr shit they should be capable of sorting out themselves
00:20ShakespeareFan00In the past I'v also asked Comodo for an explanation of what files/services their firewall used so I could set appropriate exclusions in other software...
00:20ShakespeareFan00I never got a response
00:21ShakespeareFan00As Comodo is clearly doing something 'clever' that isn't now compatible....
00:21ShakespeareFan00I'm having to conclude that they just don;t care...
00:22ShakespeareFan00which means tthat other then leaving endless notes on their forum there;s not a lot a normal user can do to actually force them to FIX the underlying issue, by trying to not be so 'clever'
00:22ShakespeareFan00At least with Firefox the butgs can be fixed if you understand the source code...
00:25ShakespeareFan00Whats also dssapointing is that the version of Comodo I' am having problems with is a clearly later build then the one mentioned in the July posting where the issue was encountered on Windows 10
00:25ShakespeareFan00You would have thought they;d have fixed their own bugs?
00:26firebotPaulGraphonium: Welcome to #firefox! Just ask your question and someone should be with you shortly. If you don't get an answer after a while, you can try taking a look through the support site:
00:26azakiCaspy7: when you said "scene" i thought of this
00:26ShakespeareFan00Anyway, I am saying Firefox is "incompatible" with Comodo
00:26ShakespeareFan00That doesn't mean Firefox is broken
00:27ShakespeareFan00It probably means Comodo is trying to be too clever
00:27ShakespeareFan00and no-one at Comodo cares...
00:27Caspy7ShakespeareFan00: yeah, I don't think that word means what you think it means. It implies that Firefox has some fault in this situation. If anything you would say that Comodo is "incompatible" either way, the facts are known. And we can drop it
00:28ShakespeareFan00CAspy7@ When is 57 due?
00:28Caspy7November 14
00:28ShakespeareFan00And I would strongly suggest testing that on a build with both Comodo and Avast's "free" offerings installed..
00:29Caspy7ShakespeareFan00: I encourage you to do so. You can easily install Beta 57 alongside 56.
00:30PaulGraphoniumAre dead or there is new website?
00:30ShakespeareFan00Caspy7 Doing so
00:30Caspy7PaulGraphonium: I think
00:31Caspy7ShakespeareFan00: you need to get the full installer to ensure you install to a seperate directory
00:31Caspy7make sure to do the custom install
00:33ShakespeareFan00BAck in a moment
00:37ShakespeareFan00Nightly installed
00:37ShakespeareFan00And it had NO problems starting
00:37ShakespeareFan00However, I am having to use an external chat client
00:37ShakespeareFan00As Chatzilla is no longer supported :(
00:38PaulGraphoniumThanks. Can I get badges in my profile from Mozilla as contibutor? You have extremely much web resources. :s My head swells. I have spent 6 day only for understanding of stucture.
00:39azakiShakespeareFan00: i think there may be a chatzilla port in development for webextensions =o
00:39ShakespeareFan00BTW Can I strongly suggest that Mozilla moves to Duck Duck Go as the default search engine....
00:39azakiso you just have to be patient on that one.
00:39azakiyou can suggest anything, but i'm pretty sure they've already heard it before. =o
00:40azakimost people want google. they've already tried changing the default in the past i think.. and it garnered a pretty bad reaction. =o
00:40PaulGraphoniumDid Firefox 57 kill Chatzilla? No. It's big loss.
00:41azakilike i just said, i think there is a chatzilla port being worked on for webext that will work in 57.
00:41ShakespeareFan00There are other IRC clients
00:41azakiit's just not complete yet
00:41ShakespeareFan00BTW - Anyone see this -
00:41ShakespeareFan00It loads slowly
00:41ShakespeareFan00I am strongly thinking it's a Mediawiki issue, but want some third opinions
00:42ShakespeareFan00Oh and what did you change in 57?
00:42ShakespeareFan00It's loading pages three times as fast :)
00:42ShakespeareFan00New render engine?
00:42azakieverything. =o
00:42azakino, not that yet
00:42azaki(i may have exaggerated with 'everything')
00:43azakiremoving legacy addon support has allowed mozilla to modernize the engine and fix performance issues that've been around for years. =o
00:43azakiand they're not done yet, there will be more improvements in 58, and even more in 59. etc
00:43azakiapparently new render engine is shipping in 59
00:43azaki57 has a new css engine though
00:43ShakespeareFan00Okay the nightly I have seems to be 58.0a
00:44ShakespeareFan00And so far no issues with Comodo
00:44ShakespeareFan00Let's try and crash it
00:46ShakespeareFan00Found a possible regression here -
00:46PaulGReloaded page... Didn't know that a link isn't _blank. It was loaded with normal speed for me. But I had disabled scripts
00:46ShakespeareFan00The distortion effect may be unsupoorted...
00:47ShakespeareFan00Although on -
00:47ShakespeareFan00The response to the controls has improved
00:48PaulGJS is evil. While JS is enable some websites slowdown as hell. What lucky that there is NoScript.
00:48ShakespeareFan00Firefox supports MP3 now?
00:48ShakespeareFan00What about MIDI?
00:49ShakespeareFan00Would it be possible to have an add-on for talking to FluidSynth?
00:49ShakespeareFan00(Or just adding A FludiSynth lib directly in a build)
00:49DaemonFCWell, that and now coin miners.
00:50DaemonFCThey're the new web ad. The NoCoin list has gone from nothing to 19 rules in just a few weeks.
00:50DaemonFCFirefox gives you NO control over whether a particular site can use scripts, so there's no way to make sure they aren't mining coins again just by getting around NoCoin.
00:52azakiShakespeareFan00: funny you should mention that, someone mentioned there was a w3c standard for midi the other day
00:52azakiWebMIDI or something
00:53PaulGSo, expoit mining in visitor's browser is real?
00:55ShakespeareFan00azaki: I was thinking of something similar to the MP3 support already present but for other formats
00:55ShakespeareFan00There was VLC plugin , but it was far from stable
00:55ShakespeareFan00maybe there's code in it that could be utilised?
00:55ShakespeareFan00VLC doesn;t do MIDI though
00:55ShakespeareFan00You'd need something like FluidSynth for that
00:56ShakespeareFan00Or some kind of embed for VLC
00:57ShakespeareFan00The other support option I'd like to see is a replacement for Flash
00:57ShakespeareFan00It's about the last propriatery plugin I use
00:57ShakespeareFan00Replacing it like Chrome has (partialy) would be useful...
00:57DaemonFCPaulG, Yes. Things like CoinHive.
01:01gchristensenhow common are those actually
01:04Caspy7DaemonFC: uBlock Origin now has protection for this. Also, I've brought up the need for detecting and restricting JS in pages and it is on their radar
01:04Caspy7gchristensen: I expect that would be hard to measure at this point
01:05gchristensenseeing as ublock blocks it and I've never noticed that hamper me, I'm guessing not very
01:25DaemonFCI had to add NoCoin to ublock-origin.
01:27DaemonFCCaspy7, I looked at the ublock-origin builtin and the NoCoin list has more rules.
01:28DaemonFCSeems that people are registering random URLs to load coin miners from to get around blocklists.
01:29Caspy7DaemonFC: I hadn't looked into it extensively. I just know that uBlock added the "Resource Abuse" list for this
01:34DaemonFCIt's good that they're adding this so that people won't have to know about that particular problem in order to avoid that particular abuse.
02:04jplI have news for you. Talk with Russian users that use FF over 7 years and they not very like you actions with Add-ons. In particular the great thing as full themes was killed before.
02:06jplWhat about WebExtension. Is it variable as XUL or will?
02:06Havvyjpl: I don't think anybody who has used Firefox for over 7 years likes the addons change, but it was either that or the slow death of the browser under the weight of a constrained system.
02:07Havvyjpl: It can't be as extensible as the older extensions, as those extensions could change _anything_ about the browser, but it will gain more and more extensibility features over time.
02:12jplWhy is constrained?
02:14jplIn past time as 2008 year I felt myself like pilot of galactic ship until used Firefox
02:15gchristensenif plugins can do anything you can't change anything inside without breaking all the plugins
02:16gchristensenso they couldn't make improvements to how FF runs or is built without breaking the plugins anyway, meaning it was stuck with whatever there was from years ago
02:19solenodicI'm confused
02:19solenodicI just compiled beta firefox from the beta mercurial branch
02:19solenodicyet it has the old nightly branding:
02:19solenodicand is called nightly
02:21jplBut there was situation when same version of add-on support several version of browser and works well.
02:21gchristensenif you compile stable ff even it'll come out as saying nightly unless you pass official branding flags, IIRC, solenodic
02:26jplCrazy, but I still use 42 version.
02:28jplThere is even 2-nd versions of FF in archives.
02:34solenodicwhy is it the old branding though
02:34solenodicjust hasn't been updated or won't ever be updated?
03:03Caspy7jpl: your browser is outdated and insecure
03:11jplYeah, I know. :)
03:12azakiyou also shouldnt be telling random people on the internet that you run insecure software.
03:12azakiyou're opening yourself up to attack. =p
03:13jplI'm useing Ubuntu
03:13azakiubuntu 14.04 i presume...? :p
03:14azakior something else ridiculously old
03:16jplI'm planning to install FF 3-4.5,these versions I like more.
03:16Caspy7yeah, I think we're done here too
03:18azakijpl: why stop there? go ahead and run mosaic in wine
03:19jplThis will be a complete surprise for the intruders, who were prepared fully to exploit actual versions.
03:20Caspy7genius really
03:21azakiyou know, if your gripe is addons; most of them will still not work in firefox 3-4 because that is way too old. =p
03:28jplthere is history of version and backups. I could prefer Windows XP, but I already installer more than 4 gb ram.
03:36abacusjpl: where do you find the history?
04:00solenodicwhere can I get a list of all of firefox's compile flags
04:04solenodicfound it
04:04solenodic./configure --help
04:15Caspy7abacus: at the bottom of an addon's page click the Version Information panel, then at the bottom of that click "See complete version history"
04:15abacusCaspy7: thank you so much
06:05g00sis there a plugin / feature like safari's "show all tabs" ... this would be like tab groups i guess but without groups
06:07g00sso like
06:31dupinIm using arch and having problems with flashplayer plugin when I try to play some game
06:31dupinI can send you screenshot of the error message if that helps
06:39dupinI do not have this problem if Im using chrome so that is why I think it is firefox related
07:21josteinhey. I have made an extension which for policy-reasons cannot be hosted on AMO
07:21josteinI therefore host it on my own domain... with its own update-manifest and all that stuff
07:21josteinon overall, it works out well
07:22josteinBut I just noticed that when I request people to install the extension... Firefox shows a warning
07:22josteinIn the warning the domain of the page linking to the URL is used... and not the server-name of the server hosting the extension
07:23jostein(this extension is hosted on
07:23josteinIs this a deliberate choice?
07:41Timvdejostein: That question is probably better suited for #webextensions
07:42Corkjostein: yes it is, the warning is cause the domain isn't in the whitelist of domains allowed to install extensions shiped with firefox
07:43Corkabout:preferences#privacy scroll down to "permissions" and "Warn you when websites try to install add-ons"
07:43Corkif should only show the first time though
07:46josteinI dont have a problem with the warning
07:46josteinI was just curious about the choice of domain used for the warning
07:46josteinId think that the domain -hosting- the extension would be the one to worry about
07:46josteinnot the webpage -linking- to it
07:47Corkit picks the domain the extension is hosted on not where it is linked from
07:47* Cork checks again
07:47josteinunless someone in my company went and messed things up
07:48josteinIll doublecheck myself
07:48Corkya, you're correct
07:48Corkthe sites i install from doesn't cross link so i didn't notice
07:48josteinso if someone on links to a malicious extension
07:48Corki guess that is to handle cdns?
07:49josteinfirefox will say "Do you want that install extension from"? instead of saying "DO you want to install extension from"?
07:49josteinAnd I think that is quite a weird choice :P
07:49Corkthis is a very old feature of firefox
07:49Corkso it will prob be a bit hard to find the reasoning
07:50josteinbut I think accomodating CDNs should be lower on the priority list than hiding a very real attack vector for bypassing security checks
07:50Corkexcept it would make hard to operate
07:51josteinIMO if I try to fetch{23468723648732} and THAT results in a 301 to a CDN....
07:51josteinId be perfecty happy to whitelist and approve as the domain, and in the UI
07:52Corkdidn't say that was the reason, i'm just speculating
07:52josteinbut if I click to install something from which is hosted on with no 301 involved, Id rather like to know about
07:52Corktrying to find where it was implemented
07:57globbug 316970
07:57firebot INVALID, Extension install originating domain is not correct.
07:57Corkglob: thx!
07:57Corkjostein: ^
07:58glob.. i think; cork wasn't wrong when he said "very old feature" :)
07:59Corki remember it from before 1.0 so ya ^^
07:59josteinCork: thanks
10:04LunatriusIs it possible to bind a GCLI command (shift+f2) to a hotkey somehow?
10:18Ruff_Wizard-Mhi, everybody
10:18Ruff_Wizard-Mdoes refreshing firefox actually do anything useful for performance?
10:21flyis firefox 56 hanging without even drawing the windoOCw a known issue :/
10:23flyit's spinning my core too. I'll try starting over I guess
10:48ShakespeareFan00Nightly 58.0a1 stable
10:49ShakespeareFan00Not being able to use chatzilla ia hardly a disadvantage
10:55Ruff_Wizard-MShakespeareFan00: what's this referring to?
10:56ShakespeareFan00The latest nightly build doesn't support Chatzilla
10:56ShakespeareFan00because legacy add-on support changed in 57.x
10:56Ruff_Wizard-MI hope they port it soon.
10:56ShakespeareFan00I'd been having some issues with 56. and Comodo
10:56ShakespeareFan00So went over to using a more recent build that had bug-fixes :)
10:56ShakespeareFan00Was updating the channel
10:57Ruff_Wizard-MWhat's Comodo?
10:57ShakespeareFan00Comodo Firewall
10:57ShakespeareFan00It's incompatibility is an issue Mozilla ia aware of
10:57ShakespeareFan00(in respect of 56.x)
10:58ShakespeareFan00(Comodo should also be aware)
10:59ShakespeareFan00Apparently the cause is down to a "clever" technique that was reliant on something Microsoft "fixed" in a recent security update
11:00ShakespeareFan00I'm still on Windows 7
11:00Ruff_Wizard-MI just use the built-in firewall.
11:00ShakespeareFan00Still It's a step up from using XP (which should NOT ne used in a production/critical environment)
11:01ShakespeareFan00Ruff_Wizard-M: I plan on doing some research in areas that involve 'bad-sites'
11:01ShakespeareFan00(typically image sources confirmation for Wikimedia)
11:01Ruff_Wizard-MShakespeareFan00: nice
11:02ShakespeareFan00And if anyone is still using Windows pre Vista... You should upgrade...
11:03ShakespeareFan00Not least because with the recent updates to Unicode , the encodings for some sites changed
11:03ShakespeareFan00andn you know get unicode domain names
11:03ShakespeareFan00On firefox issues
11:04ShakespeareFan00I've been having some game applets at coolmath games pop an erorr about WebGL memory
11:04ShakespeareFan00I'll be looking into this in more depth later
11:07ShakespeareFan00Oh and one minor thing, where's the current distribution of Fira fonts?
11:07ShakespeareFan00I've only so far found a zip on github
12:06guysoft42hey guys, im part of a crowd funding attempt, and we are looking for a firefox addon developer to help us port lazarus . anyone here interested or knows who might be able to help?
12:10DuClare_guysoft42: Are you hiring?
12:21DuClare_Ah, looks like a small bounty
13:07IcyFroztanyone could help me with an firefox issue?
13:32Ruff_Wizard-Mguysoft42: what's the advantage of using Lazarus as opposed to installing DisableBackspaceNavigation and using ctrl+z?
13:42guysoft42Ruff_Wizard-M, evidentially you never used Lazarus :)
13:44guysoft42Ruff_Wizard-M, it backs up anything you entered ever, with encryption. Since installing you you never loose anything you wrote. That small exension you referenced does not survive crashes, opening things a month later, and more
13:44guysoft42You could have several histories to a textarea
13:45guysoft42Ruff_Wizard-M, anyway, people, including me want it, and have pitched in to pay a developer to maintain, it. We are on the ESR branch because we dont want to give up this extension - so does anyone want to work on it?
13:45Ruff_Wizard-Myou mean evidently?
13:46Ruff_Wizard-Mand OK, sounds like it's pretty comprehensive
13:47Ruff_Wizard-MIf I accidentally close a tab, will it recover what I had written in a text box?
16:10incognitohey, 56.0b4; is there a way to accelerate the components' (textbox, combo, radio, ...) responsiveness
16:16Caspy7incognito: you're on 56 beta? Currently beta is 57
16:17incognitocaspi7: euh..sorry , yes 57.0b4
16:51guestHi, on start I got a top bar in FF leading me to a survey asking for "Which of the following best describes your reason for using Firefox today?". There also was a link leading to which explains that browser.selfsupport.url can be used to disable this, but the setting doesn't work
16:51guestdo you know which config value to set to never get these first-run surveys?
16:52guestI'm starting every FF window with a new empty profile, so the questions get annoying after a while
16:52Tylerguest: so that isn't a first run survey, that's a heartbeat survey.
16:52Tylerguest: and setting that pref to blank should stop them
16:53guestwell I set pref("browser.selfsupport.url",""); in the (mostly-)blank new profile, but every once in a while the survey bar still appears
16:54guestin about:config that parameter is set to empty text as well, but it doesn't quite work apparently
17:03eaglehello, how can I opt-out of the cliqz spyware?
17:04Tylereagle: what do you mean?
17:04eaglehow can I disable that my browser history is getting transmitted to who knows not what
17:04eagleI don't want to share it
17:05Tylereagle: cliqz is only in germany, are you in germany?
17:05Tylerand if you are in germany, you can go into add-ons and remove it if you are part of the 1% who got the experiment
17:05eaglewhy is this not opt-in per default?
17:05Tylerkeep in mind, cliqz is still under the full mozilla privacy policy
17:06eaglebut I don't want to share offline stuff
17:06Tylereagle: if you have the add-on, just remove it
17:06Tyler99% chance you don't have it though :)
17:07eagleso me, part of the 1% is screwed not being asked about it
17:07eaglethank you anyways
17:07Caspy7eagle: do you have it?
17:08eagleCaspy7: why else would I ask about it?
17:08Caspy7we've had others ask about it who did not have it
17:08Caspy7so they found reasons
17:09Caspy7you said "thank you anyways" as if it did not apply to you or something, so I was curious if you had it
17:09eaglethx for the help...
17:09eagledespite the digsut about it
17:11eagleit seriously should be opt-in per default
17:11eagleand if the argument is, that ppl[z] wouldn't activate it...
17:11eaglethen maybe it is that's a reason to not even ship it
17:13eagleif mozilla needs monies... I'd be willing to pay them 5 bucks / month
17:19WaltS48-awayeagle: :)
17:21Caspy7WaltS48-away: pretty sure the implication was donate rather than the alternative of including cliqz
17:31incognitoCaspy7: regression on the 57.0 for the html5 videos; the playback is less fluid (note: tested against v55)
17:40Caspy7incognito: when you say "videos" do you mainly mean youtube?
17:41incognitoCaspy7: yes
17:42Caspy7incognito: try disabling layout.css.servo.enabled and see if the issue remains
17:42incognitook thank you
17:43incognitocaspy: btw, what is servo ?
17:44Caspy7incognito: servo is a research and development rendering engine. Mozilla uses it to develop browser technologies to be put in Gecko
17:44Caspy7the pref I gave you is for Stylo, Servo's CSS engine. Another one in development is Webrender. Servo's GPU based compositor
17:44incognitoit's already disabled but this extensions.shield-recipe-client.startupExperimentPrefs.layout.css.servo.enabled is enabled (and modified, not by me)
17:45Caspy7incognito: you're on 57 and layout.css.servo.enabled was disabled?
17:45Caspy7incognito: how many youtube subscriptions do you have?
17:45incognitommh 5,6
17:46Caspy75,6? can you give me a format I'll recognize? :)
17:46Caspy75.6? 5,600?
17:47incognitowait i go to count that
17:47Caspy7incognito: if you close all open youtube tabs and open youtube in a private window do you get the same issue?
17:48incognitoso 4 subscriptions only
17:50incognitoCaspy7: in a private window, it's the same
17:51Caspy7incognito: do you have hardware acceleration enabled?
17:51Caspy7incognito: actually, let's just skip to safe mode, which disables it. Help > Restart with addons disabled
17:54incognitoCaspy7: it's good, you think it's the plugins : AdBlock or Avira WebProtect ?
17:55Caspy7incognito: go into Preferences and disable hardware acceleration, then restart in normal mode. This should determine if it's the HWA or an addon
17:56Caspy7I'm betting on HWA
17:58incognitoDisabling HWA...Loading Video...
17:58Caspy7incognito: disabling HWA requires a restart fyi, that's why I said to do it, then restart to normal mode
18:00incognitoCaspy7: after 2 restart, w/o HWA, it doesn't load the video :)
18:00incognitoweird behavior
18:03Caspy7incognito: ensure your graphics driver is completely up to date according to your GPU manufacturer's website (not according to Windows/MS
18:03Caspy7then re-enable HWA
18:04Caspy7(and restart)
18:04incognitoCaspy7: it works better now; but i didn't change anything at all
18:04incognitobut i'll check the GPU driver
18:06incognitothank you
18:22Caspy7incognito: I'd be curious to know if there was a more recent version of your graphics driver
18:22Caspy7which would require a browser restart to test ofc
18:25Lady_AleenaHello everyone. Once upon a time, I had a thing that let me customize (and shut off) keyboard shortcuts. There are times when I want to hit ctrl-v but accidentally hit ctrl-b and bookmarks sidebar pops up. (I hate all the sidebars, never used them.) About 10 minutes ago, I wanted to close a tab ctrl-w, however I pressed ctrl-q. That's right, Firefox closed on me while I was in the middle of something. So, how do I disable
18:25Lady_Aleenactrl-b and ctrl-q?
18:28Lady_AleenaCaspy7, but not ctrl-b?
18:29Lady_AleenaI loathe the bookmarks sidebar for the sole reason it doesn&#39;t shut down with the <esc> key.
18:33Caspy7Lady_Aleena: I don&#39;t know if anyone has made one for ctrl + b, you&#39;d have to look. In the future there will likely be an API that allows addons to set or override global shortcuts, but that is not yet ready
19:02Lady_AleenaI just asked on Firefox help site.
19:19g00sis there a good FF plugin that does safari&#39;s &quot;show all tabs&quot;
19:19firebotJust appeared in Planet Mozilla - :
19:19g00sbasically panorama but, thats dead now
19:19firebot Air Mozilla: Mozilla Weekly Project Meeting, 09 Oct 2017
19:26Caspy7g00s: not to my knowledge. There are some tab based addons. I know some devs are working on remaking Tab Groups/Panorama as a webextension, but that won&#39;t be ready for 57 for sure
19:28g00sCaspy7 ok thanks - seems like seeing a preview of all your tabs is such a basic thing ...
19:28g00ssurprised its not baked into FF
19:30MossopWe used to have it but next to no-one used it
19:35azakiit was slow as hell for me back then, which is why i personally gave up on it.
19:36azakimaybe it&#39;d be better now with the performance improvements and multiprocess.
19:37g00sthe containers feature was working nicely for me, but just now one of my containers lost all its state, and i&#39;m logging into all the sites i assigned to it.
19:37g00sthis was all working for quite some time, what would nuke a container&#39;s state ?
20:19firebotJust appeared in Planet Mozilla - :
20:19firebot Joel Maher: Project Stockwell (October 2017)
20:20firebot Firefox Test Pilot: Test Pilot graduation report: Pulse
21:27infogulchso i&#39;m on firefox dev and i just closed one of my windows with a couple dozen tabs... how do i reopen it? i don&#39;t see recently closed anywhere
21:29eyome(^Thanks my cat...)
21:30Caspy7infogulch: History (menu) > Recently closed windows
21:31Caspy7there&#39;s a shortcut key, but it&#39;s not coming to mind immediately
21:33Mossopctrl+shift+t IIRC
21:33Caspy7that&#39;s a closed tab, not window
21:35infogulchperfect. that makes sense too
21:50firebotJust appeared in Planet Mozilla - :
21:50firebot Rabimba: Open Source Bridge 2017 :Democratize Virtual Reality
22:47commanderI&#39;m not getting the 56.0.1 update :-/
22:51Caspy7commander: as I understand not everyone will, at least yet. It is mainly about upgrading 32 bit users to 64 bit, but it&#39;s only rolling out incrementally, starting with say, 1%
22:58BravesFan wow muh browser. muh speed.
23:19commanderCaspy7: I see thanks
10 Oct 2017
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