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9 Aug 2017
00:08UndeadLeechBtw using userContent.css or similar means to make website dark usually leaves you with a white flash when opening it first, this can be prevented by globally changing the background color, but this often breaks a lot of websites. I'd assume there is no way to make this work?
00:10UndeadLeechActually maybe I could add a global style that sets the background-color to white and use about:config and set it dark. This sounds weird but could do the trick.
00:11Caspy7UndeadLeech: I have a fix, one moment
00:12UndeadLeechOh that would be great! Because apparently my hackish idea works a little bit, but has some flaws.
00:14UndeadLeechThanks a bunch for all the help! I'll try it out tomorrow once I get back from work. Bye. :)
00:20MardegTimvde: I noticed Sum Tabs says there are 2 tabs open in a newly opened private browsing window when there's only 1
00:38Caspy7Hey, you! Stop finding bugs. It's annoying!
00:41MardegI feel responsible now that he chose my name for it LOL
01:01disappearis there any AV1 support in Firefox?
01:25JC_Yangisn't 55 released to public? why version check say I'm using the latest already?
02:17sethnI just downloaded Firefox 55
02:18sethnAnd I have an oculus I've been using with Nightly
02:18sethnDo I understand correctly that Firefox 55 should have webVR+oculus enabled?
02:18sethnIts not working for me, a-frame goes into 3D mode when I press the VR button, but it doesn't run on the VR headset
02:18sethnIs there perhaps a flag I have to set to enable oculus support?
02:30sethnFor anyone else experiencing this: you need the 64-bit of firefox to use oculus
02:58Burdsdoes anyone know how to make the X bar to close a tab visible when you mouse over a tab?
04:26grahamperrin-MTimvde: does your Sum Tabs require 55? (Is that why it's not available for my platform?)
04:28grahamperrin-MI know, <> says 48.0 and later but I wonder why I can&#39;t install it on FreeBSD.
04:28grahamperrin-MMaybe an issue with AMO.
04:48grahamperrin-MHas AMO been changed to disallow the three options (Linux, Mac, Windows) when installing to FreeBSD?
04:49grahamperrin-MI think the wording was &quot;Install anyway&quot;
04:51grahamperrin-M I&#39;m quickly finding other 57+ (tagged) extensions that are, according to AMO, for 48.0 and later, 52.0 and later, and so on, but reportedly not available for my platform, where Firefox is 54.0.1
06:12firebotJust appeared in Planet Mozilla - :
06:12firebot Cameron Kaiser: And now for several things that are completely different: Vintage Computer Festival aftermath, I pass a POWER9 kidneystone, and isindex isdead which issad
07:04Burdsdoes anyone know how to make the X bar to close a tab visible when you mouse over a tab?
07:04Burdsx button
07:27firebotJust appeared in Planet Mozilla - :
07:27firebot This Week In Rust: This Week in Rust 194
07:38azakidisappear: how could there be any AV1 support when AV1 isn&#39;t finalized yet, it won&#39;t be finalized until sometime in 2018 from what i&#39;ve heard.
07:56MortvertIs there any way I can remove tab bar from top of the screen without installing a addon for it?
07:59cheateri have ~100 firefox profiles on this computer, and i would like to add, remove, and update addons (such as uBlock Origin or Privacy Badger) on all of them at once in batch. the change should happen the next time the profile is loaded. is there a way to do this?
08:08Sheogorathcheater, windows? linux? macOS?
08:12bogdan_marisMorning everyone! We are having our usual Bug Verification Day event, if you are interested please join us via #qa IRC channel! Feel free to check for detailed instructions on how to get involved. Cheers!
08:23__marcoHello. Congrats for the new release. It seems to me that Firefox is pushing on the accelerator and it gets better after every release. (From the user point of view I didn&#39;t always had this feeling)
08:24__marcoCan you suggest me an alternative to cookie monster? It is the only extension that blocks me to use the multiprocess feature and I am very eager to test it
08:29steve-_--Mis FF 56 beta available? update check finds nothing so far, but articles have surfaced on the web
08:34philippno beta 6 is not yet released. there was just another build for beta 1 generated a few hours ago that is undergoing QA now
08:40steve-_--Mso if I installed the earlier 56b1 build from ftp will I receive an update or have to do a manual update?
08:50philippi don&#39;t know
08:55Caspy7So, the solution to this post makes me wonder if there&#39;s a bug or something else improper. I don&#39;t know enough about linux to know how this occurred
08:55Caspy7Firefox gets stuck in a loop and take 2 min to load
08:55Caspy7user must add a specific line to /etc/hosts
08:56Caspy7to resolve it
08:57Caspy7Thought I was in another channel, but this&#39;ll do...
09:25digitaldid nightly broke the noscript addon?
09:35DuClareCaspy7: Sounds more like a broken system configuration
09:35LeRaldoi just updated to firefox 55 x64 on windows 10 CU x64. when i open firefox, my previous session seems to be destroyed and all of the tabs are blank new tabs. history > restore previous session is greyed out.
09:35LeRaldois there any way i can get my session back?
09:35DuClareCaspy7: But based on the linked text it&#39;s impossible to say for sure
09:36Caspy7digital: yes, and I&#39;ve read that the broken noscript can then break other addons too
09:36Caspy7LeRaldo: just confirming, in preferences is the setting to restore tabs from last time set?
09:36digitalCaspy7; i disabled it for now but i&#39;m not happy with this solution :/
09:37Caspy7DuClare: thanks for the info/input
09:37DuClareCaspy7: I&#39;ve witnessed problems before, with software taking a timeout&#39;s worth of time to start because they&#39;re stuck trying to resolve a made-up hostname
09:37LeRaldoCaspy7: yes
09:38Caspy7digital: I believe for now the umatrix webextension is best workaround
09:38DuClareCaspy7: So people who make up hostnames should also make sure the system is configured to resolve that name :)
09:38Caspy7LeRaldo: I have instructions here
09:39Caspy7DuClare: you&#39;re saying they likely shot themselves in the foot
09:39LeRaldoCaspy7: thank you, i will check it out
09:40Daggerseems a bit strange to add a synchronous DNS lookup in the critical startup path though. that&#39;s the kind of thing we&#39;ve been trying to avoid
09:40DuClareYeah, it&#39;s not nice, but at the same time it&#39;s kinda common
09:41DuClareI&#39;ve seen X do it too
09:44DuClareCaspy7: Yeah, if you give a hostname and forget to add it in /etc/hosts as instructed in the guide, it is likely that you&#39;ll see programs wasting too much time trying to resolve..
09:44digitalCaspy7; that looks nice, thanks
09:55LeRaldoCaspy7: so i have a couple month old backup session (8mb) that is of little use to me, but it restores using the method in the reddit post. the most latest backup session has a time of around when i updated firefox, but it for some reason gets converted into empty tabs. so it goes from a 9mb file into a 768kb file upon opening firefox for some reason
09:56philippLeRaldo: maybe related to bug 1388628
09:56firebot UNCONFIRMED, Tabs are all restored as blank frequently after restart of applying Firefox 55 update.
09:57digitalstupid question, when i visit about:crashes and click on an unsubmitted report id, information about the report is shown but the report isn&#39;t sent, right?
09:57DuClareI think it gets sent
09:57LeRaldophilipp: thank you, it does indeed seem related. i will monitor this thread
09:58DuClaredigital: I just clicked an unsubmitted report
09:58DuClareNow it&#39;s submitted.
09:58Caspy7LeRaldo: I have a potential multistep workaround for your case if you&#39;re interested
09:58LeRaldoCaspy7: yeah, i&#39;m interested, please advise
09:58digitalDuClare; that&#39;s what happens to me too, but says it should show me the report
09:59DuClareWell, it shows you the report.. after submitting it
10:00Caspy7LeRaldo: well, this is assuming that 54 can in fact open that session file properly. Install 54 (you can install it to a seperate location), then shut it down and drop in the session, then...
10:01digitalDuClare; says visiting about:crashes and clicking on a report treats it with higher priority
10:01Caspy7LeRaldo: start it up to ensure the session is there, install Session Manager addon and save the session, then you can go to 55 and use the same addon to restore it (you&#39;ll need to move the session folder from the profile)
10:01Caspy7well, copy it
10:01LeRaldoCaspy7: okay, i will attempt this, thank you
10:02philippif that one sessionrestore file can reproduce the issue persistently on 55, would you be willing to share it to mozilla for regression testing?
10:04Caspy7LeRaldo: ^ yes, would at least make a copy of the file
10:05Caspy7perhaps a developer would even be willing to accept it privately so it does not have access from the internet
10:05Caspy7oh, or it could be in a private bug actually
10:05Caspy7philipp: is this a possibility? ^
10:06philippi think it&#39;s better to find a dev that&#39;s willing to look at it first and then exchange the file through a private channel (firefox send perhaps ^^)
10:07Caspy7oh yeah, Send is a good option for this, more secure than email even
10:07DuClareWhat is Send?
10:07DuClare(Sounds useful)
10:08MardegI saw Steve Gibson cover it in today&#39;s Security Now podcast, gave it high praise
10:09Caspy7DuClare: encrypts files client-side, generates a key, you share the link (with key) with a person and they can download it. Currently the file is deleted after it&#39;s downloaded.
10:09Caspy7or 24 hours, whichever comes first
10:12sysKino/ noscript no longer works?
10:12sysKinon nightly I mean
10:15Caspy7at least, there are multiple reports to that effect
10:17firebotJust appeared in Planet Mozilla - :
10:17firebot Daniel Stenberg: Some things to enjoy in curl 7.55.0
10:18Choo-Mwhere is located the file (&quot;sessionToken&quot;, i guess) used to login into firefox sync ?
10:20Caspy7Mardeg: neat, can you give some context to this newsletter? Does it go out to some particular group? Popular among security researchers?
10:22MardegCaspy7: it&#39;s just the show notes
10:25Mardegmight needto scrub back 5 minutes earlier
10:27Mardegor 10 :)
10:27Daggerif you&#39;ve ever looked at his website, you&#39;ll have the impression that he&#39;s crazy and really not worth listening too
10:27Daggereven if he may in fact be completely correct at times
10:28Caspy7Mardeg: (for anyone wanting a video/audio breakdown of Firefox Send
10:28Mardegand yet 623 episodes, most popular show on that network
10:28Mardegwhich isn&#39;t saying much these days
10:30LeRaldoCaspy7: thanks for your help. the session loads fine in firefox 54, but every time i load it after the first time in firefox 55, it comes up blank tabs. restore it with the session manager addon, restart, blank tabs again. i think i&#39;ll just go back to 54.0.1 for the time being. as for sharing my session, i&#39;d rather not because of some sensitive links i have in my session.
10:30Caspy7LeRaldo: wait...
10:31Caspy7LeRaldo: did you use the Session Manager files from 54 in 55?
10:31Caspy7LeRaldo: there is a new folder called &quot;Sessions&quot; or something in the profile folder
10:31Caspy7where session manager stores its backups
10:31LeRaldono, i just restored it from the addon itself
10:32LeRaldoi can try it manually really quick
10:33Caspy7Mardeg: the hitch they encountered is that Safari 10 does not have the proper encryption web api (forget the exact name) but safari 11 does (which may be why laport had no problem in safari)
10:34Caspy7most other safari (or iOS) users will encounter the issue
10:34LeRaldoCaspy7: yeah, it just comes up blank tabs when doing it manually from the sessions folder > main profile folder renamed to sessionstore.js.
10:35LeRaldoit&#39;s really weird considering it restores all of my tabs fine when i restore the session wtihin the addon itself. it&#39;s just that upon restarting, again it comes up all blank tabs
10:35MardegWebCrypto is young realtively to Saari versioins :P
10:35Caspy7LeRaldo: ok, I was just suggesting moving the &quot;session&quot; folder from 54 profile folder to 55 profile folder - oh, but you didn&#39;t create a seperate profile perhaps... (I don&#39;t know if it would matter)
10:36Daggercan you bookmark all of the tabs and then reopen them?
10:36Caspy7yeah, that is the other workaround that came to mind
10:36Dagger(assuming you&#39;re just looking for a way to make this work once, I didn&#39;t bother to read the backlog...)
10:36Caspy7LeRaldo: you can always just right click a tab and say &quot;bookmark all tabs&quot;
10:36Caspy7which can then all be opened in a window later
10:37LeRaldoat >600 tabs, i don&#39;t know how i&#39;d reopen them
10:37Daggermiddle-click the folder and then wait a bit
10:38Caspy7LeRaldo: well, going the workaround route, there&#39;s one or more addons that I think will allow you to prevent tabs from opening immediately. They&#39;ll be in an unloaded state
10:38philippLeRaldo: what homepage have you set in options > general?
10:38LeRaldophilipp: about:newtab
10:39Caspy7Suspend Tab addon allows this in settings I think. You can test it first
10:39philippa user in the bug has just found that if it&#39;s a file:// link the problem occurs
10:39philippbut i can reproduce it with about:newtab as well
10:40LeRaldois there something i can put there that just opens the tab up blank for new tabs, instead of putting an actual webaddress?
10:42LeRaldophilipp: putting a webaddress definitely just fixed my issue. i will try about:blank now
10:44LeRaldoMardeg: about:blank seems to work fine without causing the bug to occur. thank you
10:45MardegI wasn&#39;t paying attention, what was the bug number?
10:45philippi&#39;m regression testing it right now
10:46Mardegbug 1388628
10:46firebot UNCONFIRMED, Tabs are all restored as blank frequently after restart of applying Firefox 55 update.
10:46* Mardeg is superlazy :P
10:47Mardegahh, setting the homepage
10:55LeRaldothanks all, for the help in troubleshooting and solving my issue.
11:05e-ventAnyone know what changed with plugins in the most recent nightly?
11:05e-ventGot a few plugins not working.
11:06sysKinplugin aplocalypse is continuing
11:06e-ventwell of course
11:06arai_what plugin?
11:06e-ventbut it looks like it cannot access the filesystem or something
11:06e-ventroboform lite
11:06e-ventits old
11:06e-ventthus won&#39;t work with the newer system
11:06e-ventThing is
11:06e-ventit runs but greyed out
11:06sysKinyeah noscript also stopped working, and my mouse gestures extensions stopped two days ago
11:07e-ventso its &quot;working&quot;
11:07arai_is it an extension?
11:07e-ventI can get you the XPI if you want
11:07arai_several changes are ongoing in bug 1347507 and related bugs
11:07firebot NEW, Stuff we can remove when XPCOM extensions are no longer supported
11:07arai_some of them should break legacy extensions
11:07e-ventjust thought it was odd
11:07e-ventseeing as it runs
11:08e-ventbut cannot get to the actual password store
11:08e-venton the filesystem
11:08arai_do you see any error in browser console?
11:08e-ventgreyed out basically means it thinks it isn&#39;t installed
11:08sysKinI noscript&#39;s the same - it &quot;runs&quot; but all pages are untrusted and its button doesn&#39;t work
11:08e-ventHow can I check?
11:09e-ventOh it is that
11:09arai_(note that it&#39;s not web console)
11:09arai_web console =
11:10e-ventNothing obvious in there
11:10e-ventnightly has a new logo?
11:10e-ventWith purple?
11:10e-ventHow come?
11:10sysKinsomeone was bored? lol
11:11e-ventSomeone let UX out of the basement again
11:23WG9se-vent: how to make an icon look prettier is more UI than UX. Artsy versus science.
11:26WG9se-vent: mozilla does not get this either they seem to have one set of people trying to do both.
11:27Mardegsomeone looked up at night, saw the Northern Lights, and said &quot;That&#39;s perfect!&quot;
11:43Caspy7a new Firefox logo is coming and it looks like the first iterations are landing as mostly color variations of it
11:44Caspy7on prereleases that is
11:44Caspy7I&#39;m guessing Dev Edition will get its own take
12:10j605 Is the sandboxing issue still there in 56b1?
12:10j605when I updated and opened firefox, my tabs were gone and activity stream is giving errors
12:10j605The file at resource://activity-streams/data/content/activity-streams.html#/ is not readable.
12:11Caspy7j605: that sounds like it could be the new file sandboxing
12:11Caspy7which was added in 56
12:12j605this is what I get in the console:
12:14Caspy7hm, I&#39;m seeing bug 1388046
12:14j605Should I set security.sandbox.content.level to zero
12:14firebot NEW, Disable sandbox read restrictions (level 3) in Firefox 56
12:14Caspy7j605: what is security.sandbox.content.level for you?
12:14Caspy7if it&#39;s 3, set it to 2
12:14j605it is set to 3
12:14Caspy7may require a restart
12:15j605still getting the same exception on activity stream
12:17Caspy7if you restarted, guess it wasn&#39;t the sandbox then
12:18j605does the error message in the paste give any clue?
12:19j605with security.sandbox.content.level=1, it works
12:20Caspy7sorry, i&#39;m not great at interpreting that stuff. I&#39;m not sure what&#39;s going on
12:21Caspy7j605: you may try and bring this up in #boxing - though it&#39;s a bit early for some there (possibly). Otherwise I&#39;d file a bug
12:21j605it still doesn&#39;t work, it is stuck loading:
12:22j605ok, I will file a bug
12:24j605I feel bugzilla should do a bit of hand holding for searching bugs
12:26SimonSapinHi. Is it possible to make CTRL+T open a new tab to the left of existing tabs instead of the right? Or to move pinned tabs to the right? Since pinned and recently-opened tabs are the most frequently used, Id like to have them close together
12:50rayhi, currently using chromium but interested in switching back once 57 is out
12:50rayhowever firefox dev tools are a bit clunky compared to chrome
12:51Caspy7_awayreally?? when did you use them last? I&#39;d heard good things. Is it just that they&#39;re unfamiliar still?
12:51Caspy7_awayalso try #devtools for questions on that
12:51raywill do
12:54rayhm, looks indeed different
12:55raywill give it a try again
13:14rayafaik last time you couldnt copy headers out of the dev tools
13:14arrowI am trying to create a patch for a bug on bugzilla.I have made the changes locally, but when I am running hg bzexport, &quot;refresh first&quot; message is popping up.Could someone help me on it?
13:16raybtw, one thing that I&#39;m super missing is that the new tab overview allows me to specify my own pages
13:17rayatm i have to delete tons of pages first to get to the ones that i want
13:18ray57 is in nightly now, correct?
13:19rayhow much servo is in firefox 57? only stylo?
13:20araiarrow: you need to create changeset first (hg commit ... or hg qnew ...). bzexport exports a changeset
13:40arrowcan you tell me how and why to create a changeset
13:42Caspy7ray: yes, Nightly is now 57. Stylo is the only piece of Servo that&#39;s likely to be landing with 57. I&#39;m actually unclear if it&#39;s defaulted to enable on Nightly at the moment or not
13:42Caspy7though WebRender is also in Firefox and can be tested, it&#39;s at a much earlier state.
13:42Caspy7here&#39;s a list of Rust components in Firefox
13:42rayso whats still left to be done in servo? js apis?
13:43rayi mean stylo seems like the biggest chunk
13:43SimonSapinStylo is enabled by default for 20% of Nightly population right now
13:43SimonSapin50% soon
13:43rayand js interpreter wont be moved to rust right?
13:44Caspy7SimonSapin: ah, thanks
13:44Caspy7ray: not any time soon
13:44Caspy7ray: what&#39;s left to be done to make Servo viable or what&#39;s left to be moved from Servo to Gecko?
13:46rayCaspy7: whats the plan?
13:46raymove everything piece by piece?
13:46rayor replace everything at some point
13:46Caspy7move the best parts of Servo into Gecko
13:47rayso servo will die at some point?
13:47Caspy7right now that includes Stylo and Webrender, in the future there may be more
13:48Caspy7the Servo devs have no plan to let it die, they want it to mature
13:48raykeep it as a testbed?
13:48Caspy7and probably at first become used in narrow purposed apps and such
13:48Caspy7an example...
13:48Caspy7an app can control the code they send to it
13:49Caspy7several apps already use webkit anyway, like twitter
13:49Caspy7so make sure Servo can fully render the subset of necessary HTML, etc (or vice versa)
13:50rayi see
13:51Caspy7also possibly used in VR, again, the same idea applies. It&#39;s going to take a while for Servo to support the full web stack, but in the mean time, it can still be put to good use for narrower uses
13:51Caspy7being more performant and better on battery/power use
13:52Caspy7So Stylo should land (hopefully) with 57, then WebRender in 58 or 59, after that, don&#39;t know. They&#39;ve been using Servo as an R&D platform
13:53Caspy7think I saw a talk about &quot;Magic DOM&quot; built into it or something
13:53Caspy7let me know if you&#39;re interested in the link, I could find it
13:55rayCaspy7: sure
14:00Caspy7an intern presentation
14:06Caspy7so, Dietrich made an extension that forces all new tabs to open to the right of the current tab
14:06Caspy7This is something I&#39;ve heard requested a few times in here
14:13firebotJust appeared in Planet Mozilla - :
14:13firebot The Mozilla Blog: The Mozilla Information Trust Initiative: Building a movement to fight misinformation online
14:25steve-_--Mknown problem in nightly? updating add ons never finishes.
14:28firebotJust appeared in Planet Mozilla - :
14:28firebot Michael Verdi: New download and install flow for Firefox 55
14:41den3what&#39;s new in Firefox 55.0.1 ?
14:42Caspy7heh, probably the issue of some users losing their tabs...
14:44Caspy7den3: where are you seeing 55.0.1?
14:45Caspy7well, it&#39;s not quite a release :) I&#39;m unsure right now
14:47den3Caspy7: I know, it could take a few more days, but it&#39;ll be out for sure
14:47Tylerlooks like we have to disable prefetch with 55.0.1
14:47Tylermaybe some other fixes
14:47Tylerso just a minor tweak
14:49Tylerand also a shutdown crash fix
14:49Caspy7...and the losing your tabs one...
14:50Caspy7on one hand, 55 got two Nightly cycles, on the other, be nice if these things didn&#39;t make it to release \_()_/
14:51TylerCaspy7: part of the problem is we are losing nightly users :/ 30k isn&#39;t enough
14:51Tylerto catch alot of bugs
14:51Tylerhopefully with all the 57 hype we can get some more
14:51Caspy7Tyler: *losing* them? Lately I keep seeing people saying they&#39;re trying Nightly for the first time
14:52TylerCaspy7: I mean overall trendlines for nightly have been down for the past few years
14:52WolfKillerETis there any port of Firefox for java midp nokia phones?
14:52TylerCaspy7: the last couple of weeks have probably gained us alot of nightly users
14:52Caspy7though i&#39;m concerned about the upcoming addon changes which will sour some
14:52Caspy7heh, well, upcoming and current I suppose
14:53Caspy7WolfKillerET: hm, might also try #mobile
14:53WolfKillerETok thanks
14:53den3Caspy7: I hate &quot;trendlines&quot; look:
15:01steve-_--Mtyler profile incompatibility between nightly - beta and or nightly - stable does not help. most users will run nightly in parallel
15:01steve-_--Mnice to see b56 and nightly currently seem to have no profile conflicts
15:02steve-_--Mso addon updates are working for others with todays nightly?
15:03firebotJust appeared in Planet Mozilla - :
15:03firebot Dzmitry Malyshau: Rusty Object Notation
15:03junsuijinHowdy! I&#39;ve been happily using nightly for a few days, tweaking the userChrome.css. Last night I tried the wrong shortcut to open the Browser Toolbox, something like ctrl and/or alt and/or shift f12. Then I tried the proper shortcut, ctrl+alt+shift+i, but at that point it wouldn&#39;t open, and further wouldn&#39;t open even by clicking it in the main menu.
15:05junsuijinI was still able to use the developer toolbar to `listen 6000` and then open the toolbox via the connect dialog, but no matter what I tried, be it browser restart, update this morning, or unticking/re-ticking the options to enable browser toolbox, it still wouldn&#39;t open from the menu.
15:05junsuijinI just did a Windows update and restart, which seems to have fixed the problem.
15:06WG9sjunsuijin: I suspect it was the restart that fixed it.
15:06junsuijinDoes that sound like a bug?
15:07junsuijinI&#39;m reluctant to try using the actual shortcut now >_<
15:11Tylersteve-_--M: the only real profile breakage was between 54 and 55. going from 55 to 57 (and back) while a bit risky since it&#39;s untested software) will work
15:12Caspy7Tyler: sorry, there&#39;s another, they changed how the tab session is stored
15:12Caspy7between 55 & 56
15:12TylerCaspy7: ah, cool. bummer we couldn&#39;t get that into 55 as well
15:13Caspy7so if you go to 56 and back to 55, then you&#39;ll end up with the tab session you last had in 55
15:14steve-_--MTyler (IRC): it did not. I lost tabs bewteen 55 and 57
15:14steve-_--Mah sry what caspy wrote
15:22Caspy7steve-_--M: I did not read above if you mentioned, do you mean 57 -> 55?
15:24steve-_--Myes two issues 55+ and back to 54 or below, second issue 55 to nightly 57 and back
15:25steve-_--Mso if word is, nightly usage numbers are decreasing such things are highly related
15:25Tylersteve-_--M: well 55 to under 54 will be an issue, we know that, and according to caspy 56 to below will also be an issue
15:25Tylerthat isn&#39;t the reason nightly is declining ;)
15:25Tylernightly has been going down for years, and it&#39;s probably rising right now
15:26Tylerwe just need to increase our tester base (and switching from channel to channel using the same profile has ALWAYS been a risky behavior and is not reccomended)
15:26steve-_--MTyler (IRC): as stated previously I&#39;d believe most users would run nightly in parallel to beta / stable. thus profile incompatibilities do indeed matter
15:27steve-_--Mbut yeah I am sure numbers will get better w 57
15:27Tylersteve-_--M: unfortunately if you&#39;re going to do that there isn&#39;t much we can do. Unless we start creating a new profile for nightly like we do for dev edition
15:27steve-_--Mnice logo and mozilla PR doing what they can to push it into users hands
15:27steve-_--Mwhy so? 56b and 57 seem to work fine side by sidee
15:29Caspy7wait, I&#39;ve not been following 100%, it has *never* been recommended to go &quot;backwards&quot; using profiles in different versions of Firefox
15:30steve-_--Mso parallel use is a stupid idea from the get go?
15:30Caspy7steve-_--M: sorry if this hit you, but this is the reality we&#39;re currently facing
15:30steve-_--Mhehe yeah I&#39;ve done that for a really long time
15:30Caspy7running two different FIrefox versions on the same profile, no, it&#39;s not a good idea
15:30steve-_--Mhaven&#39;t run into huge issues
15:31Caspy7yeah, it&#39;s been a while since we&#39;ve had breakage, but that while is over
15:31Tylersteve-_--M: you often can run two versions on the same profile without issues, but that&#39;s not guaranteed and not recommended
15:31Tylerso it&#39;s a &quot;do at your own rish&quot; sort of thing
15:32steve-_--MTyler (IRC): I get that
15:32Caspy7there has been a discussion about mitigating this issue via making profile copies or some such
15:32steve-_--Mit&#39;s been working ok-ish here
15:32steve-_--Mand looking at 56/57 parallel use seems ok so far
15:32Caspy7steve-_--M: 57 *just* started, so no guarantees
15:33Caspy7your argument seems to be &quot;but, it worked before&quot;
15:33Caspy7here is the discussion!searchin/firefox-dev/profiles|sort:relevance/firefox-dev/c2PyBpwWmgw/ppB217Q6TQIJ
15:33steve-_--Mno it didn&#39;t as I have just mentioned at least two compatibility issues seen
15:43firebotJust appeared in Planet Mozilla - :
15:43firebot Mozilla Addons Blog: Friend of Add-ons: Santosh Viswanatham
15:57SimonSapinIs it possible to make CTRL+T open a new tab to the left of existing tabs instead of the right? Or to move pinned tabs to the right? Since pinned and recently-opened tabs are the most frequently used, Id like to have them close together
16:00DuClarehay.. is there any way to prevent sites from interfering with the browser&#39;s keyboard shortcuts?
16:02DuClareGeh greasemonkey scripting :-(
16:23eagleis there a decent cookie manager written as a webextension?
16:23eagle[coming from cookie controller]
16:27den3eagle: I never allow cookies; I&#39;ve set up exceptions both with Firefox and CCleaner, but I do the cleaning with CCleaner only
16:28eagleden3: same here...
16:28eaglebut a cookie manager allows the setting to be quicker
16:29Caspy7eagle: I&#39;ve seen this one posted before
16:29eagleCaspy7: thx
16:29den3eagle: there is a file that stores the exceptions in the profile folder if you do a clean install
16:30Caspy7eagle: this one also claims to be a manager (I know nothing about it)
16:31eaglethx & thx
16:31den3eagle: wouldn&#39;t trust any of those, for passwords even less
16:31Caspy7basically, if you do a search on the addons site for &quot;cookie&quot; then scan for all the ones that say &quot;compatible with firefox 57&quot;
16:31Caspy7den3: wouldn&#39;t trust any of what?
16:32Caspy7unlike the Chrome store, the addons are reviewed by hand by Mozilla, and kept to a higher standard as well
16:32eagleI can&#39;t do without umatrix and ublock origin
16:33eagleI wish something like the &quot;calomel&quot; cert viewer would be possible with webextensions
16:34RiotingPacifistI want to have an extension load a page, follow the redirect then run javascript on the 2nd page
16:34RiotingPacifistwhat is the best way to do this bookmarklets don&#39;t seam to, even greasmonkeys doesn&#39;t seam to support this
16:36RiotingPacifistEssentially I want to automate a SAML login past the provider page, so there might be an even better way to do this, like handle the whole saml handshake but i figure just automating the last part is the simplest
16:36Caspy7I&#39;m guessing you&#39;d have to write the extension or script. That seems pretty specific
16:36RiotingPacifistyeah, i&#39;m happy to write it, just need to know the best way to do that, do i need a full blown Haddon?
16:40Caspy7RiotingPacifist: my thought is to ask in #webextensions or perhaps find a greasemonkey forum
16:49decebalusanother addon is going out of Nightly: &quot;new scrollbars&quot;
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17:03firebot Air Mozilla: Weekly SUMO Community Meeting August 9, 2017
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17:13firebot Mozilla Open Innovation Team: The Mozilla Information Trust Initiative: Building a movement to fight misinformation online
17:16TazmainHi all, is there a way to start firefox in a verbose mode, it keeps crashing as it starts up
17:57cpatrick08I was wondering when the Windows x64 developer edition would be updated to version 56?
17:58firebotJust appeared in Planet Mozilla - :
17:58firebot Air Mozilla: The Joy of Coding - Episode 109
17:58philippcpatrick08: it&#39;s awaiting signoff by QA - it should happen in the next couple of hours
19:17UndeadLeechI came here yesterday and already asked some questions about userContent/userChrome and I&#39;m back for more. Is it possible to use `@import` syntax in these files? I&#39;ve tried with sandbox enabled and disabled but couldn&#39;t make it work.
19:38Aelius51Anyone have any idea why dom.enable_user_timing was removed in version 55? Something to do with high resolution timing markers, and a potential browser fingerprinting concern as I recall.
19:49Caspy7woo! A fix on the way for bug 523950
19:49firebot NEW, Long animated images (GIF, APNG) makes Firefox consume all available memory
19:50Caspy7I personally am not very effected, but it seems like a silly/embarrassing bug to me
20:01Zinkerff 54.x intel g41 vga is blacklisted with acceleration , how to unblacklist it , because flash works fine with acceleration
20:11Zinkerif ff would disable setting acceleration in settings also , when blacklisted , then would be less problems ! but i want unblacklist g41 due h264 runs so fine with flash ...
20:13MossopGenerally we don&#39;t blacklist drivers unless they fail. I don&#39;t know if there is a way to unblacklist them
20:13Zinkeric , i ddint find anything also ...
20:14iMacHey guys.
20:14iMacWhat&#39;s the deal with people not being able to update to 55?
20:14TyleriMac: you mean throttling?
20:14iMacPeople on 54.0.1 getting &quot;Firefox is up to date&quot;
20:14iMacWhy is that?
20:15Tylerupdates were turned off to analyze data and determine if we needed to release a 55.0.1, which we do, so now we are waiting for that to build and release
20:15TyleriMac: pretty typical
20:16iMacWhat was the issue?
20:17TyleriMac: there are a few
20:17TyleriMac: I think the biggest were a shutdown crash
20:17iMacHrm. With so many channels before Stable you&#39;d think they&#39;d have something like that ironed out before.
20:18TyleriMac: not enough people running nightly and beta for us to catch every bug
20:18TylerIf you want to help, start using beta or nightly :)
20:18iMacInterestingly new downloads still offer 55.0.
20:18decebalusbug:Very strange: the &quot;new scrollbars (noia scrollbars)&quot; addon looks like compatible with Nightly, it is accepted by Nightly but don&#39;t work
20:19TyleriMac: yeah, new downloads rarely get pulled
20:19Tylerthis is all fairly standard release procedure
20:20iMacTyler I&#39;d love to run Nightly but at the rate Firefox is adding bulls**t lately I need a buffer of a couple releases so people have figured out how to workaroun