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8 Aug 2017
04:26David3kis there a setting in about:config that prevents me from clicking-out of menus like bookmark folders and the such?
04:26David3kI can still hit esc out of them, but they remain open if I merely click elsewhere
04:28arainot sure if there is, but there's a bug for it and it has recent activity (bug 260611)
04:28firebot ASSIGNED, leave bookmarks menu open when I middle click or ctrl click a bookmark
04:28Dagger2devtools has an option for that
04:29Dagger2not sure what the underlying pref is
04:51David3kDagger2, it's not just the bookmarks menu, any menu.
04:51Dagger2the option is for keeping any popup open
04:51David3kunder devtools. then?
04:54decebalusHi! It is possible to install 2 different "versions" of Nightly? (one of them I want to keep out of date)
04:55araijust install them into different places
04:55araiand run them with different profiles
04:55David3kDagger2, I'm confused, how do I turn it off
04:56araiand disable update in one of them
04:56Dagger2you look for the option and you untick it
04:56David3kI never installed this "stay open" addon
04:57Dagger2oh, apparently it's a *button*
04:57decebalusarai: thanks!
04:57Dagger2and presumably it's only in the browser toolbox, not the webpage devtools
04:58David3kthat one?
04:59Dagger2according to the wiki, yes
04:59Dagger2remember that I mainly use Fx3.6 and don't even have devtools, let alone this button :/
05:00David3kI can't seem to find this "Browser Toolbox" option under developer
05:02David3kDagger, so turning that ON then off worked
05:02David3kfunny how it seemed to be disabled in the first place
05:05Daggerand how you had the browser toolbox disabled. I guess it's possible to toggle the option in about:config
05:05Daggerwell... it is possible. I guess you must have done that somehow
07:33Lybertawill XUL addons stop working in FF 57?
07:34araisome bugs under bug 1347507 are already resolved
07:34firebot NEW, Stuff we can remove when XPCOM extensions are no longer supported
07:35araithat would mean, at least addons that relies on them will stop working
09:15azakigrahamperrin-M: I'm sorry if I misunderstood you, but what does FreeBSD have anything to do with keeping the title in the titlebar in Firefox 57 ...?
09:18azakigrahamperrin-M: FreeBSD uses Xorg just like Linux does, so there won't be any difference between the two OSes in regards to Firefox's titlebar, when the relevant bugs are fixed, the titlebar will be flattened on FreeBSD too.
09:22* [R] wonders how that'll interact with ratpoison
09:23* [R] assumes it'll just make a titlebar appear
09:23[R]Or whatever it ends up doing
09:27azakiisn't ratpoison just a tiling wm? =o
09:28azakii thought tiling WMs didn't want the titlebar
09:28azakiit'll probably work the same way chromium currently works in various window managers.
09:29azakialthough chromium has an option to manually enable server-side decorations
09:29azakii dunno if firefox is planning the same
09:37Mardegis bug 635134 related?
09:37firebot NEW, Firefox Wayland port
09:49azakiMardeg: sorta? wayland depends on the client-side decoration work, but the opposite isn't true.
09:49azakithe flat titlebar will ship on X11 long before the wayland port is feature complete and ready to ship by default.
09:50azakiMardeg: this is the bug to watch
09:50firebotBug 1283299 ASSIGNED, Implement client side decorations on GTK 3.20+
09:50azakiand it's dependencies.
09:51azakiit's been assigned to martin strnsk who is a redhat dev i think.
09:58azakialso, wayland is going to work on freebsd eventually if it doesn't already.
09:58azakii haven't followed the progress but i know it's being worked on. so again, there's really no difference between freebsd and linux in this respect, except that freebsd is slower with pretty much all desktop-related progress.
10:48IKRAMHello everyone. I mistakenly removed the hg folder while doing some operation, now I am unable to do anything, Any way to fix this?
10:50araiyou mean .hg folder in some repository?
10:51araithen, you need to clone again
10:51araihave you changed any file in the repository?
10:51IKRAMnope, as far as i know
10:52araiokay, then just discarding whole directory and cloning again should be the easiest way
10:59t-askHi, I just changed to Firefox Nightly 57 and I notice that Stylish custom CSS styles aren't loading anymore. Any related issues known?
11:00t-askSeems to be the same for Session Manager addon
11:01t-askor is there a nightly related channel?
11:02auscompgeekdoes Stylish still install on 57 right now? I'd expect it to break; try Stylus instead perhaps
11:03t-askauscompgeek: maybe it is loading but breaks... I try Stylus
11:04Caspy7t-ask: yes, legacy addons are breaking one by one. If you're not content with your legacy addons going away, that's something to consider
11:05Caspy7Stylish and Session Manager both broke (I should know, I had them). I've replaced Stylish with Stylus
11:06Caspy7however Stylus does not have access to about: pages or Firefox UI, so that will require changes to the userContent.css/userChrome.css files
11:07t-askI can't import local Stylus styles in Stylus, or?
11:07t-askas Stylus uses sqlite afaik
11:08auscompgeekthere's an importer on Stylus' addon page isn't there
11:08t-askit might be nice if legacy shown Addons would show proper replacements ;)
11:08Caspy7t-ask: suggestions are coming (as I understand)
11:10auscompgeekI'm going to miss Tree Style Tabs...
11:10t-askCaspy7: nice
11:11t-askI would miss uMatrix .)
11:12steve-_--Mmaybe one for qa team: links to "has to say about Firefox 55" and " new features for developers in Firefox 55 " are dead
11:12Caspy7I don't remember hearing about uMatrix, but I know uBlock is already ported to webextension (that is, you can get it now if you like). I expect uMatrix will be available as well
11:14Caspy7t-ask: ok, I'm seeing a webextension version here
11:16Guest36They didn't even update Tab Mix Plus..but on the night when the Nightly icon changed into purple/green, suddenly the UI and tab experience in TMP got much better: tabs horizontal height become significantly lower, allowing multiple rows of tabs to take up much less vertical space
11:16Guest36What happened exactly?
11:17Guest36I can see more tab rows now, without any loss of readability. They just aren't fat on the vertical axis
11:17Caspy7Guest36: no idea, but from what I gather, legacy addons may get disabled sometime in the next week.
11:18steve-_--MCaspy7 (IRC): should I post the broken URL thing in a different channel?
11:18Guest36Is there a TMP replacement?
11:18Caspy7also, it may break from other changes. If you're married to it for now, I might suggest following 56 out with beta
11:18steve-_--Malso are there no security related changes in FF55?
11:19Caspy7steve-_--M: off the top of my head, I'm not sure what is the best channel (I mean, probably not this one)
11:19Caspy7also it's early in the morning for CA devs
11:19Caspy7you could look on bugzilla to see if there's an appropriate category
11:19t-askCaspy7: looks like the webext vrsion is 'legacy' too
11:20Caspy7t-ask: hm, it's possible it's a hybrid. How did you conclude that?
11:20t-askCaspy7: it is shown with legacy flag
11:21Caspy7t-ask: on the page I linked? I see no such indicators.
11:22t-askyes I downloaded that version you linked with Nightly 57
11:22Caspy7steve-_--M: it's worth mentioning that not every change makes it to the release notes page
11:22steve-_--MCaspy7 (IRC): I am aware, but security fixes are always mentioned
11:22steve-_--Mand two dead links are not a good impression
11:22t-askCaspy7: I mean it is ok as it works, I just wonder
11:22Caspy7t-ask: did you download the one "uMatrix.webext.xpi"?
11:22steve-_--Mposted in qa
11:23cheateri have ~100 firefox profiles on this computer, and i would like to add and remove and update addons (such as uBlock Origin or Privacy Badger) on all of them at once in batch. the change should happen the next time the addon is loaded. is there a way to do this?
11:23Caspy7ok, fair enough
11:24Caspy7like I said, I wonder if it's not a hybrid, basically webex but in legacy shell, used to import your data from legacy before full pureness
11:24cheaterwhat is the best place to ask this question? am i right here?
11:26t-askCaspy7: well, for me it is fine as long as it works. thanks
11:28Caspy7t-ask: well, the hitch is that if Firefox disables legacy addons soon, it will get disabled too. (there is a pref to re-enable them though)
11:31t-askCaspy7: One day they have to. Then we will be able to find nice alternatives as webext addons :)
11:32Daggernitpick: no, they don't. and WE can't provide nice alternatives to many things, by design and by policy
11:32t-askCaspy7: While I would miss uMatrix, which I doubt will not be converted :)
13:10firebotJust appeared in Planet Mozilla - :
13:10firebot Hacks.Mozilla.Org: Firefox 55: first desktop browser to support WebVR
13:11firebot The Mozilla Blog: Firefox Is Better, For You. WebVR and new speedy features launching today in Firefox
13:13nmnbd-Many1 can help me speed up firefox?
13:14nmnbd-Mit takes 2-3 sec more than brave and chromium on each uncached page
13:17Caspy7nmnbd-M: what version are you on?
13:17nmnbd-MCaspy7: 54.0.1 running on fedora
13:18nmnbd-MCaspy7: is it possible to be hardware related? im on a thinkpad x230
13:18Caspy7nmnbd-M: 55 has been released today, so I would suggest upgrading - though you're probably on a distro build, yes?
13:18nmnbd-MCaspy7: yes..
13:18Caspy7nmnbd-M: other than the release, my first suggestion was going to be to restart in safe mode (Help > Restart with addons disabled)
13:21nmnbd-MCaspy7: tried that and nothing happened.
13:21nmnbd-MCaspy7: i guess ill wait for the new version to come on fedora
13:21Caspy7nmnbd-M: the distro may not have 55 built yet (not sure) though I frequently recommend that people get the build from Mozilla, they so frequently tweak things the wrong way
13:21Caspy7even just test it I'd say
13:21Caspy7is multiprocess ("e10s") enabled?
13:22Caspy7you can check by going to about:support and look at the Multiprocess Windows entry
13:23nmnbd-MCaspy7: Multiprocess Windows 0/1 dissabled
13:37Caspy7nmnbd-M: sorry, was away. It just says "disabled"? It doesn't say disabled by addons or user or anything?
13:39nmnbd-MCaspy7: disabled by addons
13:39nmnbd-MCaspy7: ive enabled it.. but nothing happened
13:39Caspy7nmnbd-M: did you enable it?
13:39Caspy7also, a restart is required for it to be enabled
13:40nmnbd-MCaspy7: through about:config extensions.e10sMultiBlockedByAddons
13:40nmnbd-MCaspy7: yes im aware of that
13:41Caspy7well, performance can actually get worse if you force e10s with incompatible addons present. One of the issues I was aiming at was the incompatible and poor addons that distros are frequently shipping with firefox still
13:41Caspy7and yes, even the big ones
13:42Caspy7anyway, I do encourage you to test a build downloaded from Mozilla
13:44nmnbd-MCaspy7: ty for your time...ill wait for firefox 55 on fedora, and if the problem continues ill try a clean install
13:44Caspy7nmnbd-M: actually, you can test in a fresh profile right now
13:44Caspy7using the profile manager
13:44Caspy7but once you start it up, I'd look to see if multiprocess is enabled :)
13:45Caspy7(but do test the performance per your issue)
13:47Caspy7starting w/ the profile manager
13:49nmnbd-Mthats great
14:10Caspy7wow, I had no idea Hardware acceleration for VP9 was on or in 55
14:28nmnbd-MCaspy7: disabling ipv6 seems to solved the problem..but i dont like this as a solution.. ill keep on searching ;p
14:33Caspy7nmnbd-M: someone else who's more verse in networking and this type of thing may come along, so you're welcome to ask later if someone doesn't chime in now, but at least you've found some sort of root
14:46firebotJust appeared in Planet Mozilla - :
14:46firebot Mozilla Marketing Engineering & Ops Blog: Kuma Report, July 2017
14:59Caspy7nmnbd-M: also, #necko is where networking ppl hang, you might try there. I'm not sure of their best hours. If they're in California, it's a bit early there.
14:59decebalusthere is any possibility to launch other instance of Firefox (other profile) in the same window/other tab?
14:59Caspy7not in the same window, no
15:00Caspy7you can use containers/contextual identities to separate logins and such for websites - like be logged into two accounts simultaneously
15:00decebalusCaspy7: that I know but it is for Nightly. Thanks anyway
15:01Caspy7yes, everything I said applies to nightly as well
15:02Caspy7you *can* have two profiles open simultaneously, but they cannot share the same window
15:31Fibohi guys
15:32firebotFibo: Welcome to #firefox! Just ask your question and someone should be with you shortly. If you don't get an answer after a while, you can try taking a look through the support site:
15:39mib_someAlexHello. I'm not really sure I'm in a right place, but I want to ask: upgraded to ff 55 today, realized I cant resize columns in "Network" tab (devtools). Found this bug: The question is: when can I expect this to be fixed? Should I go back to 54.0.1 for now?
15:39firebotBug 1358414 NEW, Introduce column resizer in request list
15:40mib_someAlexTried to google iterations schedule, did not find any useful info but found a link to this irc room instead,
15:42muffzhow can i use firefox beta and nightly as standalone browsers?
15:42muffzwant to use beta for primary use with customization and nightly for testing
15:54Tylermib_someAlex: well first, since you've upgraded to Firefox 55, you can't downgrade without losing some data from your profile
15:55Tylerand for that specific bug, there is no timeline on when it will be fixed
15:56mib_someAlexTyler: pretty sad news for me then
15:58mib_someAlexthank you for answer
16:04azakiTyler: what data exactly?
16:05Tylerazaki: I think it was favicons and some other meta data for history and bookmarks, but I can't remember off the top of my head
16:05azakii never downgraded but i believe i've ran multiple versions of firefox consecutively, like dev edition and release
16:05azakiso there was a time when i had 54/55 and switched between them =o
16:05azakion the same profile i imagine
16:06azakihm, but the actual history data is preserved? as in URLs
16:06azakii'm mostly concerned about history and sessionstore
16:07whoisxyregarding when using a quoted string for filename-param the prowser fials to play video/mpeg formats
16:10muffzwhy all the changes i am making to nightly is automatically applied to beta version?
16:10Tylermuffz: are you using the same profile?
16:10whoisxyI see a similar behaviour using VLC perhaps its an issue with a library they share
16:11muffzTyler it auto logged in my default profile from the first launch
16:12Tylermuffz: yeah, you have to set it to use different profiles
16:12Tylerby default release, beta and nightly use the same profile. Dev edition uses a different profile by default
16:12whoisxyI retract that statement not sure hat the issue was ut both seem to be fine regarding the quoted filename parameters
16:12muffzahk thanks
16:16muffzTyler it gets disconnected/signed up into both browsers
16:16muffzguess theres no way to test them both separately
16:16muffzon same machine
16:16Tylermuffz: because you're using the same profile folder
16:16Tyleryou have to use different profiles
16:25whoisxyOkay can anyone tell me why mov's have trouble playing I've noticed that the range request is getting the last 25543 bytes fo the file
16:29whoisxythe same file works fine with other contianer formats
16:36decebaluswhoisxy: this link is not working on Nightly, I can open it inPM but is playing trough VLC media player
16:36whoisxydecebalus: that's the problem
16:37whoisxydecebalus: thsi link will work on nightly
16:38whoisxybut it's a different contianer format I belive the issue lies in the Range requests
16:38decebalusyes it works
16:38whoisxyas seeking in this file doesn't appear to work
16:38decebaluswork in nightly
16:39whoisxyi.e. when seeking to a location in the file which hasn't yet been loaded from the initial request the browser should make a new request with the correct byte offset and drop the inital request
16:39decebalusbut I'm not on the Nightly last release
16:59whoisxydecebalus: thanks for your time
16:59decebaluswhoisxy: nop. I'm not a dev..or a person with advanced I can;t help you too much
17:46steve-_--Mcool, release note links are now fixed and security fixes have been added
19:16obZenIn Firefox 55, we can set how many separate processes can be made
19:16obZenDoes anyone know how many processes Chromium can make, for comparison?
19:27BroandHas there been a recent update to mozilla that changed fonts at all? because the default font for chatzilla and some other places changed today for me.
19:27DuClareYou on nightly?
19:27grahamperrin-M<> &quot; draw tabs in the titlebar &quot; does that mean that we&#39;ll lose traditional use of the title bar, for showing the title?
19:27firebotBug 1283299 ASSIGNED, Implement client side decorations on GTK 3.20+
19:28BroandI don&#39;t think so
19:30grahamperrin-MBroand: thanks, so the drawing of tabs in the title bar will be optional, not forced?
19:31BroandOh sorry I was responding to duclare
19:31BroandI wouldn&#39;t know the first thing about tabs being drawn in the title bar or what not
19:33BroandAnyway, I can&#39;t remember what the default chatzilla font was, but it wasn&#39;t this one
19:33Broandconsidering it&#39;s changed fonts in some other areas on mozilla as well, I figure it&#39;s browser wide rather than just chatzilla wide
19:35Caspy7grahamperrin-M: I&#39;m on Windows and the title bar is option (in the customize mode there&#39;s a checkbox) so I imagine it would be the same
19:36Caspy7grahamperrin-M: however, if you have it disabled, then when a window is not maximized, there is a drag box in the upper left of the window
19:36grahamperrin-MCaspy7: thanks, I&#39;ll add to the bug
19:36Caspy7add what to the bug?
19:37Caspy7this is not new information, it is known
19:38BroandWhile I&#39;m here, I might as well ask
19:38grahamperrin-MSorry, it&#39;s not clear to me whether users will be able to prefer a traditional title bar (without the interference of tabs)
19:38BroandIs there a commonly known memory leak for the browser?
19:39Caspy7grahamperrin-M: I cannot make guarantees, but this is the way it is in windows and I kind of expect it would be the same on Linux
19:39Caspy7Broand: Vanilla Firefox is pretty well tested to avoid leaks. Most leaks that users experience are due to addons (or possibly bad GPU drivers)
19:40Daggerinb4 &quot;we added the grab spaces so we don&#39;t need the option anymore&quot;
19:40grahamperrin-MCaspy7: you mean that in Windows there&#39;s the option to have a title bar without tabs?
19:40Daggercurrently, yes, there is
19:40BroandAh so it&#39;d be something like an adblocker or other script removers then
19:41Broandor perhaps greasemonkey
19:41Caspy7grahamperrin-M: there&#39;s an option to have a title bar. Not &quot;without tabs&quot; There&#39;s no option to have no tabs...I think
19:41grahamperrin-MDagger: thanks. Something in about:config, yes?
19:41firebotJust appeared in Planet Mozilla - :
19:41firebot Princi Vershwal: Getting into Outreachy : An open source internship program.
19:41Daggerit&#39;s actually a button in the customize tab thing
19:41Dagger(backed by a pref of course)
19:42DuClareBroand: Then again, finding a leak in the browser itself isn&#39;t unheard of :)
19:42DuClare(Been there)
19:42DuClareBut yes, check addons first
19:42BroandWell I mean
19:42grahamperrin-MCaspy7: I really, really hope that Mozilla does not forcibly wreck title bars as Apple did with Yosemite. That was the primary reason for me jumping ship from Mac OS X.
19:42BroandI have been dealing with this for years now
19:43Broandso it&#39;s just kind of annoying at this rate
19:43Caspy7grahamperrin-M: on the lower left
19:44Caspy7grahamperrin-M: sorry, that was not checked, this is
19:45grahamperrin-MSigh of relief. I&#39;ll dig out a Linux machine with Nightly to take a look.
19:45Caspy7this is on Windows, I&#39;m not making claims about Linux
19:45Caspy7just letting you know how they do it, and I think it&#39;s not unlikely they will do the same
19:46grahamperrin-MNo, hang on, that&#39;s got &#39;Title bar&#39; checked (ticked) but there&#39;s no title bar.
19:46DuClareWhat bar is it on the top?
19:46Caspy7grahamperrin-M: my screenshot tool did not get it for some reason, but it&#39;s there
19:46Caspy7I&#39;ll take another
19:47grahamperrin-MOK I&#39;ll dig out the machine from upstairs to see for myself
19:47DuClareI get very confused when people talk about bars :(
19:48Caspy7don&#39;t watch Cheers
19:48DuClare*no idea*
19:49Caspy7it is a US TV show about a bar/pub
19:51grahamperrin-MOh, right, I see it now. The UI of Windows 10 (is it 10?) is so alien to me. Oops.
19:54UndeadLeechHello, I was just playing around with the userContent.css to modify internal pages and was wondering if it is possible to make `@import` work with it?
19:56j605I don&#39;t even have a title bar, I thought title bars are in the realm of the window manager so how can firefox merge tabs into the titlebar?
19:59DuClareDepending on the window manager it can or can not, but I think popular wms allow the client to either draw its own title bar entirely, or maybe draw something into the existing one? either way
20:00UndeadLeechI&#39;d be surprised if that would work on Wayland tho.
20:00DuClareI thought client side decorations are the Way on Wayland
20:00DuClareBut what do I know.
20:01j605ng|biablunchthebreakfastofkings: you are breaking my irc client, shorten your nick
20:01UndeadLeechPut nothing in the spec is the Way on Wayland. :D
20:02DuClareI read about it not too long ago but it sounded so repulsive I don&#39;t want to know or remember.
20:02Caspy7j605: well, you could try /ignore - also, best to say please rather than giving commands. People often don&#39;t warm to those.
20:02UndeadLeechI wrote a bar/panel/dock for Wayland. Or I tried until I switched to Xorg again. It&#39;s an &quot;interesting&quot; experience.
20:03j605Caspy7: yeah, sorry if that sounded rude
20:10j605Caspy7: offtopic, but this prompted me to read the weechat doc to fix the the size of nicklist so as to not expand to such big nicks
20:11firebotJust appeared in Planet Mozilla - :
20:11firebot Mozilla Marketing Engineering & Ops Blog: MozMEAO SRE Status Report - August 8, 2017
20:35UndeadLeechI&#39;m trying to edit the firefox UI using userContent.css, and I&#39;d assume `chrome://browser/content/browser.xul` doesn&#39;t work anymore in nightly? When I go to the url my style is applied, but it&#39;s not in the actual UI.
20:41UndeadLeechPlease excuse my stupid question. Of course this needs to go in userChrome.css. I still would like to know if `browser.xul` will change in the future?
20:45MossopUndeadLeech: What do you mean by &quot;change&quot;? The UI is changing all the time right nowe
21:41obZenIs there a way to increase the content process limit beyond 7?
21:42Caspy7obZen: go to about:config in your URL bar and search for dom.ipc.processCount
21:42obZenThanks <3
21:43SeburoI was tempted to turn mine all the way up to 11. Because it is one more than 10.
21:43Caspy7I believe that higher numbers have not been thoroughly tested - also current memory usage makes the default settings a bit more sane for users who may shoot themselves in the foot
21:43Caspy7waka waka
21:44philippi was settling for 12 - because it&#39;s one more than seburo has ;-P
21:45TheG0ldenG0dI signed up for containers in FF. Do these containers work like sandboxes ?
21:45Seburo:-) lol This could get out of hand very quickly, especially for those that have not heard of Spinal Tap.
21:45obZenLmao I put mine at 25
21:45Caspy7TheG0ldenG0d: yes, a bit, they keep all the cookies and logins and such isolated to that container
21:46TheG0ldenG0doh i see. so if i log into a service in a container then open a new tab, I&#39;d have to log in again
21:46Caspy7TheG0ldenG0d: here&#39;s a nice writeup if you like
21:46TheG0ldenG0dok thanks
21:49Caspy7TheG0ldenG0d: yes, if you open a new tab in the default or a different container you&#39;d have to log in again, but if you open a tab in the same container, then no.
21:50TheG0ldenG0dok so how do you open a tab in the same container ?
21:50TheG0ldenG0djust long press the plus and choose the same ocntainer
21:50TheG0ldenG0dright ?
21:50Caspy7TheG0ldenG0d: in what way did you enable Containers?
21:50TheG0ldenG0di installed the add-on
21:50Caspy7yes, that should be right, long press then choose the same container
21:50TheG0ldenG0dit asked me if i wanted to install it
21:51obZenHow would I know if dom.ipc.processCount.extension is working
22:00Caspy7obZen: sorry if this came up earlier, I&#39;m multitasking, for starters are you sure you have multiprocess enabled?
22:00obZenMultiprocess windows 1/1
22:00obZenI wanna know if dom.ipc.processCount.extension actually did anything
22:00Caspy7obZen: there may be a better way, but open up several tabs in different sites and go to about:performance
22:01MossopCaspy7: That pref controls whether extensions are out of process or not
22:01Caspy7oops, sorry, I wasn&#39;t attentive enough
22:02Caspy7obZen: earlier I said dom.ipc.processCount not dom.ipc.processCount.extension
22:03obZenI know
22:03obZenI wanted to test processCount.extension too
22:03obZenI like trying to break stuff
22:03MossopYou can&#39;t set that to anything other than 0 or 1
22:04obZenI set it to 10
22:04Caspy7if you do, Firefox will corrupt your hard drive and drain your bank accounts
22:04MossopobZen: Same as setting it to 1 I believe
22:05obZenSo when set to 1, extensions are allowed separate processes?
22:07MossopWebextensions will be in a separate process. Assuming you&#39;re on a new enough version of Firefox
22:08obZenOh but not Legacy extensions?
22:11obZenAre you familiar with Tampermonkey? Would TM&#39;s scripts be in separate processes of their own?
22:11MossopI very much doubt it
22:12Caspy7currently there is just the one process for webextensions
22:14Caspy7as I understand, extensions exist with their code either in the parent (or now the webextension process) or as scripts in the content processes
22:15Caspy7this can make measuring memory and CPU of extensions challenging
22:32g00shi, i upgraded to FF 55, and when i look ay my extensions, uBlock Origin now has a yellow label &quot;legacy&quot;. Is there another version I should be using ?
22:34Caspy7g00s: it was legacy before, now it&#39;s just labelled as such. If you are just staying on release version of firefox, it will be upgraded on it&#39;s own in the next few releases or you could install the beta/dev version to upgrade to webextension
22:34g00sCaspy7 thanks, is it easy to install the beta/dev version?
22:37Caspy7g00s: well, it&#39;s not hard, but...actually, I don&#39;t know if there are any signed versions of the pure webextension. I don&#39;t know if there&#39;s any special benefits to you right now to switch versions
22:37Caspy7I&#39;m on Nightly and can install the unsigned version from github
22:37g00sok no worries, if it updates later i&#39;ll just wait
22:38Caspy7also, I don&#39;t know that the github version will autoupdate either
22:43Caspy7there is the legacy version, the hybrid (legacy on the outside, gooey webext center) which imports your data from legacy to webextension, then the pure webextension, the developer is rolling them out incrementally
23:06conneryit&#39;s not possible to update 54.0.1 to 55.0 right now :(
23:10Caspy7connery: why?
23:12g00sconnery it worked for me, earlier this morning anyhow
23:18UndeadLeechSo this issue is a little odd: I&#39;ve symlinked the userContent.css and userChrome.css from my git repo, both of these files work flawlessly when they are copied to <profile>/chrome. However when symlinking, userChrome.css still works, userContent.css doesn&#39;t tho. Am I being stupid or is this actually a FF issue?
23:18Caspy7they roll it out incrementally, but you can install it manually at Mozilla&#39;s website
23:21kbrosnanUndeadLeech: are the permissions the same for the two files?
23:23UndeadLeechYes I checked that thorouhgly. Both are 644.
23:25UndeadLeechSo unless userChrome.css is fine with any permission and userContent.css is not, those should be fine.
23:34Mardegcould be to do with styles in content not being allowed cross-domain? When they&#39;re loaded locally there isn&#39;t a third-party domain involved. userChrome having higher privileges (access to UI) could get away with allowing it
23:34conneryWhen I check for updates this is what I get:
23:38UndeadLeechBut it&#39;s symlinked. The permissions to access it should be the same. It&#39;s not like it&#39;s loading it from a remote location. From the filesystem you can read it just like the normal file.
23:38UndeadLeechI don&#39;t understand :&#39;(
23:39UndeadLeechUsually the hard part is not treating a symlink like a normal file. Not the other way around.
23:39araihow do they link? both with absolute path?
23:41araiand both are place in the same directory?
23:42Mardegany errors show up in Ctrl Shift J console?
23:43araiany chance it&#39;s related to sandbox?
23:43UndeadLeechThis is the setup:
23:43araiI just hit this line while searching it
23:43UndeadLeechThere is one error in the console. Which is an &quot;Unchecked lastError value&quot; error.
23:44araiwhat happens if you place userContent.css in the same directory as link with different directory?
23:44araiso, something like &quot;userContent.css -> _userContent.css&quot;
23:45araiif it works, it should be related to path, not symlink itself
23:46UndeadLeechIt does not work either.
23:46araican you try disabling sandbox? (I don&#39;t know much how it works tho
23:47Caspy7connery: as I said, they roll it out incrementally, but you can install it manually at Mozilla&#39;s website
23:48araior perhaps, adding the link target to security.sandbox.content.read_path_whitelist help?
23:48UndeadLeechOoooh. With Sandbox content.level = 0 it works.
23:49araiaccording to this line, the pref contains path separated with &quot;,&quot;
23:50UndeadLeechThanks a bunch for the help! Adding the full path to the `userContent.css` file in the `read_path_whitelist` did the job!
23:51UndeadLeechI&#39;ll be back in a few months when I can&#39;t figure out how I made this work the last time. :P
23:52Caspy7just put a reminder in your calendar and you&#39;re set :)
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