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7 Sep 2017
04:59firebotJust appeared in Planet Mozilla - :
04:59firebot Robert O'Callahan: rr 5.0 Released
08:00alexarnaudHello all.
08:01alexarnaudI'm trying to know what is the roadmap for the support of GTK2. Does Mozilla will continue to support GTK2 for the next 3 years? It's an important subject for the Debian 8 "Jessie" support.
08:01alexarnaudWhere should I ask this question? Am I at the right place?
08:05Mardegnot sure, perhaps ask in #gfx
08:12cousin_luigiWindows 7, current firefox version, every time I open a new tab I see a moz-extension://somenumber in the address bar.
08:12cousin_luigiI tried grepping the contents of my extensions folder for that number, but I couldn't find it.
08:12cousin_luigiWhat could it be?
08:15cousin_luiginevermind, "blank new tab".
10:10pep_Is there a way to "disable" the notification flag on tabs? Context: I'm using Mattermost and an irc gateway which sets all messages as read (which is expected), but I still get this annoying notification on the tab which takes my attention away each time there'a a new message. And it doesn't disappear if I don't click on it.
10:11pep_Maybe there's also something Mattermost is not doing to say "it's all good now you don't need to notify anymore"?
10:11pep_I'm using Nightly. I had a look at Chromium and it behaves as I expect
10:13pep_(And yes I have both the gateway and the web ui, it's still a work in progress :x)
10:28olspookishmaguswhat is the name of the firefox component used when you view the source of a web page?
10:28olspookishmaguscan you apply a different color scheme to it, somehow?
10:28HavvyDeveloper Tools?
10:29olspookishmagusI'm thinking of writing a stylesheet for use along with Stylish FF add-on
10:29HavvyShould be possible to change the color scheme. Firefox Developer Edition (a.k.a. a rethemed beta) does so.
10:32DuClareviewsource doesn't look like a part of devtools
10:37mib_5jvfk2need help
10:37mib_5jvfk2having trouble with long scripts. Need to stop them
10:37mib_5jvfk2especially in Yahoo mail
10:38olspookishmagusmib_5jvfk2: are you "electrolyzed"?
10:39mib_5jvfk2I need to know how to stop long scripts running in Yahoo using Firefox
10:41olspookishmagusmib_5jvfk2: ummm... beforemost, what's your O/S?
10:44olspookishmagusI guess you figured out it's YaHoo! scripts because you peered into the firefox processes and isolated that one tab, right?
11:35azakianyone been having issues with ublock origin in firefox 56 ?
11:36azakithe pure webext version
11:36azakii just did a profile refresh. installed ublock.
11:38azakithen i had a browser lockup after a few minutes.. and then upon restarting the browser, ublock wasn't working, the icon wasn't showing in the bar, and even though it said enabled in the addons page.. it certainly wasn't working.
11:39olspookishmagushave a look what happens when I get past the first screenfull of source after I created a custom styleshhet for moz-document url-prefix "view-source:" for using with Stylish FF add-on:
12:04azakiare there any adblockers that have been on webext for a much longer time than ublock origin?
12:04azakimaybe their webext version has bugs since it only recently shipped on the stable channel =\
12:04Caspy7azaki: ABP was there before uBlock
12:04Caspy7I don't know if there were any others
12:05azakiCaspy7: as a webextension ..?
12:05azakithis shows it's still legacy
12:05DuClareDid you try nightly azaki?
12:06DuClareFwiw I haven't had issues with the WE version of UBO
12:06azakiDuClare: not yet.. i have it installed.. but yeah.. i though it would be better to stick to 56 for now.. but i dunno now..
12:06DuClareNot that I've used it for long
12:06azakihas the churn settled down in nightly?
12:06azakiis it stable?
12:06Caspy7azaki: maybe I'm thinking of the dev version, maybe just on github (so I'm mistaken on what was on AMO)
12:06azakii have a session with a mess of tabs here.
12:07azakiand it doesn't seem to import my tabs when i do a profile refresh.
12:07azakii had to move the session store files manually
12:07DuClareIt's been stable for me. Churn isn't an issue as long as I update only when I want to update.
12:08azakiit's possible the session store files themselves have some problem.. but i don't get it.. if i load a session, it should overwrite the files and then i should have a clean sessionstore file.. =\
12:08azakiDuClare: well i'm more afraid of updating to a "bad" release with bugs that just breaks my profile somehow.
12:08DuClareI'd love to try diagnose the issue but it's a little hard if I can't reproduce :(
12:09DuClareazaki: Understandable. Not a major concern for me since there's nothing important in my profile anyway, but I could take backups if I were worried
12:09DuClareActually I have 55 installed too
12:16azakidoes mozilla's automated test suite have a test that tries restoring a session with many tabs?
12:16azakilike thousands or something =o
12:16azakithat might be viable now with lazy tabs.
12:17azakiwhereas previously a test like that might've taken like several minutes.
12:29Caspy7azaki: I did a refresh on someone's computer the other day and it popped open a special tab that asked if I wanted to restore the prior session. Is it possible this tab opened along with another and you closed it? (or perhaps the issue is the tab didn't open at all)
12:29Caspy7azaki: also you might check about:sessionrestore
12:36azakiCaspy7: 100% sure i didn't close any tabs. remember this is the second time i've done a profile refresh on the same profile. first time i didn't pay much attention, but this time i was fully paying attention.
12:36azakiand it wasnt able to recover the tabs.
12:37azakithat little window that pops up during the refresh that says "we were able to recover x from your current profile", and then it lists like history, bookmarks, cookies, whatever
12:37azakitabs or session tabs or whatever aren't listed there.
12:54DuClareWow summary: Bug 366945 - Disable middlemouse.contentLoadURL by default on UNIX and Android, r=gijs
12:54firebot FIXED, middle-clicking on a page starts a load based on clipboard contents (on unix-like hosts)
12:56OmgTheirAcidWell it isnt like I brought a whole campaign or nothing.
12:56OmgTheirAcidAdmin need Lexus for leave on Executive Commission funds,
12:56OmgTheirAcidWithout prerepresentation
13:01azakiDuClare: hm, that's going to piss off a lot of people on linux i think. lol
13:01azakibut i understand the issue, it is annoying and has happened to me many times.
13:01azakilike i'll try to paste a link through middleclick into a field, but slightly overshoot the text field when clicking down which slightly moves the mouse..
13:02azakiand then end up clicking on the page which then loads the url i was trying to paste.. >_>
13:02azakihappens all the time in discord for instance. or any other web-based chat
13:03azaki11 years ago and fixed now.. wow XD
13:12Caspy7azaki: I've gotten the impression the majority welcome it. There was some article about it recently
13:15firebotJust appeared in Planet Mozilla - :
13:15firebot Mozilla Open Innovation Team: Being Open by Design
13:17azakiCaspy7: maybe, but i can imagine maybe some people use it this way intentionally. i guess we'll see.
13:17azakiyou'll be surprised how people get used to things like this.
13:18Caspy7azaki: sure. Though I saw some comment indicating it was a pref anyway. If that's the case, people can just pref it on if they like
14:13gde34is it correct to say an uri-scheme determines where to retreave a document and a protocol (while looking the same) describes the how part?
14:14gde34I was wondering if an external application handeling a protocol could some how return a html document into the same tab
14:16gde34sending the uri there and sending a html document to the browser is obvious enough but wouldn't that produce a tab for each link clicked?
14:17gde34or is serving webpages from the file system (rather than localhost) still a hell?
14:18gde34I've grown a kind of facination with the awefully organized shit storm of undesirable uri-schemes preventing us from having nice things.
14:19gde34imho all owned schemes (like the endless schemes prefixed with ms-) should really have been something sensible and generic.
14:22gde34like ms-excel:/ should have been something like spr:/ or spsheet:/
14:23azakigde34: it sounds like you're saying you want microsoft to either follow standards, or participate in the creation of open standards. =o
14:23gde34azaki: yeah? cant the w3 force that kind of thing?
14:23gde34what happened to ambition?
14:24azakiw3 can't even force a lack of drm. as we saw with eme.
14:24gde34haha ye
14:24azakithey were afraid of the very credible threat that corporations would just spin off and create their own standards group.
14:25gde34If we are going the corporate route, we could have something exactly like DNS (only different lol) where software developers pay Mozilla to review and implement their shit.
14:25azakiif firefox was the dominant browser, then the threat may not have been credible..
14:25azakibut with google, microsoft, and apple making up the majority of browser marketshare across mobile and desktop..
14:26azakiw3 also failed to even make ogg theora a "recommended" codec back in the day...
14:26gde34ff doesn't have to have a dominant share to "shut up and take my money"
14:26azakithere was a proposal for it to be a recommendation, but not mandatory. and those pushing h264 opposed even that.
14:26gde34azaki: so we should make a FOSS w3 spinoff?
14:27* gde34 evil laughter
14:27azakiwhich is why there still isn&#39;t really a &#39;standard codec&#39; for html5 <video>
14:27azakifor audio they managed to standardize opus i think
14:27Caspy7you can use otehrs
14:27azakii don&#39;t mean you can&#39;t use others, i mean like opus as recommended
14:28azakior as in you can support others but should also support opus
14:28gde34we do have to remember it is amazing we have computers and internet with the current level of sturcture and organization. Had you told me this in the 80&#39;s I would have choaked in my coffee from laughter.
14:28azakii thought opus was mentioned in the spec, basically. unlike what happened with theora.
14:29Caspy7azaki: you may be right on that, I don&#39;t remember specifically
14:29azakigde34: well, i was born in the 80s, so i didn&#39;t get to experience it as an adult. =p
14:29mib_9c0x14 <-- that chunk of code generates one popup (expected) but also open a new tab simutaneously
14:29mib_9c0x14the later is not expected, is this a bug? does not happen in chrome
14:29Caspy7the xiph folks would know...maybe the #media guys
14:29gde34I think gopher makes a fun case study. First we had native support. That was killed off in favor of a clumsy extension solution where the user just doens&#39;t bother install it.
14:29gde34then the extension stopped living up to requriements
14:29gde34*the end* ???
14:30azakithe first time i even found out about gopher was the controversy around killing support in firefox.
14:30gde34azaki: the lack of api&#39;s or models in the 80&#39;s allowed developers to do just about anything
14:31DuClaregde34: hey maybe we can kill the web that way
14:31azakigde34: well... you can still do what you want.. you could just not use the APIs, but no one wants to reinvent the wheel..
14:31azakiunless you mean like amigaOS where there&#39;s no memory protection....
14:31Caspy7there&#39;s something to be said about demand here
14:32gde34azaki: well, I suppose it could be compared to irc. Gopher makes for a huge challange to just view documents and publishing is much much harder. That makes it a community of high end nerds.
14:33gde34azaki: it is just more convenient and more sensible to use standard methods nowadays
14:33gde34Caspy7: yes there is. If innovation requires demanand before it happens it wont :P
14:34Caspy7gde34: I&#39;m talking about support for something going away because very few people were using it
14:34azakii&#39;ve watched documentaries and stuff about the 80s and stuff before the internet before. =o
14:34azakilike about BBSes and fidonet, etc.
14:34azakithose were pretty crazy times.
14:34gde34Caspy7: I get that argument. But now we just CANT use it anymore?
14:35azakigde34: well, if you can&#39;t get a community of people to maintain a high quality gopher extension..
14:35azakithen i dunno.
14:36azakilike, if it&#39;s used by high-end nerds like you said, you&#39;d expect a handful to be programmers and be able to maintain it.
14:36Caspy7gde34: I&#39;m not arguing on that bit. I haven&#39;t followed. What prevents it from being implemented?
14:36gde34there shouldn&#39;t be an extension, ideally there shouldn&#39;t even be an &quot;ARE YOU SHURE? IF SOh, HOWZ? []-bananas []-papricas&quot; dialog
14:36gde34Caspy7: webextensions
14:37azakiis there an api that it would need in webext
14:37azakifor it to be viable?
14:37Caspy7is this just a matter of the legacy addon not getting ported?
14:37gde34yes and no
14:38gde34there are lots of ways to obtain a viewable document, firefox does only http:/ https:/ feed:/ and file:/ ?
14:38Caspy7azaki: you&#39;re right, for webrtc specifically. Opus is mandatory for webrtc implementation
14:39azakimaybe av1 will also have enough clout to get recommended in w3c standards. ;D
14:39gde34ideally, if I want to serve a html document over some well specified time tested protocol the stuff under the hood or back stage shouldn&#39;t bother me at all in the process.
14:39Caspy7azaki: yeah, but will it ever become mandadory
14:39mib_9c0x14any develope around here?
14:39DuClareMeanwhile I want an av1 based still-image codec.
14:40DuClareOr something equally awesome :)
14:40Caspy7DuClare: that may happen
14:40Caspy7possibly Daala based instead though
14:40gde34DuClare: keep the dreams!
14:40azakiCaspy7: i suppose it depends how much they care about apple, which seems to be the only holdout. apple has little leverage here, because they are in the minority opinion.
14:41azakiif you have google, microsoft, mozilla, and so on on your side.. you may have enough power to mandate it in the standard, and then apple just either has to decide that they are non-w3c conformant
14:41Caspy7for AV1 in WebRTC? Meh, so many hardware makers are throwing in on it that Apple will probably have to disable it in their hardware
14:41azakior that they&#39;ll just add it.
14:41Caspy7I think VP9 HWA is actually available on some Apple hardware but they disable it
14:42azakithat just means myriads of websites will have to fallback to their h264 codec, which just means a worse experience on apple devices.
14:42azakii wonder how long apple can hold out under those circumstances
14:43DuClareI doubt their devotees care
14:43azakionce everyone starts deploying av1 as a first class citizen, with the only fallback being h264 ?
14:43gde34we still made it a long way beyond <embed>
14:43gde34I remember fighting with that for a whole week then giving up
14:44azakiDuClare: i suppose it depends. the people who were still using apple in the 90s before their &#39;revival&#39; .. well, those people can&#39;t be convinced. but there are some people who just bought into it because of it becoming &quot;popular&quot;, and those people will drop apple as soon as it goes out of fashion. =p
14:44azakiand don&#39;t really care about anything else.
14:44DuClareAnd they keep using it as long as it&#39;s fashionable, even if the tech sucks
14:45azakiit depends on many factors.
14:45gde34that is actually the same kind of issue as the protocols/uri-schemes
14:46gde34maybe we should be happy it doens&#39;t work. If it did people would be embeding all kinds of applications. lol
14:46gde34open a website and see your mail client embeded tehre :/
14:46gde34just get rid of video, tell people we&#39;ve tried.
14:47azakii remember when some websites could do that trick with the windows file manager
14:47gde34&quot;javascript was a fun idea at the time but now we know better&quot;
14:47azakiso you&#39;d open a page and then see your C:\ drive or something
14:47azakithis was in windows of course.
14:47gde34if you know the path I dont think there was anything preventing you from opening things on the file system?
14:48azakiwell, directories yes, i think.. not sure how it worked but as i recall the page couldnt actually interact with the folder
14:48azakiit was just embedded in there
14:48gde34you could open the files in the folder
14:48azakiit was some kind of activex trick or something
14:49Caspy7IE only
14:50gde34but about these sexy alternative ways to obtain a html document. I made this page the other month (for laughs)
14:50gde34this is what links should look like until **** is popular enough?
14:51gde34I think it takes some high end nerd a good amount of time to obtain the html?
14:51gde34if you have like 5 visitors you should write a success story?
14:52gde34I think if people want to polute the ecosystem with something ugly like filecon or namecon or something nice like zeronet, freenet, ipfs they should just pay up?
14:53gde34surely it should be worth 100 million to have that sexy facebook:/ handeler?
14:54azakipay who...?
14:54azakievery browser vendor?
14:54gde34with a price depending on who is asking
14:55azakitor is weird because the sites use .onion
14:55azakirather than something like onion:/
14:55gde3430 million for a native filecoin implementation
14:55azakiwhich is weirder because now you can actually have a .onion tld i imagine since we can buy actual tld&#39;s..
14:56DuClareI don&#39;t know if there&#39;s anything weird about it
14:56gde34I see someone did onionbrowser:// and onionbrowsers:// for iOS :P
14:56DuClareThe protocol is still http or https, so why should it be onion://?
14:56DuClareAnd you used onion:, you&#39;re still going to need to resolve names somehow
14:57DuClareWhat are these gonna be if not .onion?
14:57gde34DuClare: to inform the browser how to obtain the document
14:57DuClarehttp: and https: inform the browser how to obtain the document
14:57gde34if it is onion:/ you can at least explain the situation to the user
14:57azakiDuClare: well, the point is that how does the browser tell the difference between .onion DNS TLD, and the Tor .onion
14:58gde34DuClare: no it doens&#39;t work
14:58azakii mean you could say there is no such conflict now, but eh.. it&#39;s awkward.
14:58DuClaregde34: Sure does
14:58gde34DuClare: if I post the .onion link here on irc, would the OS know which browser to open?
14:59DuClareThe OS has nothing to do with it
14:59gde34DuClare: it doens&#39;t work because the firefox user just gets a dead page.
14:59DuClareHe doesn&#39;t, if the browser is configured appropriately.
14:59gde34DuClare: of course it does, it is suppose to know how to handle things?
14:59gde34you&#39;ve just alienated 99.999% of the potential users
15:00gde34yeah, I&#39;m goning to configure my browser to view a website? dont make me laugh?
15:00DuClareThat&#39;s how it always worked
15:00gde34tell me what that link I just posted was about?
15:00azakitorsites clearly aren&#39;t normal websites being proxied through tor though, they&#39;re hosted in &quot;the tor cloud&quot; for lack of better terminology. so a different protocol URI would make sense.
15:01gde34Appeal to Tradition is a type of logical fallacy in which something is accepted as true or better because it&#39;s the &quot;way it&#39;s always been done.&quot;
15:01DuClareMy point is that 1) your browser still speaks http or https 2) my os doesn&#39;t know and doesn&#39;t need to know anything about tor
15:02gde34would you agree tor is useful?
15:02gde34what would be the minimum bariers we should have for normal average every day people to be able to view the content linked?
15:03DuClareShrug, I don&#39;t concern myself with that.
15:03azakiDuClare: well, you&#39;re just explaining why it&#39;s being done the way it&#39;s done, rather than really justifying the design. basically, the browser is using a proxy, not a different protocol, from it&#39;s perspective, but the argument is that it may make more sense to change that design.
15:03gde34DuClare: I do understand, I wish the web was just text documents.
15:03azakiespecially now that tor doesnt recommend using tor by itself, but rather as part of torbrowser
15:03azakior with other apps built with tor in mind
15:04gde34sadly the internet was not designed for me :P
15:04azakisince any regular browser will leak too much info anyways.
15:04azakigiven they ship their own browser, they could add their own protocol scheme directly.
15:04DuClaregde34: Last I heard, &quot;normal average users&quot; are stuck on mobile and getting out of the facebook app and into a browser is an insurmountable barrier. I don&#39;t really care about them.
15:04gde34DuClare: think of mime types
15:05gde34DuClare: you should
15:05DuClareBut I gtg ->
15:05DuClareThey don&#39;t care about me, why do I care about them?
15:05gde34DuClare: what average joe thinks things are has aweful implications
15:06gde34your positon is why facebook exists
15:06DuClareOk, I&#39;m God. I made facebook.
15:06gde34it takes many nerds who dont care about average joe to make a facebook into a success
15:07gde34DuClare: to make it more funny: facebook also doesn&#39;t care about anyone
15:08gde34cearly it has all the marks of that specific design philosophy :P
15:09gde34someone asked the hilarious question: What if fb was called the CIA or NSA. Would you still type in all your personal details and tell them who you hang out with?
15:10azakigiven recent events i think people are dumb enough to answer &quot;yes&quot; to that question.
15:11azakinothing surprises me anymore.
15:11gde34azaki: I think we could see a lot of fun innovation if protocols had some slightly better way into the browser.
15:11azakiwell... maybe a giant gorilla in a tutu would surprise me...
15:11DuClareMeanwhile I&#39;d like to make it easy for people to use altroots
15:12azakigde34: i dunno... i feel like tor is the only real use case. =o
15:12gde34DuClare: yeah
15:12gde34azaki: oh there are many
15:12azakiwhich as we discussed, ship their own browser because the web is too broken to work in a security context.
15:12DuClareAnd I&#39;d like to see everyone get a publicly routable IP address, and make p2p a first class citizen
15:13gde34azaki: yes, you can install a few dozen browsers for all these things
15:13gde34DuClare: ipfs:/ ?
15:13DuClareBut nobody cares what I want
15:13DuClaregde34: I don&#39;t understand the questiob
15:13gde34DuClare: everyone wants the p2p web
15:14DuClareI think your &quot;normal average user&quot; hasn&#39;t heard of it and doesn&#39;t want it
15:14DuClareI know what ipfs is
15:14gde34normal average users never want anything
15:14gde34you should give them things, have them use it
15:14DuClareIf it were that simple.
15:15gde34it is
15:15gde34filecoin raised 200 million but woah we cant have a protocol implemented in some non-stupid way?
15:16gde34it is that simple
15:16DuClareOk, you can fork firefox and make it support onion:// and all you want. Then give it to people. Good luck.
15:16gde34for onion that is a half decent solution
15:16DuClareIt&#39;s simple right? So do it
15:17gde34I take your opinion as: I want the p2p web, I dont want it to be usable
15:17azakii don&#39;t even know if i want all my private network IPs to be publically routable... =\
15:17gde34I want A and I want to fight against A all teh way :P
15:17azakii kind of like that no one knows what&#39;s going on in this private network.
15:18azakiand it just looks like one pc on the outside.
15:18gde34azaki: where does that come in?
15:18azakijust responding to something DuClare said
15:18azaki<DuClare> And I&#39;d like to see everyone get a publicly routable IP address, and make p2p a first class citizen
15:19gde34I think your network would just have 1?
15:19gde34you could/should probably also have a kind of seedbox proxi kind of thing?
15:21azakiwell, i know that with ipv6, it seems the intention is for every device to just have a public ip. =o
15:21azakii&#39;m actually not sure if there is a block of addresses reserved for use in private networks in ipv6.. i havent read much into it.. =o
15:23gde34DuClare: how is this idea? Firefox could have a search engine with a keyword like *****:// that, in stead of google displays a description of the uri-scheme and/or protocol and how to use it?
15:26gde34aaa:// would show a page about the Diameter Base Protocol how you can(t) implement it and link to:
15:27gde34as would aaa://banana
15:28gde34azaki: ipv6 will finally stop you from blacklisting ip ranges :P
15:30firebotJust appeared in Planet Mozilla - :
15:30firebot Frdric Wang: Review of Igalia&#39;s Web Platform activities (H1 2017)
16:00DuClareazaki: Giving you a publicly routable ip address doesn&#39;t mean you have to make all your traffic public
16:19gde34I thought filecoins idea to make p2p fast was facinating. They intend to host just enough of the data on a fast server to be able to pull the slow data before the user obtains the first bit.
17:07vaartisHey guys, is this the place where i can ask a question about firefox hanging?
17:07gde34vaartis: could try
17:11vaartisFirefox just hangs when i try to start it, doesn&#39;t even draw. Started it in gdb and paused, all threads seem to be poll&#39;ing, but one is stuck in js::jit::MacroAssembler::PushRegsInMask, so i thnk the problem is there.
17:23vaartisI think building firefox with source code should help debug this better, but this will take some time..
17:25Caspy7vaartis: did you build this yourself originally?
17:34vaartisCaspy7: i built it using portage, binary versions work somewhy, but they are older and want to have firefox 57
17:35Caspy7vaartis: is 57 not available for your platform? (what OS are you on?)
17:36vaartisI&#39;m on amd64, it&#39;s just that portage provides only stable versions of firefox/aurora. So that&#39;s why i&#39;m building firefox right from git. But the same happens on every firefox build. It happend with 54 and 55 too
17:38ali1234Caspy7: portage = gentoo
17:39Caspy7vaartis: I&#39;d usually point people to #introduction for build style questions
17:39ali1234i would expect that it is something to do with the way you built it, cflags and such
17:40ali1234to have it not even load up is something that automated testing would definitely catch
17:46ali1234of course with git it is always possible that you just got unlucky and pulled a bad commit
17:55Caspy7I pulled one once. Was limping for days.
17:56DuClareGood thing it&#39;s easy to upgrade to an earlier commit.
18:32vaartisali1234: Those are like super default, -march=haswell and -O2, maybe hardened has something to do with this?
18:33SuperFluffyOn Linux, how does Firefox determine what program to use when opening a directory, for example with Open Containg Folder on a download? xdg-mime query default inode/directory shows that org.kde.dolphin.desktop is the default. And so does gio mime inode/directory. However, Firefox still chooses another program (Nautilus in this case).
18:34SuperFluffySo that&#39;s quite annoying and I would like for my firefox to use my system defaults.
18:36ali1234vaartis: hardening is a definite possibility
18:38Redhat71SuperFluffy: what does &quot;grep inode/directory /usr/share/applications/mimeinfo.cache&quot; show?
18:47SuperFluffyRedhat71: inode/directory=org.kde.cervisia.desktop;org.gnome.Nautilus.desktop;org.kde.dolphin.desktop;org.kde.gwenview.desktop;org.kde.filelight.desktop;anjuta.desktop;kfmclient_dir.desktop;
18:47SuperFluffyRedhat71: I wonder why it doesn&#39;t choose cervisia, even though that wouldn&#39;t make any sense. :D
18:48Redhat71don&#39;t know anything regarding kde 9_9
18:49SuperFluffyMe neither. :P Either way, not sure how to actively chance mimeinfo.cache.
18:49SuperFluffyGuess it shouldn&#39;t be edited by hand.
18:50vaartisali1234: any idea how to disable it on gentoo?
18:50ali1234haven&#39;t used it for years
18:50vaartisalright i&#39;ll google it then
18:52vaartisalright, just need to add things to cflags
18:58DuClareI am dumbest .. is there some link to a list of bugs I&#39;m following on bmo?
18:58ali1234bottom left, &quot;my bugs&quot;
18:59ali1234its not a very wide search... you can make it wider though
19:00DuClaremy bugs does not include bugs I&#39;m following
19:00DuClareOnly those that I filed (and that are still open)
19:00ali1234i have a saved search that finds everything you&#39;ve ever touched
19:00ali1234but the person who gave it to me told me not to use it too much as it absolutely hammers the db
19:01ali1234that was like 8 years ago though, maybe things are better now
19:01philippyou can search for everything where your bugzilla handle is in the cc list
19:02ali1234basically go to advanced and clear everything, then go to &quot;search by people&quot;, tick everything, put your email in the box
19:04* DuClare ticks boxes.
19:05DuClareHm, something&#39;s missing
19:16firebotJust appeared in Planet Mozilla - :
19:16firebot Mark Ct: Decisions, decisions, decisions: Driving change at Mozilla
19:26aki237Guys is there any way I can enable overlay scrollbars in Firefox Nightly (latest)
19:36firebotJust appeared in Planet Mozilla - :
19:36firebot David Teller: Binary AST - Motivations and Design Decisions - Part 1
19:46firebotJust appeared in Planet Mozilla - :
19:46firebot Mozilla Localization (L10N): L10n Report: September Edition
19:47TimvdeDilemma. I want to watch Netflix, but I don&#39;t want to enable the DRM plugin in Firefox :(
19:53Caspy7Timvde: wanna go for a swim without getting wet eh?
20:07TimvdeCaspy7: The thing is, I do want to support Netflix for offering a nice streaming service, but why does it have to be DRMed? :(
20:07Timvde(That&#39;s a rethorical question by the way, the answer is pretty obvious)
20:19vaartisnope, wasn&#39;t hardening it seems
20:19vaartisoh well
20:19vaartiswill try something else sometime later, good night to y&#39;all folks
20:51firebotJust appeared in Planet Mozilla - :
20:51firebot Georg Fritzsche: Recording new Telemetry from add-ons
21:21_ViIs there some addon to make two Firefox instances to be perfectly in sync: if I scroll down a page in one, it scrolls down in others. It should feel like a video streaming.
21:22Caspy7No. I do not believe so.
21:22_ViThere is external tool &quot;browser-sync&quot;, but it fails for external complicated sides like Google Docs.
21:23Caspy7I should just say &quot;none that I know of&quot;
21:23Caspy7not surprising
21:24_ViIs there some site for online presentations where presenter can switch slides remotely in all watchers in sync?
21:26araihow about doing screenshare?
21:29_ViIs there a plugin for screensharing for Firefox (that does not do heavyweight things like encoding or transferring video and just sends text/html/css)?
21:31firebotJust appeared in Planet Mozilla - :
21:31firebot Mozilla Addons Blog: Tell your users what to expect in your WebExtensions version
21:41Caspy7_Vi: you may check out
21:42_ViCan it be injected to external site like Google Presentations?
21:46firebotJust appeared in Planet Mozilla - :
21:46firebot Ehsan Akhgari: Quantum Flow Engineering Newsletter #23
21:47Caspy7_Vi: I don&#39;t know how it works. Hopefully the site will say
21:47_ViThanks anyway.
22:36firebotJust appeared in Planet Mozilla - :
22:36firebot Mozilla Security Blog: Mozilla Releases Version 2.5 of Root Store Policy
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